NACON Revolution X Pro Controller review: Xbox gamepad with certain extras

 What's going on right now? New Xbox controllers keep appearing. In addition to Razer, Turtle Beach, Victrix and SCUF, NACON also has a new addition to report with the Revolution X Pro Controller. The new gamepad is available for 109.90 euros and offers some extras that we know from other controllers. Of course, we also put the Revolution X Pro to the test.

The NACON Revolution X Pro Controller leaves a good impression as soon as it is unpacked. Whereby, not the controller itself, but the first handle, because the controller and accessories are in a high-quality hardshell case and are therefore securely packaged. It becomes immediately clear that this is a “professional” controller, as there are a number of accessories in the case in addition to the gamepad itself.

You will find three pairs of weights, each weighing 10, 14 and 16 grams, neatly lined up in a box, which can be inserted into the handles of the very light controller. There are also extension pieces for the analog sticks, as well as convex stick caps, which can be used instead of the usual concave version. So it is actually already clear that the NACON controller is highly customizable. 

NACON Revolution X Pro Controller review

The controller itself is a little more disappointing, especially in terms of material quality. Despite its 109.90 euros, it doesn't really feel of high quality. The shape and ergonomics are essentially similar to the official Xbox controllers, with the Share / View / Menu buttons being distributed a little more spaciously, but very easily accessible. Why the share button was sunk, however, is not entirely clear to us. Instead of a Dpad, there is a control pad, which does its job quite solidly.

The underside in particular shows differences. The handles are each provided with a cover, under which the slots for the weights lie dormant. This is where the first more serious weakness becomes apparent, because in the heat of the battle it can happen that one of the covers comes off. Not so nice. The texturing of the handles also looks a bit cheap, even if it serves its purpose. For visual embellishment, the right analog stick has an illuminated and configurable LED ring, which also serves as an indicator for choosing a profile.

There are also four additional paddles on the underside, which are cleverly positioned in terms of their positioning - easily accessible but not in the way. The paddles are easy to use, but the paddles are a little too stiff for us on the handle. You have to exert a lot of pressure. There are also two switches that are used to select a profile - you can store up to four presets on the controller. But more on that in a moment.

The controller is connected to the console or PC via USB-C to USB-A cable. Even if most gamers prefer wireless controllers, wired controllers are still very popular, especially with more ambitious gamers, due to the low input delay. That works 1A without fuss. When gaming, the controller immediately cuts a fine figure, everything is done quickly and precisely by hand. Even the comparatively unusually large action buttons do not show any weaknesses. However, there is one thing that we have missed compared to other controllers: there is no mechanical way to shorten the trigger path.

NACON Revolution X Pro Controller review

The controller is configured both on the PC and on the Xbox with the free Revolution X app, which can be downloaded, installed and used within seconds. The app is very clear and easy to use - there are plenty of options. Buttons, bumpers, triggers, D-pad and additional buttons can be assigned, you can change the stick response curves manually or using presets and the trigger paths can also be set.

In addition, there are audio presets that come into play when using a headset on the 3.5 mm jack connection - by the way, Dolby Atmos is also supported free of charge. Vibration and lighting can also be configured and you can choose whether you want to use the control pad as a 4-way or 8-way pad. Alternatively, the controller can also be configured using shortcuts and key combinations. In practice, however, this is more of a fiddly matter. Up to four profiles can be created, saved on the controller and called up at the touch of a button.


Good controller with few weaknesses

With the Revolution X Pro, NACON again delivers a solid controller. For the price of just over 100 euros, you get a lot of additional options for switches and configuration, but at the expense of the processing quality. The Revolution X Pro doesn't feel really high quality, especially in direct comparison to the original Xbox controller. But at least the ergonomics fit, the arrangement of the controls, especially the paddles on the underside, is convincing. The easy-to-use software offers plenty of options, and creating and selecting profiles is very convenient.

However, the paddles on the side of the handle are a bit too stiff for our taste and it can also happen that the covers of the weight compartments come off in the heat of the battle, which happens to us two or three times in the hard fight on the NHL ice in the practical test . Overall, the Revolution X Pro is between the Razer Wolverine and Turtle Beach Recon, both in terms of price and quality. So not a must, but at least a good option. 



  • good ergonomics
  • successful arrangement of the controls
  • Presets can be created via app
  • many customization options
  • optional weights
  • four additional buttons on the back
  • App for Windows and Xbox
  • Dolby Atmos inklusive


  • Trigger can only be adjusted via software
  • Covers of the weight compartments can come off in the heat of the moment
  • a bit too expensive for the quality offered
  • Paddles on the handle could be a little smoother 

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