New World: How to activate Twitch drops for exclusive items

New World: How to activate Twitch drops for exclusive items

 The new MMORPG New World comes from Amazon, which also includes streaming provider Twitch. Amazon sensibly combines both and lets you get special items without playing the game. Simply by watching others do it.

What are Twitch Drops? Twitch drops aren't something New World made up. The cool extra content has been on Twitch for several years. The shooter Valorant, for example, distributed a large part of the beta access via Twitch drops in its beta.

The concept behind it is very simple: You link your respective account, such as your Steam or Riot account, with your Twitch account. Then you watch streamers who show the game of your choice and have activated the Twitch drops.

You will already receive free items, skins or other bonuses, even though you are not playing and are just watching others do it. The items that are available for this differ every month.

How does it work at New World? All you have to do is register on the New World website. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Opens the New World website
  2. Scrolls down a little and sounds the purple button “Sign up with Twitch”
  3. When that is done, you land back on the page and see your Twitch name in the field
  4. Then click on the blue button "Sign up with Steam"
  5. Once done, your Steam name will appear in the next field
  6. Now you click on "Activate"
  7. You will then receive a confirmation that the drops are activated

How do you get the drops? If you watch a streamer who is playing New World and has activated the Twitch Drops, you will receive the exclusive items directly in your New World mailbox after a certain period of time.

However, the items that you can get hold of through the drops change every month.

Twitch-Drops im November

What are you currently receiving? You can currently get the armor skin “The Royal Fisherman” via the Twitch drops in New World. The skin pack is available from November 18 to December 1. 

You get the fisherman costume if you have watched a streamer with activated Twitch drops for an hour.

You can currently tap this skin

What was there already? So far you could exclusively unlock the tendril weapon skins via the Twitch drops, a total of 14 pieces could be earned via the Twitch drops. 

You could also get the “Green Trapper” clothing skin and the “Goldener Zorn” clothing skin via the Twitch drops before the release. 

These skins are now obsolete and are no longer available. It is currently unknown whether they will come back again.

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