Quickscopen in CoD Vanguard - 5 tips for your one-shot kills


Quickscopen in CoD Vanguard - 5 tips for your one-shot kills

With the so-called "Quickscopen" you use the sniper rifles from Call of Duty: Vanguard in a very aggressive way - quickly targeting, sacking kill, next enemy. If you want to try this strong style of play, you will find the most important tips here - from weapons to tactics.

What is Quickscopen? With this technique, you use your sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Vanguard for one-shot kills at all distances. You rely on mobility with your sniper rifle and only aim for a split second to sweep your opponents off the map.

Why is that so strong? One-shot kills have a “theoretical” time-to-kill of 0 milliseconds and if you manage to use this strength in almost every game situation, you are a really strong player.

It takes a lot of practice and patience. But if you've got the hang of it and you like the style of play, there's little to stop you. If you want to watch a little Quickscope gameplay from a strong player, we have included a video by the YouTuber "Spratt" here:

Vanguard: Quickscoping - Right Weapon & Setup

Which weapon should I use? There are currently 3 sniper rifles in CoD: Vanguard and the well-known Kar 98k turns out to be the best option for quickscoping:

  • Three-line rifle - slower but faster centering
  • Type 99 - Faster, but less damage
  • Kar98k - good balance of values
The three-line rifle is more for snipers who play stationary. The Type 99 has an exciting movement, but only a very small one-shot range. The Kar offers you a good mix of the most important properties.

Which setup should I use? Pay particular attention to bonuses for your "ZV speed" and movement.

You can reduce the "time in sight" with the standard sight of the Kar to 505 milliseconds, but you should not exhaust the value completely. Because with the "Krausnick 560mm LWS03K" barrel you have a slightly larger one-shot area - but this is not recognizable in the game.

With this setup you don't necessarily need headshots - hits in the chest or shoulders also dismantle your opponents.

Vanguard: Quickscope Class Kar98k

  • Muzzle: Scout silencer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 560mm LWS03K
  • Visor: -
  • Shaft: Short shaft
  • Underflow: SMLE pistol grip
  • Ammunition: -
  • Ammunition Type: Extended
  • Handle: fabric handle
  • Skill: -
  • Kit: -
With the skill and the kit you can decide according to your taste. Here are a few strong alternatives:

Quickscope skill
  • Nimble - For better movement
  • Wrapped up - less visor twinkle
  • Madness - health after a kill
Quickscope kits
  • Parat - use equipment faster
  • Fully loaded - maximum initial ammunition
If you only want to use the weapon at short and medium distances, you can also use one of the "Kimme & Korn" variants as a sight. This saves you a lot of time on targeting, but you no longer have a large telescopic sight.

Loadout - know sneaking and spawning

Which perks are suitable? You should be particularly careful with your first test runs as a quickscoper - more on this in the section "Tactics for Quickscopen". Perks help you with which you are faster or less likely to be discovered. We recommend you:

  • Ghost - Undetectable by enemy reconnaissance drones
  • Forward data - you can see the enemy spawns on the mini-map
  • Lightweight - faster movement speed in many situations
If you play "Geist", you should always use a silencer . Otherwise the effect is quickly lost. The enemy spawns are briefly displayed by “forwarding data”. Very helpful when you are operating behind the enemy front. "Lightweight" also increases your general speed of movement.

Which second weapon is suitable? Here you can choose according to your preferences. The "Ratt" is strong as an auxiliary weapon, because here you get the highest rate of fire of the single-shot pistols.

Which equipment is suitable? Here, too, you can choose according to your interests. The gammon bomb doesn't do much damage, but it explodes quickly and takes down shot enemies in no time. The stun grenade, with which your opponent briefly almost completely incapacitates, fits in with this.

Drag scoping or center scoping as techniques

What sighting techniques are there with Quickscope? If you start with the quickscope, you should decide on one of the two techniques:

  • Drag scoping
  • Center scoping
With more experience, you should internalize both techniques. But at the start, concentrate on one of the two scoping variants for the time being.

How does center scoping work? With center scanning, you try right from the start to take your opponent directly in the crosshairs, aim at them and set the fatal shot. You don't have to pay much attention and you can just run off and fire visible enemies over the pile.

But this technology is prone to errors. If the shot doesn't go well, you are at a direct disadvantage in combat at short and medium range. In addition, jerks reduce your accuracy if you take hits while you are taking your sights.

Center scoping is the "pure" form of quickscoping - crosshairs on the opponent, scoping, firing. However, the higher the distance, the more difficult it is to center scanning.

How does drag scoping work? This technique is particularly exciting for controller players. Because you can benefit from Vanguard's Aim Assist with a controller.

Instead of relying on the fact that you have the enemy perfectly in your sights immediately, you aim next to the enemy and draw your crosshairs over the enemy. At the right moment you pull the trigger.

You start next to the enemy, pull the crosshairs over and pull the trigger.
You start next to the enemy, pull the crosshairs over and pull the trigger. 

This shifts your focus from precisely targeting to your reaction speed with the fire trigger. It takes some practice, but when you have it, you are a little slower than the center scopers, but your hit rate increases.

The aim-assist with the controller also helps you to hit the right point. If you come too close to an enemy with your visor, your crosshairs will “slow down” for a brief moment. You “feel” this trigger after a certain time and you will soon pull the trigger without having to pay close attention to the point in time.

What about no-scoping? This means hits and kills that you land from the hip fire of your sniper. So you completely save yourself the gear in the sight and fire at an enemy in the crosshairs. However, this technique is not very reliable. But all the more satisfying when the hit is right. Generally not recommended.

Flanked and goes the long way as a quickscoper

How should I proceed with Quickscopening? Be aware at all times of your strengths with Quickscope loadouts and when you are at a disadvantage:

  • Strength: You can kill enemies with one shot
  • Weakness: You are generally slower than other weapon classes
You have to catch your opponent from the side, because in direct duels you are often inferior. The time to target Vanguard's sniper rifles is relatively high. With most other weapons, the time you need to target is enough for a shot in the target plus time-to-kill. So you always have to look ahead and not be surprised.

For starters, try the second row of a front. If your hits are more secure, then play on flank runs. Try to go the long way with Quickscope loadouts and flank your enemies. This is particularly strong in goal-based modes such as “position” or “rule”.

Keep a close eye on enemy movements and try to predict the routes. The perk "Forward data" is extremely strong because you can watch the spawns of the opponents on the map.

This works better the more often you run into the flanks on a map. If you catch several opponents in a pile from the side without being detected, you crack the jackpot. If you do it the right way and sink your shots, you've blown all of you before the enemies even understand what's going on.

Stay cool and get better

Sniping and especially quickscoping are among the top disciplines of weapon control in Call of Duty. Here it means practice, practice, practice before constant success is achieved. But it can be worth it.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player - calm and precision are the most important skills if you want to be a good quickscoper. Don't let defeat get you down and learn from your losses. Practice the techniques and when you land the first, really hot hits, you don't want to put the sniper down.

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