Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Swap: With friends, Miracle Swap and Pokémon Home

 The swapping of monsters is of course also an important part of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You can swap with friends locally or online. In addition, it is also possible to swap online with unknown players. You can find out exactly how this works in our guide.

If you want to trade Pokémon, you will find all the important information in our guide.

Swap with friends locally

If you want to interact with friends, you have to visit a Pokémon Center. Use the left escalator to reach the local Konnex club . You can change your appearance within the Konnex Club at the switch on the left. In the rooms, however, only the other players will perceive you, the appearance of your character remains the same for you.

At the middle switch you can finally join a room. You can either enter directly, "enter as a group", or you agree with your friends on a password that you enter. For local interaction, direct entry should usually be the easiest option. No Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for local swaps .

If you are in the room, you have to press the Y button to “call” the various interactions . You can either fight, exchange statistics or just exchange Pokémon. Only one player has to call the trade. A second player must then interact with the calling player in order to start the exchange process.

Find the Pokémon you want to give up in the trade window and offer it for trade. When the swap partner has made his choice, you will be shown which Pokémon you will receive from him. You can view the monster's report and then still cancel the trade if you don't want the Pokémon.

A symbol above the head shows you whether a player wants to fight or trade.
A symbol above the head shows you whether a player wants to fight or trade.

Swap online with friends and other players

First of all, it should be mentioned that in contrast to the local exchange, you need a "Nintendo Switch Online" membership for online interactions . If you have not yet made use of it, there is a 7-day test phase that you can use.

To activate the online functions, you must first win the first medal in Erzelingen . Then you can use the right escalator in the Pokémon Center that leads to the basement. Here you can find the global Konnex Club. You will be approached immediately by Taela, who will give you a little introduction.

The mobile Konnex Club function will then be activated. This means that you can simply press the Y button anywhere in the game world (except caves and interiors) to join a local or global Konnex room. So you don't have to go to the Pokémon Center anymore if you want to trade.

Use the two switches next to Taela or press the Y button outside the Pokémon Center, as mentioned, to join a global room. You now have the same options to choose from as for the local room. If you want to swap with friends online, you should set a password beforehand so that you can find yourself in a room. If you just want to swap or fight with strange players, then join a room directly.

Swap Pokémon via Miracle Swap

In the miracle swap, you hand in a Pokémon and in return receive a Pokémon from some other player for the Internet at random. This feature is not yet in the game , but the developers have already announced that a future update will add the miracle swap.

Trade Pokémon through Pokémon Home

Unfortunately, you cannot use Pokémon Home yet . It has already been announced that Pokémon Home will support Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl in 2022.

Can I trade Sword and Shield Pokémon?

Although all games are available on Nintendo Switch, it is not possible to swap Pokémon directly from sword / shield to diamond / pearl. As soon as Pokémon Home is supported, you can use this detour to transfer your monsters to the desired edition.

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