Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Find Hamanasu Park and Enigma Fragments

 Hamanasu Park is a new feature in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that will keep you busy for a long time in the postgame. You can catch rare Pokémon in special chambers. For this you need special plates and lots of Enigma fragments. In this guide we explain how the whole system works.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Find Hamanasu Park and Enigma Fragments

Unlock and find Hamanasu Park

Hamanasu Park only opens when you have completed the Sinnoh Dex and received the National Dex . In a conversation with Professor Eich and Professor Eibe in Sandgemme, Eich will tell you that Hamanasu Park on Route 221 can now welcome you as a visitor .

You can reach Route 221 if you follow the waterway to the southeast from the southern coast in Sandgemme and cross routes 219 and 220. At the end you will finally find Hamanasu Park. If you do not meet the requirements mentioned above, two workers will block the entrance and will not let you in.

You can find Hamanasu Park on Route 221.
You can find Hamanasu Park on Route 221.

How does Hamanasu Park work?

When you enter the building for the first time, Professor Eich greets you and tells you a few things about this special park. If you leave the building through the back exit, you will finally reach the parking area, in which the special chambers are located. In the chambers there are puzzling sockets in which you have to insert suitable plates (e.g. instruction plate in instruction chamber) in order to make a Legendary Pokémon appear.

Where do you get the records from?

You can buy the plates from the saleswoman below at the reception in the Hamanasu Park building. You have to exchange them for the rare Enigma Fragments . For a plate you need either 3x Enigmafragment S or 1x Enigmafragment L. At first you can only purchase instruction plates. After you have exchanged several of them, all of the remaining plates will also be available for you. For chambers that house several Legendary Pokémon, you also need to get several plates.

This is how you can find fragments of enigma

Enigma fragments can you in after visiting the Hamanasu Park underground digging. Both types of Enigmafragment are very rare, with Enigmafragment L being even rarer than Enigmafragment S. Unfortunately, there is no way to farm them very quickly. The "40 Digda points" bonus unfortunately has no effect on the savings rate of the Enigma fragments .

But you can at least proceed efficiently with the excavations and save time. If you are only interested in the enigma fragments, then remember at the beginning of the mini-game how many objects are hidden in the wall. Then use the big hammer and uncover the wall in many different places to discover the objects. Do not dig up items completely, just look for signs of the enigma fragments . If it appears that there is no enigma fragment among the hidden items, then quickly collapse the wall so that you can run straight to the next excavation.

This is what the small Enigma fragments look like during the excavations.
This is what the small Enigma fragments look like during the excavations.

All plates that you can exchange for Enigma fragments

Finally, we summarize in a table for you which plates you can get in Hamanasu Park, in which chambers you have to use them and which Pokémon appear in the respective chambers.




Kanto plate (pearl exclusive)

Kanto Chamber

·         Arktos

·         Zapdos

·         Lavados

Johto plate (diamond exclusive)

Johto Chamber

·         Raikou

·         Entei

·         Suicune

Storm Plate (Pearl Exclusive)

Storm chamber


Rainbow Plate (Diamond Exclusive)

Rainbow chamber

Ho Oh

Instruction plate

Instruction Chamber

·         Regirock

·         Regice

·         Registeel

Feeling plate

Chamber of feelings

·         Latias

·         Latios

Sea plate

Sea chamber


Continent plate

Continent chamber


Sky plate

Chamber of Heaven


Gene plate

Gene chamber



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