Put the PS5 horizontally or vertically? Sony explains it

Put the PS5 horizontally or vertically? Sony explains it

 Its engineer explains that the performance is the same and it does not matter if it is placed in one position or another, although by design it prefers vertically.

PS5 can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position, and its support - included with each console - is designed to adapt according to needs. Does this affect the ventilation of the PlayStation 5? According to Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of Sony's mechanical design department - star of the teardown video - it is not relevant and the dispersed heat is the same, although he prefers the vertical position due to his preferences . PS5 goes on sale in Spain on November 19, and a few days before -November 12- in the United States and other territories.

Put the PlayStation 5 horizontally or vertically?

Yasuhiro Ootori: There is no difference in cooling performance between putting the PS5 in portrait or landscape

In an interview with 4Gamer Ootori talks about the hardware and its liquid metal cooling system. Asked if there is a more suitable position for the console to ventilate better, Ootori says no: "This is a very common question. From the designer's point of view there is no difference in cooling performance between putting the PS5 upright or vertical. horizontal. I think some people think that the heat dissipation efficiency should be higher vertically because of the chimney effect. However, in a ventilation system with a fan, the chimney effect falls within the error level. It works according to the specifications both horizontally and vertically ", but due to the placement of the PlayStation logo, it prefers the vertical one, which is what Sony normally uses in its promotion. 

The fan, responsible for the size of the console

PS5 uses a heat dissipation system composed of liquid metal that performs the performance functions of the thermal conductor that ensures a great stable and long-term cooling. It also has a large fan with a width of 120 millimeters and 45 mm thick as well as such a huge heatsink. According to Ootori, PlayStation 5 has such bulky dimensions for this piece , and although two smaller fans could be placed to fulfill its function, this would raise costs and complicate its control.

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