MOUNTAIN MAKALU 67 Review Lightweight from a German manufacturer

 Mountain is based in beautiful Freiburg and released its first keyboard and mouse combo last year. The Everest mechanical keyboard stands out for its adaptability, the Makalu 67 mouse, which we are testing on the following lines, for its lightness. It uses a brand new sensor, is waterproof, light as a feather and costs surprisingly little. But is it as good as its manufacturer promises?

Fortunately, nowadays we have a wide range of hardware manufacturers who usually adequately cover our needs for new peripherals. So it's difficult when you step into the scene as a new company and want to pick up the gamblers with a typical gaming mouse. The manufacturer Mountain from Freiburg is planning exactly that with its Makalu 67.

The Makalu 67 is very light and handy with its dimensions of 127x70x42mm and a weight of 67g (hence the number in the product name). Probably too light for some players, as it almost floats over the mouse pad due to its weight and the smooth PTFE sliding surfaces. It has a lift-off distance of just 1-2mm and a 19,000 DPI sensor. The USB cable is almost 1.8m long and, thanks to the fabric cover, pleasantly soft and has no problems with being kinked.

MOUNTAIN MAKALU 67 Review Lightweight from a German manufacturer

The mouse wheel is easy to turn and the mouse buttons are easy to use. Omron 50M switches provide an affirmative click feeling and are easy to press. The buttons on the left are easy to reach with the thumb and accidental triggering is hardly possible as everything requires a decent pressure before they confirm.

The DPI switch is located in the middle of the mouse and with the associated Base Camp software you can freely assign which five values ​​between 100 and 19,000 DPI the mouse should have saved. The Makalu 67 is the world's first mouse to use a PAW3370 sensor, which promises a low error rate and precise control, which you will notice without exception in games like APEX: Legends. The default polling rate is 1,000 Hz / 1 ms.

Thanks to its rib cage design, it is extremely light and manoeuvrable. On top of that, it is water-repellent, which benefits gamers with sweaty hands - or if the energy drink is thrown out. Of course, it is illuminated around the mouse wheel and, with Base Camp, offers a number of setting options. Everything is included, from precise adjustments to a specific game to color gimmicks. You can save a total of five profiles on the mouse, which remember your desired DPI and color settings.

The Mountain Makalu 67 really leaves nothing to be desired - except that it is not suitable for left-handers. With its first gaming rodent, the hardware manufacturer from Freiburg has proven that there are real gamers behind the device who know exactly what is important. A decent piece of software with no frills. A mouse that glides easily and quickly over a mouse pad, feels high-quality and is also processed and on top of that, with a price point of $59.99, is cheaper than poorer competing products. What more do you want?


An absolute power mouse

As the premiere mouse from the German company Mountain, the Makalu 67 leaves little to be desired. It is fast, precise and glides smoothly over the mouse pad. With a 19,000 DPI sensor, easy-to-use software and a recommended retail price of $59.99, it is also a clear challenge to the competition. The only real downer is that it is not suitable for left-handers. Everyone else can strike without hesitation and enjoy a great gaming mouse that they will have fun with for a long time.


  • comfortable fit
  • very easy
  • high quality
  • many setting options thanks to the easy-to-use software
  • fast and precise
  • Profiles can be saved on the mouse
  • inexpensive
  • Comfortable clicking feeling thanks to Omron switches


  • not suitable for left-handers
  • too easy for some
  • no wireless variant

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