Play New World on PTR: This is how you take part in the test server


Play New World on PTR: This is how you take part in the test server

New World now offers participation in test servers (PTR). We'll show you how you can take part in the New World PTR on Steam and what you need to consider.

What is the PTR? With the public test area (PTR), New World offers you the opportunity to try out new features and content earlier than other players. You can create your characters there with the appropriate equipment and level.

The PTR for New World starts on November 10th. We'll show you what exactly you can do there and how to download the PTR.

This is how the PTR servers work - download, availability, server status

Download of the PTR client: Anyone who has a copy of New World can find the "New World Public Test Realm" application in their Steam library to start the PTR server. If you download the client, you can play the latest pre-release version of the next patch of New World.

Remember that this is an independent client that also needs space on your hard drive. Access to the PTR is not guaranteed. When capacities are full, there may be queues.

When are the servers online? New World's PTR servers go online for the first time on November 10th. You will then find a world for the east of the USA and one for central Europe.

The first major update with new weapons, quests and enemy types is being tested

After the test is finished, the servers are down. All worlds are switched off and erased.

You can still find the client for the PTR in your Steam library. But when you start it, you won't find a world outside of tests and you can't play there.

How can I transfer my characters to the PTR? This function does not exist. You play there with characters that you put on especially for the PTR.

In return, you get help such as level advancements and special equipment.

Why do you play there? The goal of these test servers is to find bugs and problems before patches are installed for all players on the live servers. In the New World PTR forum you can report if you have encountered bugs, exploits or problems, or if you simply have tips and feedback on how to improve it. There is also an ingame tool that you can use to report.

Amazon emphasizes that the focus is on improving quality. So track down bugs, discover exploits, report further gameplay problems.

I don't feel like PTR, how do I delete it? There are some players who value a tidy library on Steam. If the entry of the PTR bothers you and you don't want to participate anyway, you can hide the application.

How do you like the PTR server option at New World? Do you think that's a good thing and have been waiting a long time for an opportunity to try out new content earlier and to troubleshoot? Or do you prefer to leave that to the other players and are still happy that there is such a server?

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