Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Catch Ditto

 Ditto is always needed if you want to make eggs, e.g. B. To farm Shinys. That doesn't change in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, either. Unfortunately you will not be able to start breeding anytime soon. You have to play a lot to discover Ditto. In this guide we explain how to get the shape converter.

The shapeshifter Ditto is one of the rare monsters in Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Catch Ditto with the Pokéradar

Ditto does not normally appear in the game world. You can find it later as a special encounter using the Pokéradar. However, you will only receive the Pokéradar if you unlock the National Pokédex . To do this, you have to collect all entries in the Sinnoh Dex. You don't have to catch all 150, it's enough to see them. This makes the task not that difficult at all. If you did that, you will receive the National-Dex and the Pokéradar from Professor Eibe.

With the Pokéradar in your pocket, you fly to Fleetburg. From here, head east to Route 218 and stand in the grass field . Use the Pokéradar here. Then it rustles in the grass and you can see where special Pokémon are hiding in the grass. With such a Pokéradar encounter, there is a 12% chance that a ditto will appear.

Catch Ditto underground

The subsoil is another location for Ditto. But it does not appear here until you have the National Dex. If the requirement is met, you have to look for Ditto in the Glitter Grotto or the Sparkling Star Grotto . There are only 3 glitter grottos and one sparkling star grotto in the entire underground. You can recognize them on the following map by the purple squares. The fastest way to get to a sparkling grotto is to go underground in Elyses.

You can find Ditto in the purple glitter grotto or the sparkling star grotto.
You can find Ditto in the purple glitter grotto or the sparkling star grotto.

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