Roles in Among Us: Which ones are there, how to activate them, features and tips

 These are all the special roles that crewmembers and impostors can have in Among Us. Scientists, engineers, shapeshifters... We show you their characteristics and how they are played!

Thanks to the update 'Role & Cosmicube' , Among Us now has fun roles for its characters, which allow us to have certain special abilities . These roles have been designed for both the impostor camp and the crew , and can drastically change the course of games, so it is very important to know them well.

Next in this entry of our guide you will find information about each of the roles available in Among Us, how they are activated , what are their characteristics and tips to play with them wisely and take advantage of all the advantages they give us.

How to activate the roles of Among Us?

The roles in Among Us are fully customizable to the taste of the players, so this feature can be modified when creating games . That is, in the configuration and options of a game, from the lobby computer, we can choose to activate or not the roles so that they are present when playing.

  • To activate or deactivate the roles you have to be the host of a game.
  • Once in the game lobby, access the custom settings computer .
  • The options menu will open. Look at the top of the screen , where there are two icons, one in the shape of the laptop and the other with an imposter icon.
  • Click on the imposter icon to access the role settings.
  • Here you can decide how many roles there will be in total during the game.
  • If you want there to be at least one or more active roles, you will have to set this field to "1" or more roles.

Along with the role settings parameters, you can also click on the "Adv." Option for each role . , which allows you to configure in a more advanced way the cooldowns that will have to be expected with each role in order to use the special abilities.

Also note that the roles are randomly distributed among the players in the game. In other words, you will never be able to choose with total certainty what role you want to play. If it is possible that there are 3 scientists and 1 engineer (for example), you never know who you see playing those roles, it could be you or any other crew member.

Now for another example , if you configure a total of 3 shapeshifters (an impostor role), but in reality you only allow there to be 1 impostor in the game, yes or yes this will be a shapeshifter purely for statistics. And the same happens in similar cases. If there are 8 crewmembers in total and 8 possible scientist roles, then all crewmembers are going to be.

Scientist role

Scientist role in Among us

The scientist role is a role that the crew can play in the game. These are its characteristics and abilities:

  • The scientist can access a portable constant panel from anywhere to check the status of the crew.
  • This panel will need to be charged and the scientist will have to complete tasks to recharge the battery .

Tips for playing as a Scientist

Tips for playing as a Scientist

The scientist is a very good role to be aware of the vital status of our colleagues at all times. Of course, since to be able to consult its constant panel you have to keep it loaded by completing tasks, it is a role that is best played by concentrating on performing tasks all the time while we do not lose sight of the panel.

Basically the panel helps us to know whether or not there is a crew member who is dead or has just died. This is good for discovering a corpse, even without physically finding it , and triggering the quick alarm button. It can save us from the impostor being able to kill more victims or more easily deduce who the impostor is based on the suspicions that we already have in advance.

Engineer role

Engineer in Among us

The engineer role is a role that the crew members can play in the game. These are its characteristics and abilities:

  • The engineer is a crewman who can use the ducts to move faster.
  • Using conduits can also surprise impostors who are using conduit.
  • You can't stay inside the ducts forever , so be careful where you appear ...

Tips for playing as an Engineer

Tips for playing as an Engineer

Anyone who has played Among Us a little knows the risk an engineer takes if he uses his ability, right? Indeed, we can use the vents just like an impostor, but this means that if other crew members see us do it, they will begin to suspect that we are the impostor. Wrong, of course. And then trying to convince them otherwise can be impossible.

So the role of engineer can play against us if we are not very careful. Notifying that we are an engineer may seem like an excuse for them not to be suspicious of us, therefore it is better not to say it if you want and to be very careful. Using the conduits can be very useful, especially if you cross your path with the impostor , but make sure that no one sees you going in and out , or you could end up foolishly expelled.

Guardian Angel role

Guardian Angel role

The guardian angel role is a role that the crew members can play in the game. These are its characteristics and abilities:

  • The guardian angel is the ghost of the dead first crew member , who can temporarily shield and protect other living crew members.
  • If you do it at the right time, you will prevent an imposter from killing his victim.

Tips for playing as Guardian Angel

Tips for playing as Guardian Angel

Obviously the role of guardian angel is one designed to support our team as a kind of "doctor". The idea is that if we are the first killed in the game, we can use the special ability of the guardian angel, which consists of giving a protective shield to any other living crew member. This shield will save you from certain death in case an impostor tries to kill you, but it has a set time , so don't waste it.

His thing is to accompany a partner very closely and be attentive in case we see suspicious movements. If you start to have doubts that another player can start an assassination, then drop the shield. On the other hand, if you already know who the impostor is, stay close to him watching his actions and prepare to anticipate one of his murders. With a bit of luck and skill, this role is great for the crew to be more likely to survive .

Shapeshifter's Role

Shapeshifter's Role in Among us

The shapeshifter role is a role that can only be played by imposters in the game. These are its characteristics and abilities:

  • The shapeshifter can change his appearance to that of other crew members .
  • If you do it right, you can incriminate other crew members and cast doubt on who the real impostor is.
  • Be careful, the costume does not last forever and leaves evidence behind.

Tips for playing as Shapeshifter

Tips for playing as Shapeshifter

Imposters already have many skills to make life impossible for the crew, but if you are also a shapeshifter, then you can still mess it up more. His ability allows him to transform into any living crew member and copy their appearance, name, and cosmetics . The replica is exact, so if you come across the crew member you are imitating, he or she will realize that something is wrong ( you don't want them to see you ).

The best way to use the shapeshifter role is by transforming into another crew member without anyone seeing you do it . Remember that if they see you do it, they will know perfectly well that you are an impostor (and the same happens when the transformation time runs out ). Once transformed, run to find another player and ruthlessly assassinate him , regardless of whether others see you. The alarm will be raised and the crew members will kick out the player you have copied, believing that he is an impostor, when in fact he is not. If no one knows who the shapeshifter is, paranoia will build up among the crew quickly. It's all sewing and singing ...

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