Pumpkin Shooting in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: All Rewards and How to Play

Pumpkin Shooting in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: All Rewards and How to Play

 We show you the complete list of rewards for the Pumpkin Shooting minigame in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and tips for playing it. Show your good aim with the bow!

Pumpkin is one of the minigames shooting aiming present in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD in which we can participate with the bow to win various prizes from the hand of the gentle Gruyo, in Altarea. Next in this post we will show you how is unlocked Pumpkin Shot , what its characteristics are and all the rewards you can earn for participating.

How to unlock Pumpkin Shot?

To be able to unlock the Pumpkin Shooting minigame, you will first have to advance in the Gruyo of Gratitude Gems side quest and, in addition, you must already have the bow in your team when advancing in the story and get it in the Dungeon. Galleon of the arenas (Gruyo's quest can be finished just after passing this dungeon).

Once you have completed this optional mission and obtained Gruyo's 5 gratitude gems, the character will then appear during the day in front of the gym building , in Altárea. If you go to talk to Gruyo in front of the gym, he suggest will you participate in the game he has invented, the Pumpkin Shot.

How to Play Pumpkin Shooting - Features and Tips 

Participating in Pumpkin Shooting has a cost of Rs 20 and consists, as you can imagine, in hitting pumpkins with the bow . Each game lasts 90 seconds in total and Gruyo will be in charge of throwing pumpkins at you one after another so that you hit your arrows against them.

  • Keep in mind that during the minigame you cannot move , Link is always located in the same position from which you must aim at the pumpkins.
  • Gruyo will launch pumpkins randomly , some close to him and others much further away.
  • Each pumpkin you hit with the bow earn will give you 10 points you for your marker, although hitting consecutive shots will bonus points .
  • For the first consecutive pumpkin you hit you get 10 extra points , for the second 20 , for the third 30 , for the fourth 40 and for the fifth and successive 50 points.
  • If you are not able to hit several consecutive pumpkins you will lose the bonus points and it will be reset (the bonus is not lost for missing an arrow, but for letting a pumpkin crash to the ground).
  • Also, from time to time you will see that a pumpkin shines with sparkles , if you hit one of these pumpkins you will receive its points multiplied by 2 (even with the bonus for consecutive active).

To play properly and earn a huge amount of points you will have to practice your aim and be really good at hitting all the pumpkins. The most important thing is to accumulate the bonus for consecutive hits and not to miss the pumpkins that shine when they appear.

All Pumpkin Shot rewards

The list of rewards for Pumpkin Shooting depends on the number of points you have reached when the time is up, which can be Rupees , Treasures or even a Piece of Heart. 

The prizes that can be won are as follows:

  • If you 400 points or less: You achieve get 50 rupees reward.
  • Score between 400 and 599 points: You get 1 Eldin Ore, 1 Dark Gem, or 1 Arcane Flower reward.
  • If you score 600 points or more: You get 1 Heart Piece (the first time) . In future games you will always receive 1 lost item from the Goddess as a reward. 

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