New World: 2 powerful DD builds for PvP wars and outpost storm

New World: 2 powerful DD builds for PvP wars and outpost storm

 In the endgame of New World , the two PvP modes wars and outpost storms play an important role. We introduce you to two strong DD builds with which you can have fun in these two modes and get a lot of kills at the same time.

What are these builds? The two builds focus purely on damage. They are particularly suitable for instantiated mass battles such as the wars and the outpost storm, but can also be used for duels in the open world.

New World 8 Amazing Builds
New World 8 Amazing Builds

Hatchet + battle axe

Why is this combo being played?  The hatchet and battle ax both scale with the Strength attribute, which makes them a useful combo. You can also pull enemies with the ax and then inflict a lot of damage on them with the hatchet.

The hatchet also has the peculiarity that the attribute “defying death” makes you invulnerable for 3 seconds if you were actually going to die. This enables you to defeat your enemy in time, to sprint to safety or to allow allies to heal you.

How do I distribute the attributes? You invest most of the points in strength. Remaining attribute points go to the attribute constitution to get you more life points in PvP.

Which skills do I use with the hatchet? With the hatchet, you primarily rely on the berserk tree and also use all 3 active abilities from it:

  • Berserk
  • Wild rush
  • Thundering floods
The berserker mode increases the damage you cause, your movement speed, you cannot be interrupted and also regenerates life points. That makes the weapon very strong in PvP, but also in PvE.

You use the wild rush to jump after enemies who are not right next to you. Thundering floods, on the other hand, cause a lot of damage and increase your movement speed afterwards.

The skill trees of the hatchet.
The skill trees of the hatchet.

Which skills do I use with the battle axe? With the battle ax you use both skill trees:

  • Shirring
  • Rush
  • Maelstrom
With a rush you can sprint on opponents. With ruffles, in turn, you draw opponents in front of you, and with the maelstrom you draw opponents around you towards you. This is a lot, and most importantly, useful CC to take out healers.

The War Axe skill trees.
The War Axe skill trees.

What does the equipment look like? Since you move in close combat and also want to have strength on your PvP armor, we recommend the heavy 490 or 520 armor from your faction. Basically, you should pay attention to the attributes strength and constitution when you buy armor.

Light armor is not an option, as you will die too quickly in the fray.

What is the rotation of skills like? You open the battle with the war ax, use “rush” on the enemy and try to land 3 light attacks to recharge the stacks of the passive effect “greed”. Should the opponent avoid these attacks, you use "Maelstrom" to pull him towards you.

Stay with your opponent and keep using light attacks until you see the perfect moment and the opponent has no stamina anymore. Then pull him to you with “shirring” and switch to the hatchet.

There you use Wild Onslaught to immobilize the enemy and then Berserker and Roaring Tides to get the maximum amount of damage. Again, it is useful if you land 3 light attacks to significantly increase your damage.

Fire stick + ice gauntlets

Why is this combo being played?  The two magical weapons fire staff and ice gauntlets scale with the attribute intelligence and cause a lot of damage. With this special build, however, we are not focusing on AoE damage, but targeted battles in 1v1 or trying to snipe a specific enemy with a lot of damage.

The ice gauntlets are especially important for the defense in close combat and for freezing the opponent.

How do I distribute the attributes? In the attributes you focus on intelligence to strengthen the two weapons. We also recommend 150 points in Constitution to reduce incoming critical damage by 10%.

Which skills do I use with the fire stick? With the fire stick, you have access to both skill trees:

  • Pillar of fire
  • Fireball
  • Burn out
The Fireball is your main 1-on-1 damage, and the Pillar of Fire is ideal for starting a fight as it deals extra damage to targets with full health. Burnout, on the other hand, is a more defensive ability, but it can do good damage due to the burn effect.

The skill trees of the fire stick.
The skill trees of the fire stick.

Which skills do I use with the ice gauntlets?

  • ice storm
  • Ice shower
  • Ice grave
Ice storm and ice shower are great for inflicting AoE damage while slowing enemies down at the same time. With Eisgrab you have an ability that makes you invulnerable when you run out of life points.

The skill trees of the ice gauntlets.
The skill trees of the ice gauntlets.

What does the equipment look like? The light 490 or 520 armor at your faction dealer is ideal for PvP. It offers you the values ​​of intelligence and constitution, so that you can easily find the right attributes.

Light equipment also brings a 10% damage buff, which you should definitely take with you when you play this build.

What is the rotation of skills like? In a long-range combat duel, you mainly use the fire stick and there the fireball on cooldown in order to cause as much damage as possible. In between you use the pillar of fire on your opponent. With heavy attacks you replenish your mana during the waiting time.

In big battles for conquest points you use the fireball and the ice storm and freezing rain from the ice gauntlet.

If it comes to a close combat duel, you use freezing rain and a heavy attack to freeze your enemy with the passive effect “heavy frostbite”. The ice storm around you also helps to put your opponent under pressure in close combat. With Burn Out you also have a useful ability to dodge through the enemy and inflict additional damage.

Thanks to the light armor, you usually have better evasions than any melee.

What do you think of the two builds? And how do you play in PvP? Please write us in the comments.

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