Red Dead Online: Gain experience and level up quickly

 We show you the best ways to quickly get experience to level up before level in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online: Gain experience and level up quickly

In Red Dead Online it is essential to get Experience Points quickly to be able to level up and thereby improve the skills of our character and unlock new decorative elements, weapons and accessories. There are several effective methods to streamline the process

Complete missions in matchmaking

Currently, using the option matchmaking "Join quickly" (with the left button of the crossbar) we can access advanced missions . Obviously, by completing them we will get much better rewards than if we played the ones that correspond to us naturally.

Since this can be done both with missions that we do not have access to for now and those that we have already completed, it is the most effective system to get up quickly , but you must bear in mind that you can become a hindrance for advanced players. Also keep in mind that you lose 50 XP every time you die , so going too ambitious can be expensive. 

Keep in mind that this may not have been originally planned . The fact of accessing the more advanced missions early may be solved soon or as soon as the game comes out of its beta version.

Complete Outsider missions

As in the main game, you can find Unknown Persons, the so-called outsiders , who give us a series of secondary missions to complete. In fact they will be the bulk of missions that you will have at your fingertips. They work like in the main game , basically.

Do you see one of those huge white clouds on the map with one? in the center , you approach and meet the character in question, who will become one of the characters that give you normal missions. Considering that the "story" missions are ending soon, you're going to do a lot.

Choose honorable solutions

Whenever, during a mission, you have the option to choose between a Positive Honor option and a Negative Honor , option choose the Positive Honor options . This way you will get experience bonuses . The options to choose are always obvious: if you have the option of letting an evildoer live instead of executing him, let him live. Refuse to rob the poor. That kind of thing.

Aim for the head

Aim is highly valued in Red Dead Online, as headshots double the Experience Points earned compared to normal shots. Therefore, spending time to improve your aim can help you level up faster. 

Use primitive weapons

Depending on the weapon you attack with, you get more or less experience . Generally speaking, let's say "primitive weapons" give you more experience points. Using the bow, an ax or a tomahwak gives more points kills than getting with firearms.

Obviously, this can be combined with headshots headshot - a crush will earn you a good amount of points. If you also use a melee weapon to eliminate baddies, you will also get experience bonuses.

Find bandits and chase them away

Scattered around the map you will find different locations, lairs of bandits . They are basically camps in which there are thieves and thugs that you can eliminate to get amounts of XP quickly, in addition to objects . As you will find them simply while you play, it is a good idea not to miss a single occasion.

Participating in PvP matches

Possibly the fastest and most direct way to get XP. Play competitive modes to get good amounts of experience. Of course, winning gives better rewards. 

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