Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - All Cordona Stories

 How to complete all of Cordona's stories - side quests in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - All Cordona Stories

In this guide, we will go through all of Cordona's stories in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One . These tasks must be completed before the point of no return, since after that the study of Cordona will be unavailable. However, you can always load the previous save.

Silence is gold

Sooner or later, you will still find yourself on the square of the city hall. John will ask if Sherlock remembers anything about the place. This is how the task will begin (automatically). The first point for memory is to the right of John, standing at the pillar in the center. Use concentration and study it (Q). Then examine the little Sherlock on the right. Examine the rostrum that appears and the three dots on the governor behind the rostrum. Then go right to Mycroft, who took the young Sherlock away. Then go even further and see Mycroft telling Sherlock that "Silence is gold" around the corner.

Memories of the scene

The quest will begin after you first visit the Heritage Theater. Examine the Hamlet poster hanging to the right of the entrance. John will be standing in front of her. Go behind the theater, go down the steps and see the back entrance. Be sure to record evidence in the journal related to the memory of the play. Only after that a white circle will appear opposite the back entrance. Study it in concentration mode. Examine the rest of the memory: the girl with the glass, John at the table, the audience, the theater director, the children enter the theater. The case will be closed, and you will receive 15 coins.

Bird feeders

In the upper left corner of the Miners' Limit, where the railroad ends (brown line on the map), you will notice the Silver Mines Monument. John will point at him, and the task will begin (automatically). Examine the birdcage statue. More precisely, you need to study the birdcage itself. Examine the tablet, apply the Q concentration on the inside of the cage, then go around it and find the broken rods. All three clues have been found, and Sherlock decides to ask people about the statue. You can turn around and follow the path down from the mine, slightly to the right of the house, on which the man in the hat knocks. At the crossroads below, I met a woman in white, near the basins and troughs. It was she who told me the legend of the silver canary. Do not forget to compulsorily secure evidence in the case.

All points to the Flowers of Good Pub in the northern part of the Miners' Reach, along Lestrade Road. In fact, this street is located in the middle of the Miners 'border, just above and to the right of the Miners' market. Eavesdrop on the conversation of two men near the bar and choose what is important about the fate of the canary:

  • Stole a canary
  • Thrown into the sea
  • Poverty in the mining town
  • Lost my family
The case will be closed and you will receive 15 coins.

History of an empty house

Go to the Stonewood Mansion and read the Auction Notice Note that hangs on the right side in the lobby. Look: you need to buy all the furniture and items from the garden that were taken out of the mansion. To do this, visit each dealer of furniture and other items that are marked with a green marker with a black chair. Look on the map. Dealers in paintings and garden decorations are to the left of the hotel in the Grand Saray. There you will buy everything you need for your yard (from a garden decoration merchant). Another vendor (for expensive furniture) is in the center of Scaladio, near the Cathedral of St. Clement. Look for another oriental furniture merchant in the Old Town, at the market. There is a seller of cheap rarities in the Miners' market. He only has one floor lamp.

After purchasing all the garden decorations (I don't know if you need anything else), return to Stonewood, as the quest will automatically update. It will be said that Sherlock bought all the items for the yard. Select the "Renovation: Front Yard" lead, go to the courtyard and head left. There will be a circle to the right of the gazebo. Use Concentration (Q) and examine him. see John fighting Sherlock. Then examine the children on the right. At the end, you should receive the "Put the Pig at the Table" document.

Then, if you bought the rest, go to the mansion hall. Secure the clue you want and start concentrating on the left handrail of the staircase.

If you visited all the listed merchants, you can study the memory in Sherlock's room. Secure the evidence, go up to Sherlock's room and study the white circle. Sherlock will remember that he spent a long time convincing Mycroft to put up a second bed for an imaginary John.

The range of goods will be updated every time you open a new room in the mansion. So, when you open the mother's room in Stonewood before the quest "Overseas Muse", you can buy one item from almost every merchant, and then complete the restoration and view the next memory.

The seller of cheap rarities is located under the Tor Bridge, which connects Silverton and Scaladio. In the middle of the bridge there is a tower with a staircase leading down. Go down it and turn the corner to the left.

It will be possible to complete the task after the start of the "Sacrificial Lamb" story mission. Then the storage of rarities will become available. Buy all the items he needs and visit the room to view the memory by the bookshelves to the right. The quest is complete.

Off someone else's shoulder

There is a huge stone hand in the upper right part of the Old City, where you will go in search of Arthur Swift's company in the story mission "The Golden Cage". Seeing this statue, John will remember something. So a new side quest will begin. Examine the inscription on the statue. John will then dictate a riddle.

The first place is in the Old Town, in its lower part. There are two gray buildings - one is square and the other has additional squares at the corners (towers). Find Evre Road and peer into the courtyard above it. there is a stone fountain in the yard. Be sure to secure the Riddle of the Silver Hand hold so you can concentrate on the cache in this fountain. You will receive the second puzzle.

This time you are interested in the left side of the Grand Saray. Follow Sal's Row to the left on the map. It goes up and turns into Baskerville Street, but you continue to go left along the path in the square. Halfway to the next intersection, to the stone (natural) arch where the wrecked ship stands, examine the stones on the left by the water. A new cache is hidden in them. Use concentration mode and pick up the final puzzle.

Head along the coast, past a couple in love and a ship (under the arch) and climb up the slope. To the left is a thick tree - this is your destination. Examine it in concentration mode, then move the stone to find Mom's magnifying glass. This is the end of the quest. You will also receive 15 coins.

Pillar with knives

Examine the Knife Pillar at the start of the Old City. To do this, from Skaladio, go to the Old Town along the bridge in the Old Town and immediately turn into the courtyard on the right. The pillar will be in front of you. You will pass this pillar as you follow the assassin's trail during the Love Death Cordona investigation. Examine the pillar to start the quest.

Opposite this courtyard, on the other side, there are barracks. Go around them and in the backyard you will find talking sailors. Eavesdrop on their conversation to find out why the pole is needed:

  • Near the barracks
  • Ottomans scoff
  • Just waiting for the order

You have learned one point of view. Now go to the Old Town Market, below and to the left, at the Maltese Bridge. Then overhear the conversation between the two Arabs. What does each stuck knife mean:

  • Ancient custom
  • Family honor
  • Blood revenge
The task will end.

Ghost hunter

Examine the poster on the building that houses the Walking Dutchman Pub in the lower right corner of Silverton, near the bridge. Secure the evidence in the case and go a little further "Walking Dutchman". There will be a bandit on the right. Put on your bandit clothes and talk to him. He will give a tip. Go to the other side of the bridge at the "Walking Dutchman" and find the descent to the pier of Silverstone (on the right bank). Walk forward and examine the place with the overturned poster on the left: a broken bottle, a trail of blood, a poster. Secure the evidence and examine everything in concentration mode. Luigi was beaten and he fled. Use concentration again, but choose a different clue. Follow the trail until you find Luigi's mansion. Enter the building on the left through the wooden door. Examine the table near the sleeping Luigi: coins, bottles, flute, and a poster. The task is completed.

Crazy vagrant

Walk along the eastern walls of the Old City and discover the ruins of the fortress of the Holy Spirit. John will stop you and the mission will begin. Secure evidence of the case and use concentration. Follow the kids from the ruins of the fortress until you find the place where they buried the skull. Search him, the task will be completed.

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