Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Create and join a group

If you want to play with friends in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will stumble upon the phrase “join as a group”. Yes, you can create groups and join groups in the game, but that's a pretty nondescript feature. We explain how to use it in our guide.

So you start a group

Only when you are one of those players who talk to all the NPCs will you find out how to create a group. You have to speak to a certain NPC in Jubelstadt. The green-haired ace trainer you need to speak to is northwest of the Pokémon Center near the fountain . You can get information about groups here and set up your own group. 

How to join a group

If you talk to the green-haired NPC a second time, you can close your old group by founding a new group and the option “join group” will appear. If you click on this option, there are no options for you.

In order to join other players' groups, you must first meet them in the local room . That means you have to meet up with friends and open a local room in the Konnex Club (Pokémon Center on the 1st floor or press the Y button), where you can fight against each other or swap Pokémon .

If you are together in the same room, a player must press the Y key and call up the "Statistics" action. The second player must agree to the action. This allows you to exchange your statistics, which also includes the information of the created group . Then you can go back to the green-haired NPC to finally join your friend's group.

This symbol appears when a player wants to exchange statistics.
This symbol appears when a player wants to exchange statistics.

What do groups bring?

If you are in a group with friends, then you can enter a common online room more easily and do not have to set a password beforehand. In addition, there are the following advantages:

  • On the 2nd floor of the “Jubelstadt TV” building you can compare the statistics of the group members and see who is B. defeated or captured more Pokémon.
  • The ID for the Pokémon Lottery in Jubelstadt is the same for all group members.
  • The locations of perchwa are the same for all group members, which makes it easier for you to catch it together.
  • The order of the trainers in the duel tower is the same. So you can help each other to master the challenges.
  • The Pokémon in the Safari game in the large moor are the same for all group members every day.
  • The swarm Pokémon that can appear after receiving the National Dex are the same for group members.

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