PS5: How to share your PSN games with another user


PS5: How to share your PSN games with another user

The PS4 primary and secondary account system is also available on the new PlayStation 5, but the activation and name of the feature have changed.

The PlayStation 5 operating system allows you to share the games purchased on the PlayStation Network with family, friends and other users. Although the process is not entirely intuitive, if you used the main console system and secondary console of PlayStation 4 , you will not have any problem in enabling that function, since the procedure is practically the same.

Share PSN games with friends and family

First, it should be explained how this option works : you can share your PlayStation Network account with another user so that they can establish it as their main account and use your video games with their PSN account or with any other PSN account on that same console. Of course, to play your PSN games from your console you will need to be connected to the internet, so if the connection drops or the PSN servers go into maintenance, you will not be able to access your games.

The following process must be done on their console by the user with whom you want to share your games. First of all, you need to log into PSN with your user account. Then, you must enter the console settings, there access "Users and accounts" and select "Share console and play offline" .

By activating this last option (it can only be activated on one console at a time ), all PSN accounts that log in to that console can access your games. Some players use this option to share PlayStation Network purchases.

You can have a main PS5 and a main PS4

Please note that enabling "Console Sharing and Play Offline" on a PS5 does not affect the PlayStation 4 main and secondary console system . That is, you can have a primary PS4 and also a "primary" PS5. In fact, the PSN account sharing system with this method is the same as on PS4, but only with a name change.

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