RECARO RAE Review Strong chair for gaming and home office

 Recaro has long since discovered gamers and has already done a good job with the Exo series. The problem: the Exos were damn expensive with their $800 to over 1,000. With the new Rae series, Recaro is now going to work a little more moderately, depending on the model you will get $599 to 699. Still not cheap, but healthy and comfortable seating comes at a price. Especially since the name Recaro also promises a reasonable level of quality. We sat out our test phase very comfortably.

When the extensive box from Recaro rolled in, we were initially a little bit disillusioned. Almost everything was reasonably packaged, but the box had a few joints. Not really bad if the bag with the screws and washers hadn't been torn. Almost half of the washers had crumbled on the way. Why Recaro didn't make the box for the rolls a little bigger and stow the fastening material in it at the same time remains a mystery. After all, a short time after our complaint we had a replacement in the mail. It works better, however, especially in the price range.

RECARO RAE Review Strong chair for gaming and home office

The assembly went relatively quickly by hand and can be completed in a maximum of 30 minutes, especially since the box can be used as a mounting frame. A big plus point: the mechanism was already installed under the seat, so all that remained was to insert the castors in the star base, mount three screws and washers for the armrests and the backrest with four screws and washers to the seat. Easy, even if the graphics in the instructions were a little too cryptic. We liked the fact that every screw comes with a washer and a clamping ring. This ensures that the screws do not loosen again so quickly.

The workmanship and the materials are of high quality. Although the base is made of plastic, thanks to various struts it does not give the impression that it could be damaged in the foreseeable future. A composite material is used for the seat and backrest, and armrests and mechanics also look solid and of high quality. We particularly like the breathable fabric cover of the upholstery, which makes a robust impression and should be a relief in hot summers compared to the mostly common synthetic leather. Everything is neatly sewn and processed and lives up to the price. The longevity of the cover has yet to be proven, of course, but we're pretty optimistic.

RECARO RAE Review Strong chair for gaming and home office

Speaking of price. There are two lines from the Recaro Rae. The Essential line relies on muted colors such as black, gray and white and costs only $599. The more colorful Bright version costs a hundred more. There are currently five different models available: Essential Black, Essential White, Essential Gray, Bright Orange and Bright Blue. Our test copy belongs to the Essential White genus. This means that the chair and cover are essentially black, only the sides of the seat and backrest are white. Looks chic, less like a pure gaming chair, more like a mixture of gaming and office chair, which is probably also intended.

In terms of ergonomics and comfort, the Recaro Rae leaves little to be desired. The seat and back are relatively firm, but comfortable and well shaped. The lumbar support is integrated and not too bulky - it supports the lumbar vertebrae in exactly the right places. The seat is relatively wide at 405 mm. The backrest is a full 820 mm high from the seat. Recaro has dispensed with a neck pad. Good thing, they're not for everyone anyway. A neck support can be ordered separately on request.

The seat height can be adjusted from 480 to 610 mm, which means that the chair should fit almost any body size. According to the manufacturer, the maximum weight is 150 kg, which sounds plausible to us in view of the workmanship. The backrest can either be adjusted in five predefined positions or dynamically. A synchronous mechanism is used that adjusts the seat and backrest in a ratio of 1: 2. Extremely comfortable, it feels pretty natural.

RECARO RAE Review Strong chair for gaming and home office

The resistance of the backrest with dynamic adjustment can be adjusted in different stages. The mechanics work well, not too stiff and without jamming. The 4D armrests, whose height can be adjusted from 160 to 260 mm, are also a gem. The armrests can also be rotated and moved inwards or outwards. Optimal, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.

Of course, seating comfort is always an individual matter, but we liked the Recaro Rae from the start. The seat is pleasantly firm, but not as hard as, for example, on the Razer models. The backrest is superbly shaped and discreetly supports the lumbar area, while the spine is well supported by appropriate shapes, so that overall the pressure distribution on the back is pleasantly even. In addition, there are extensive adjustment options so that entire working days in the chair are no problem.


Successful hybrid of gaming and office chair

The Recaro Rae actually brings my conscience to me. I haven't found the perfect gaming chair for myself yet, but I've been pretty happy with the Backforce One so far. The Recaro Rae is now about to wrest the throne from my throne. Not necessarily because it really is a lot better. No, it's rather small details that make me a little happier with the Recaro. I like the synchronous mechanism a little better, the adjustment options hit my nerve a little more and I love the textile cover of the Recaro. The curvature of the backrest and the lumbar support also correspond a little more to my physique.

All in all, with the Rae, Recaro has again delivered great seating furniture for gamers, which thanks to its more subtle look (depending on the model) can be put in the home office or even in the office without shame. At $600-700, the Rae is not exactly cheap, but if you sit in front of the PC a lot, you shouldn't shy away from this issue for the benefit of your own health and definitely give the Rae a chance.


  • relatively simple assembly
  • 4D armrests
  • relatively wide seat
  • Neck pad can be ordered separately
  • good synchronous mechanism
  • good adjustment options
  • clean, high quality workmanship


  • insufficient packaging for our sample

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