Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Exchange codes for exclusive Pokémon and exchange developments

 Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl unfortunately only offer a limited exchange system. It is therefore not possible to look specifically for a trade partner who offers exactly the Pokémon that you are looking for. Fortunately, the community has developed its own system with which it is possible to get at least the exclusive monsters and special developments.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Exchange codes for exclusive Pokémon and exchange developments

How does this exchange work?

If you call up the Konnex Club and want to enter a global room, you can enter a password, for example , to B. to swap with friends . The idea now is that there is a specific password for each exchange pairing of exclusive Pokémon or developments. The players who want to trade these Pokémon enter the password and meet in a common room . The well-known Pokémon YouTuber Austin John Plays created such a password list and distributed it on social networks. There is of course no guarantee that you will find a suitable swap partner, but it is definitely worth a try.

Exchange codes for exclusive Pokémon

If you want to have the exclusive Pokémon of the other edition, then you have to enter the following passwords when searching for a room. Make sure that you also offer one of the listed Pokémon for exchange . Also have a little patience, as you will also meet players who play the same edition and want to hand over the same Pokémon. Diamond players in particular are affected by this, as more fans are choosing this edition.

  • 0010-0013: Raupy - Hornliu
  • 0023-0027: Funako - Sandan
  • 0086-0079: Jurob - Flegmon
  • 0123-0127: Sichlor - Pinsir
  • 0198-0200: Kramurx - Traunfugil
  • 0207-0216: Skorgla - Teddiursa
  • 0239-0240: Elekid - Magby
  • 0246-0371: Larvitar - Kindwurm
  • 0273-0270: Samurzel - Loturzel
  • 0303-0302: Flunkifer - Zobiris
  • 0335-0336: Sengo - Vipitis
  • 0338-0337: Sonnfel - Lunastein
  • 0352-0234: Kecleon - Damhirplex
  • 0408-0410: Koknodon - Schilterus
  • 0434-0431: Skunkapuh - Charmian

Exchange codes for exclusive Legendary Pokémon

You should be more careful with the following exchange codes for Legendary Pokémon . It cannot be ruled out that the swap partner will run away and not give your rare monster back to you . Always check carefully before swapping whether the right Pokémon is being offered.

  • 0243-0145: Raikou - Zapdos
  • 0244-0146: Entei - Lavados
  • 0245-0144: Suicune - Artkos
  • 0250-0249: Ho-Oh - Lugia
  • 0483-0484: Dialga - Palkia

Exchange codes for exchange developments

The next codes are interesting for you if you want Pokémon that only evolve through exchange. Make sure that you - if necessary - give your Pokémon the appropriate development item to wear . In the status report of the Pokémon on offer, also checks whether the exchange partner has also given the item to his Pokémon.

  • 0061-0061: Quaputzi mit King-Stein
  • 0064-0064: Kadabra
  • 0067-0067: Maschock
  • 0075-0075: Georok
  • 0079-0079: Flegmon mit King-Stein
  • 0093-0093: Alpollo
  • 0095-0095: Onix mit Metallmantel
  • 0112-0112: Rizeros mit Schützer
  • 0117-0117: Seemon mit Drachenhaut
  • 0123-0123: Sichlor mit Metallmantel
  • 0125-0125: Elektek mit Stromisierer
  • 0126-0126: Magmar mit Magmaisierer
  • 0137-0137: Porygon mit Upgrade
  • 0233-0233: Porygon2 mit Dubiosdisc
  • 0356-0356: Zwirrklop mit Düsterumhang
  • 0366-0367: Perlu mit Abysszahn
  • 0366-0368: Perlu mit Abyssplatte

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