PGL Stockholm 2021 - Quests and Tournament Items: Pass, Coin, Souvenir Packages.


PGL Stockholm 2021 - Quests and Tournament Items: Pass, Coin, Souvenir Packages.

So, in this thread, you will learn how to activate the Stockholm 2021 viewer pass, and why you need it at all, what the Stockholm 2021 coin looks like and how to improve it. You will also learn how to get the major souvenir sets in Berlin, and how much you can take with you. Details below.

Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass.

Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass Viewer Pass ( ) - Made available for purchase in-game and on the Steam Community Market following the release of this update. As with Berlin 2019, there are two types of available Stockholm 2021 pass :

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  • The standard Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass costs $9.99,  and with it you get:
    • Upgradeable coin PGL Stockholm 2021 ;
    • Access to the game Stockholm Pick'Em Challenge ;
    • Free team Graffiti for the duration of the tournament;
    • Favorite team logo on;
    • Exclusive access to Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Kits.
  • The extended Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass +3 costs $17.99 , having bought it, you will receive all the same + 3 souvenir sets at once.

According to the old tradition, VALVE gives 50% of the proceeds to the players and organizations participating in the PGL Stockholm 2021 Major, if you want to support a team or a player, buy the appropriate stickers. 

How do I activate the Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass?

  1.  You need to buy a pass, its cost is $9.99, and if you buy with 3 tokens, then the price will be $17.99 (about tokens will be written below). So, click on the block with a pass at the bottom left. 
  2. After clicking on this block with a pass, a menu will open in which you can select the type of pass and pay for it:
  3. The pass will immediately appear in your CS: GO inventory in an unactivated form:
  4. Click " Continue". The button "Activate pass" appeared, as in the picture below. Click on it:
  5. When you open the pass, at the bottom of the screen, click the " button Activate item " :
  6. Congratulations! Your spectator pass is activated, and as you noticed, in the main game menu in the pass block you can see the remaining time until the next PGL Stockholm 2021 event:
  7. If you click on the block with the activated pass, you will be taken to the viewer menu, in which you can see all the necessary information on the available tasks, the number of tokens, etc. 

How to upgrade PGL Stockholm 2021 coin?

To upgrade a coin from bronze to silver, gold or diamond quality, you need to complete tasks. All available missions can be seen in the viewer menu. 

Each time you upgrade your pass coin, you receive a token that can be exchanged for a souvenir set from any completed tournament match of your choice.

PGL Stockholm 2021 coin is upgraded when you have completed 3 (silver), 6 (gold), or 9 (diamond) challenges.

PGL Stockholm 2021 Quest List

To start performing a mission, just click on it in the viewer pass menu.

  • Activate the PGL Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass before the end of the tournament;
  • Make all 9 predictions for the Candidates Stage before it starts;
  • Make 5 correct predictions for the Candidates Stage;
  • Make all 9 predictions for the Legends Stage before it starts;
  • Make 5 correct predictions for the Legends stage;
  • Make all 7 predictions for the Champions Stage before it starts;
  • Make 2 correct predictions for the quarterfinals;
  • Make 1 correct prediction for the semi-final;
  • Make the right prediction for the grand final;

Souvenir packages PGL Stockholm 2021


There is such a thing as a in a spectator pass token . It can be exchanged for a souvenir set. Want a souvenir from your favorite match? 

  1. You can buy an unlimited number of , and this is done from the pass menu by clicking on the " button tokens Get more tokens " .
  2. After purchasing a token, you need to activate it. This can be done either directly in the inventory by selecting a token and clicking the " button Activate " , or in the viewer's pass menu - the " button Activate N Tokens " ( which does not fit on the screen in 1920 x 1080 resolution ), where N is the number of available tokens ...
  3. After activating the token, do not forget to exchange them for souvenir sets. 

How do I get PGL Stockholm 2021 souvenir packages?

There are only three ways to get souvenir kits:

  • Buy " Spectator Pass +3 " to initially have 3 tokens at once;
  • Complete tasks to improve the coin and earn up to 3 tokens when completing all 9 tasks;
  • If the predictions do not work out, but you want souvenir sets, you can buy tokens directly, provided that you have an activated viewer pass

Can I receive souvenir packages without a spectator pass?

Unfortunately no.

How many souvenir packs can I get for a tournament?

For the entire PGL Stockholm 2021 tournament, you can only get 3 (three) packs for free (by spending money to activate the pass). If you buy " Spectator Pass +3 ", then you will initially have 3 tokens, and you can earn 3 more by improving the medal. A total of 6 souvenir sets. If only there was money, well, or luck It is also important that you can pick up your souvenir packages at any time, BUT until December 20, 2021 . If you don't take them, you will lose them forever! 


I have activated the Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass and then bought the Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass +3 . Can I activate Viewer Pass +3 to receive included Souvenir Tokens?

No. Only one pass can be activated on one CS: GO account. Additional Viewer Passes can be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

Can I activate more than one Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass?

No. You can only activate one Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass in your CS: GO account.

How long will I have to exchange tokens for souvenir packages?

Tokens can be exchanged until December 20, 2021 .

How can I take part in the Pick'Em Challenge?

The Pick'Em Challenge is part of the Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass holders' bonus and is unlocked after activating the pass.

Will I be able to purchase player autographs?

Yes. After the completion of the Major, you will have the opportunity to purchase autographs of the Major's finalists (i.e. players who advanced to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand-finals). 

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