Portal is the most popular mode of Battlefield 2042 before release - this is how it works


Portal is the most popular mode of Battlefield 2042 before release - this is how it works

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19, 2021. Some pre-orderers are allowed to play in Early Access a week in advance and a mode is available to everyone even before the release: Portal. And that's exactly what goes down really well.

What is portal? In Portal you can mix content from old Battlefield parts and throw them together in their own modes. Choose from factions and soldiers from Battlefield 2042, 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

You can even use maps, weapons and vehicles from these parts - and all with rules that you come up with yourself. You can create your own modes with almost all the options available to developers. In the first trailers it was said that Portal was the mode that everyone had been waiting for .

Portal is available to gamers prior to release and became a huge hit on reddit just a few hours after it was released. But even the press is enthusiastic about Portal.

Portal - Already the most popular mode of Battlefield 2042

This is how portal arrives: Portal mode is currently one of the biggest topics on reddit, along with some concerns about the game's huge maps . Since it was available before the release, the discussion about the portal has dominated the platform.

It is about what the players want to try or have already tried. But it is also about what should be possible in the future. The first memes came up pretty quickly:

Even with the press, the portal is always a topic. Many reviews from journalists refer to Portal as the most successful expansion in Battlefield 2042. At PCGamer.com Portal is the “best part of Battlefield 2042, as predicted” and VG247.com even subtitled their review “ Portalfield ”.

What makes portal so popular? The almost unlimited possibilities inspire players and specialist authors alike. Because different epochs of Battlefield can be mixed, even known game modes can be varied.

For example, if you want to let the German soldiers from Battlefield 1942 compete against the US soldiers from 2042 in a deathmatch, you can simply adjust the rules accordingly.

There is already gossip about future ideas. Some fans would like, for example, that Battlefield 1 would also be available as an available game or that further options could be customized.

Own modes and own rules

How do I create my own modes? The creation with portal works entirely through the dedicated website . A kind of construction kit accompanies you through the creation of your own mode via the web tool. It works like this:

  • first you choose a game mode - such as conquest, free-for-all or deathmatch
  • then you add any number of the 13 available cards to the rotation
  • then you can adjust the rules for the mode - for example activate friendly fire, increase project part speed or damage
  • Even vehicles, features such as lying down or UI elements such as minimap and HUD can be set
With these options you can create PvE missions, wild deathmatches or even simply smaller modes without vehicles, as known from Call of Duty. You can also create asymmetrical modes in this way. You can't change maps, but you can choose smaller sections of them.

Once the mode has been created, you can use the restrictions to adjust which team has access to which content. You can hire for both teams together or separately:

  • from which era their soldiers, weapons and vehicles come
  • Exactly which weapons, vehicles and soldiers players have access to
  • with which attachments the weapons can be expanded
A total of 77 weapons are available for portal . However, these cannot be mixed, but are currently (still) linked to the selected epoch. So you cannot hand a modern rifle to any soldier from the Second World War. A soldier from Bad Company 2 cannot call Stukas either. However, if they are on the map, they can be looted.

You can then create special rules. This is where things get complicated. With different loops, commands and conditions you can decide exactly when and what should happen. This requires a little tinkering or programming experience. So you have even more options at hand to customize your own modes.

This is what it looks like when you want to create rules - it can get pretty confusing.
This is what it looks like when you want to create rules - it can get pretty confusing.

How can I play my own modes? Once created, the modes are saved and given a unique code. This can then be entered and called up directly in the game in order to start a corresponding mode.

You can host your own modes or choose from modes provided by the developers as well as open games from the community. In your games you can then decide to kick players, send everyone a message or change maps, just like an admin.

Servers remain active as long as they host at least one player. If you want to edit a friend's mode, however, you need the exact link from him - the code alone does not work.

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