PS5: The 11 Best Tips & Settings for Your Console

 The PlayStation 5 is here and full of surprises, not all of which Sony has put in the spotlight. In the following we show you 11 tips and settings that you should definitely know.

PS5: The 11 Best Tips & Settings for Your Console

Note:  In the following, we will concentrate primarily on tips, settings and features that Sony did not put in the spotlight in advance of the release. So don't expect a list of all the new features that were highlighted by the company before the release of the Sony console, but rather that we show you hidden changes and tricks.

Game presets save time

With the PS5 you no longer have to go to the game options before each new game in order to create your perfect settings. Now the system can do it for you.

To do this, go to the settings in the PS5 menu , you can find it in the top right corner with the gear symbol> "Saved data and game / app settings> Game preferences ". Here you can adjust the level of difficulty, subtitles and audio. You can also choose whether games should run automatically in performance or resolution mode or whether your camera should be inverted.

Important:  The game presets are only adopted if the game supports the mentioned feature. Basically, you can assume that most exclusive games support it.

Customize your control center

If you briefly press the Playstation button on the Dualsense controller , the Control Center appears and the associated bar appears at the bottom. It's very reminiscent of the XrossMediaBar (XMB) on the PS4 or PS3, but this time you can customize the bar.

Go down on the bar and press the options button on the controller to the right of the touchpad. You can then select which shortcuts and menu items should be listed on the XMB bar and which you want to hide. Unfortunately, you cannot hide all of them, but you can still set preferences.

Your profile has been revised

Your profile page has been revised and you can access a lot more data and statistics there than in the past. For example, you can view your playing time for all of your PS4 and PS5 games. The feature also works with your friends, so you can spy on them and see how many hours they have invested in certain games.

You can also earn and distribute awards from other players. The awards are there to create a positive PlayStation community. If you play online, you can anonymously give an award per match to another player who is not on your friends list. You can thus strengthen positive influences from community members. The awards are at the start:

  • Useful
  • Hospitable
  • Good buddy
By the way, you can only give one award to a player within 12 hours.

Change your recording function

The create button on the controller, to the left of the touchpad, lets you record and share clips and screenshots. To adapt it to your preference, go to Settings (gear icon)> Recordings and transfers> Recordings> Shortcuts for the Create button. There you can adjust the way you press the button and change the length of your video clips to be recorded. You can also change the screenshot and video clip format in the "Recordings" tab.

By the way, your trophies also receive a video clip in addition to a screenshot in the standard setting. If you want to save storage space, you can switch off the new feature. To do this, go to Settings (gear symbol)> Recordings and transfers> Trophies.

Adjust your controller settings

The controller's built-in microphone is automatically on if you don't have another microphone or headset connected. The problem with this, however, is that it automatically reduces the intensity of the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers from the controller. Important:  Pay attention to which microphone is connected or mute the built-in microphone of the controller.

You can activate and deactivate the internal microphone of the controller with the horizontal button under the PlayStation button. By the way, if you hold the button down for a long time, you put the entire controller on mute, which means that no more sounds come out of the internal box.

You can also manually adjust the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. We recommend leaving both values ​​on “Strong (Standard)” so that you can get the most out of the controller. However, if you still want to adjust it, go to Settings (gear symbol)> Accessories> Controller.

In addition, the controller discharges relatively quickly. The default setting is that the controller never turns off. Save battery and change the option so that the Dualsense still has enough power in case you have to put the controller down for an unplanned time. To do this, go to Settings (gear symbol)> System> Save energy> Set the time until the controller is switched off.

Store your PS4 games on an external hard drive

At the moment, the feature to outsource your PS5 games is not yet possible, so you can only do it with a PS4 game and thus save storage space. In order to be able to do this, however, you first have to activate the feature in the settings.

To do this, go to Settings (gear symbol)> Storage> Extended storage (left in the menu) > and activate there that the PS4 games should always be installed on external storage. Unfortunately, it is a bit unfortunately worded. If you leave the option deactivated, you will not even be able to specify at the beginning of an installation on which hard drive the game should be saved.

You can load additional language packs for your games

If you want to have several voice data installed for a game at the same time, this feature is very convenient. I don't always have to change the system language if you want to play the game in the language you want. To do this, go to the tile of the respective game on the home screen and then press the options button on the controller (to the right of the touchpad). Then select "Manage game content", there you can view the installed language data or add additional language packs.

The PS5 has more options in accessibility

Fortunately, accessibility has become more and more important for developers and that is also the case on the PS5. Settings (gear icon)> Accessibility. There you can define many settings that can make playing more pleasant and accessible. Be sure to take a look.

Customize your notifications

Change the option to make sure your PS5 notifies you with only the information you want. Unnecessary, annoying or even annoying notifications are a thing of the past. To do this, go to Settings (gear symbol)> Notifications. There you can customize and set all notifications.

Protect yourself from spoilers

If your PSN friends can't contain themselves and want to send a picture full of spoilers, your PS5 can protect you from them. To do this, go to Settings (gear symbol)> Saved data and game / app settings> Spoiler warnings.

You can activate filters in your library

You can finally clean up the games library. Go to the games library and then left on the arrow with the horizontal stripes. There you can activate different filters to get a better overview.

PlayStation Easter Egg

Okay, it's not really a tip, more like a small Easter egg. The Dualsense controller feels particularly easy to grip. If you look closely, you can see tiny PlayStation symbols on the back . However, some people need a magnifying glass to do this, and if it belongs to them, a visit to the ophthalmologist may be necessary. You can also see the symbols on the inside of the console's white panels.

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