Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - Other Investigations

 How to complete all Sherlock Holmes Chapter One investigations that can be obtained by eavesdropping on the inhabitants of Cordona

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - Other Investigations

In this guide, we are going to show you how to go through all the investigations of the inhabitants of Cordona. Each mission listed below is unlocked by eavesdropping on the conversation of the inhabitants of Cordona.

String theory

Go to the police station. Opposite him, two men are talking. Eavesdrop on their conversation and find out who posted the missing notice:

  • Scaladio Center
  • Music teacher
  • Violin was stolen recently
This is how this investigation will begin. The Cathedral of St. Clement is in the center of Scaladio. Go down and slightly to the right of the police station, onto Adler Street. Explore the cathedral for many violin posters. Read any to update the goal. The violinist lives on Professors Road, north of Adler Street in Scaladio. It's not far. Walk up the street to the right of the church. John will stop and say that this house is familiar to him. On the left there will be an arch where a black musician is standing. Talk to him and tell him that you would like to help. Enter Anthony Jones' house.

Select the "Help a Musician" clue. Examine the lock on the front door. It was kicked open. Examine the piano under the cover on the left side of the room, the music music on the right, and the glass display case. It contains shards of a broken bottle, a bow, a piece of cloth covered with white spots, the blood of a thief and a lock. Talk to Anthony. Explore the reward frames on the shelves. All the evidence has been found. Chemically analyze the white matter found on a piece of cloth. These are traces of salt and gunpowder. Secure the evidence "Blood Trail" and go outside. Use concentration (Q) and follow the bloody trail. It will be interrupted in the marketplace, in the mud. Talk to the boy. The sailors stole both the violin and his donkey.

Select the "Donkey Kidnapping" clue and use Concentration Mode (Q) to examine the nearby dung. Put on a work apron and interrogate nearby people wearing turbans on their heads. This will give you information. He will say that he saw sailors pushing a donkey near a fountain with columns. Go to the side where the donkey was led away. There will be a new focus point (Q) in front of the arches. Examine it and you will see a path. Follow it to the tavern. Examine the broken bottle of whiskey and the donkey at the entrance. Go inside and overhear the conversation of the two men. Find out who made the tavern riot:

  • Smashing the tavern
  • The visitors are scared
  • Wild sailors
Then go into the tavern itself through the door on the left, where John is. After winning, examine the stool at the center of the counter. There is a violin on it. Examine the signature on the back. To win John's "Saving Sean" argument, be sure to tell the boy where his donkey is on the way back. Do this before returning Anthony Jones his violin! You can listen to Anthony playing the violin. Turn around and use your concentration on the notes. John will remember that Sherlock would often listen to Anthony play the violin. Tell Anthony about this, and he will give the violin to Holmes. The task will end.

Street tricks

From the police station, walk down Harbor Avenue. About halfway to the bridge, you will see a trashed store and men standing near it. Eavesdrop on a conversation between two men. You need to understand what happened to the boy.

  • Young seer
  • Tried to beat
  • Called a liar
This will begin the mission. Examine the shop. Examine the cobblestone and tarot cards on the table, the purple glitter hat under the table, and the poster to its right. To win another argument with John, put on the magic hat you found earlier. Select the required evidence and secure it. Use Q, then follow the path the boy ran to. Eventually, you will find it. Talk to the boy. If they put on a hat, he will notice it and allow him to keep it for himself. Create a description: bruises on the neck, old clothes (in the abdomen), black smudges on the right hand, amber rosary on the left wrist. Choose a portrait of him - a child from a wealthy family. Offer Dilvin whatever you want, after which the task will be completed. If you put on a magician's hat, you win an argument with John.

Siren song

The Scaladio and Silverton areas are connected by three bridges. You are interested in the right of the three, the Victoria Bridge. Follow it from Scaladio to Silverton and turn left around the corner. There will be a rickshaw and two sailors, whose conversation can be overheard. Do so and find out where and why the sailor drowned:

  • Coast near the cemetery
  • Siren operation
  • Police on the spot
After that, the task will begin. Below the cemetery, a marker for a drowned sailor will appear, near the Greek Bridge. Go there and talk to the policeman. Examine the marks in the sand and the corpse: a lipstick mark on the forehead, a crooked grin on his face, a clenched fist of his left hand, and wet shoes. Then examine the tracks nearby and pick up the bottle (label and open neck). Open the magazine and chemically analyze the contents of the bottle. The sediment contains cyanide.

Use the evidence with traces, activate concentration and follow the trail to the pier. Turn to the end of the pier and you will find a cigarette butt. Examine the traces of lipstick and tobacco in the butt. Talk to the policeman about everything. Select the clue "Another Drowned Sailor" and visit the police archives. Select your search criteria:

  • Crimes - crimes against the person
  • Subjects - deceased
  • Districts - Skaladio
Go to the public park that appears nearby (the "tree" icon on the map). Examine the crime scene:

  • Sign "1" - fountain
  • Sign "4" - a bottle of "Siren's song", a sailor's hat and cigarette butts near the urn
  • Sign "2" - a letter with a warning and silk fabric, also a shabby tobacco pouch is lying on the ground
  • Sign "3" - a newspaper, a cigarette butt with lipstick and a broken bottle
Perform reconstruction:
  • Woman pushing the sailor into the fountain
  • A sailor near bench "4" drinks wine from a bottle, a woman looks at him
  • A woman with a sailor sit on a bench in front of a fountain and look at a pouch
  • A smoking woman is standing near bench "3"
John will notice something in the fountain. Examine it again, examine the box of matches, fork and coins just below. Head to The Walking Dutchman Pub in the south of Silverton, near the Victoria Bridge. Go down to the basement and enter the pub. Talk to the bartender and ask for a free room. In addition, a new argument will begin with John. Another body of the sailor needs to be examined. Do it first. Leave the club, to the left of the town hall of Cordona there is a club called "Sparrow". Go there and talk to the cop. Examine the corpse: a wound on the head, a brick with blood, a broken bottle of rum, a mark on the ground. Report everything to the police officer. You will win the "Another Dead Sailor" argument with John.

Return to The Walking Dutchman Pub and go through the door to the right of the bartender. Enter the back room. Examine the chair on the left: an envelope with traces of lipstick and a photograph of sailors. Examine the drunken sailor and the bottles to his left. Now you need to disguise yourself as Thorn. Buy and wear sailor clothes, a sailor's cap, and a long beard. Perhaps you already have something. After wearing everything, interrogate any sailor to find out where the "Garden of Pleasure" is located. The Pleasure Garden marker will appear on the left in Silverton. Go there and talk to Eliza. Agree to go to her.

When the girl leaves, take the wine from the table on the left by examining the label and the cork. Go to the room ahead. Pour the wine into the flower pot on the right. Examine the cabinet on the left and the far dresser with lipstick, cigarettes, cyanide and a letter in an ajar drawer. Now it is clear what Eliza is taking revenge for. When the girl returns, you can pretend or stop. If you pretend, you will hear why she is killing sailors. However, you know this already. Then you can report her to the police or ask to stop. In the first case, she will commit suicide, and in the second, she will thank and hug Sherlock, rewarding him with a kiss on the cheek. In any case, you will receive 40 coins.

Blind shooting

Eavesdrop on a conversation between two men inside the Chronicles office, on the bench to the left. Find out where the incredible murder happened:

  • In the old ruins
  • Well-aimed shots
  • Blinded
This will begin the mission. Travel to the old ruins in the lower left corner of the Grand Saray. Talk to the undertaker at the murder scene. Examine the corpse of a man in the ruins: a bullet wound to the heart, a blindfold, a revolver (model and wax cartridges in the drum) and a birdcage key in the left pocket of his pants. Examine another place with a sign # 2. There you need to study the red bandage, shells and shoe marks using concentration. Sherlock will realize that the duelist has turned his back on his opponent. Walk right and pick up the yellow duelist outfit. Examine the box with revolvers and blanks (in three places). Near the sign "4" pick up the book with the rules of duelists and the contract. Go up to where the second duelist shot, and examine the traces of paint on the stones. Go around the stones and pick up a revolver with real bullets from the ground. One is missing.

Perform reconstruction:

  • Near the sign "1" a man falls on his back after being shot in the chest
  • In the middle of the location, the referee opens the box and both duelists take pistols with blank cartridges
  • The referee is holding his head near the sign "3"
  • The duelist at the "2" sign turns around and shoots the referee on the mountain
  • An unknown person on the mountain shoots one of the duelists (a man with a beard)
Perhaps the first time there will be no outsider and will have to blame the referee for everything. But then you can repeat the reconstruction. Talk to the undertaker. To win the dispute with John, you will have to comply with all the rules of the "Blind Duelist" club. So don't ask him for the duelist club! Show him the Duel in the Ruins evidence.

Select the undertaker's testimony and visit the Chronicles archives. Customize your search criteria:

  • Period - 1870-1879
  • Section - Editorial
  • Districts - Old Town
Select the "Killed with a blindfold" evidence if you talked to the undertaker. Go to the police archives and specify your search criteria:

  • Crimes - crimes against the person
  • Subjects are victims
  • Districts - Skaladio
Go down from the Chronicles along Baskerville Street and find the house of the murdered man. Go inside the mansion, near which there are carriages. Put on the police uniform beforehand. Chat with a woman in the next room and compose her portrait: a pale face, a greasy spot above the chest, a black ribbon on the chest, a purple mark on the right hand, a red spot on the left hand, yellow marks on the left hand, paint splashes on the bottom of the dress. She is beaten.

Interrogate the girl. You will receive the key to Erich's room. But first, examine the nearby piano (sheet music and portrait of the parents). Exit into the courtyard through the adjacent door and stop. John will point to the vases. Shoot them down to fulfill the second rule of the club. You are on your way to winning an argument with John. Go upstairs and enter the bedroom on the right. Take the jar of ointment from the dressing table to the left of the bed. Examine the painting with bullet holes by the bed. Examine all the paintings on the windows and the painting on the easel. Examine Erich, the empty cartridges below, and the paints on the table to the left.

Go to the study opposite. Examine the table on the right: a photo of a man (on both sides), a reminder of duty on the left, a photo of the club (on both sides), a letter in the middle of the table and envelopes with letters on the right, against the wall. Examine the twig on the bedside table on the left. Examine the book on corporal punishment on the curbstone to the right of the bed. In the same place, turn on the concentration and study the burnt note. Take her. Use concentration and examine the cabinet on the left where one weapon case is missing.

Perform a chemical analysis on the burned letters. Select the testimony of Miss Von Staub and ask if she left the house of the servant, who is located between two rooms on the second floor. The girl really did not leave the house. Attach a clue with a photo of the blindfolded men and ask the same maid. This is not enough. Go downstairs and talk to Madame Von Staub. Show all available evidence. Ask for a photo from another maid in the hall. Leave the house as you have collected all the evidence. Travel to the south of the Grand Saray and interrogate any noble citizen. You can leave the police clothes or choose a Sherlock costume. Go to the address you received, this is in the Grand Sarai, below the fast travel point "Church of St. Nicholas".

Change into your yellow club member outfit and head inside. Examine the paintings and, in concentration mode, examine the empty revolver case on the right. Walk through the door on the left and go downstairs. The battle will begin here. You cannot kill anyone, only arrest. If you do this (or just skip the fight), you will win the argument with John "True Blind Duelist". Go to the right and examine the table: two glasses, a letter, a bottle and a broken glass on the floor to the left. Find bullets, a book, and a map along the left wall. In the center, examine a clever system with a moving dummy. There is a lamp on the wall in the far right corner. Examine it in concentration mode to find a secret lever. Interact and go through the passage behind the cabinet.

Go upstairs and chat with a man. Compose a portrait of him: a glass eye, a champion badge, a red spot on his right hand, a ring on his left hand, dirt on his right knee. He could have committed murder. Examine the newspaper, the bust, and the photograph on the piano. Examine the books, the painting, the letter on the safe. Examine the device on the table and the device under the large painting to the right of the man. Talk to the man again and provide the remaining evidence.

There are now two solutions:

  • Blame the man by providing evidence: a duel in the ruins (when they could have committed a murder), a personal letter (what is the motive), a missing revolver (a murder weapon). You will receive 15 coins.
  • Instead of blaming, return to the deceased's sister. Charge her with murder, and select the following clues: missing weapon case (murder weapon), duel in the ruins (when), letter to Mr. Boddington (motive). She is indeed guilty and confesses to what she did if you put all three pieces of evidence correctly. You can arrest her or release her. The girl will leave the city, and you will receive 70 coins.

Iron coffin

Eavesdrop on a conversation between two women at the Skaladio Market, at the intersection of Professors Road and Adler Street. Find out the circumstances of the incident in Copello's workshop from someone else's conversation:

  • Does not admit guilt
  • Copello workshop
  • Corpse in the safe
This will begin the mission. During this task, you can win an argument with John "Playing with the Law". The entire investigation must be carried out in the uniform of a policeman, so as not to betray himself. Everyone should think you're a cop. So, first of all, we put on the uniform and the cap of the policeman. Now select another piece of evidence and go to the police station. Go to the camera wing and go down to the basement. Look for a camera with a guard standing near it. Talk to the man in the white suit. This is Basilio Copello. Tell him that you are a conscientious police officer.

Use observation: eyes, tie, wedding ring on the left hand, bruise on the right hand. Choose the option that Basilio is methodical. Go upstairs and enter the room opposite the archive to talk to Augusta, Basilio's wife. Tell me you're new here. Make up her portrait: face, harp brooch on the chest, wedding ring. She is impressed. Talk to her about everything.

The next destination is the workshop. From Scaladio Market, head right (east) along Adler Street until you find a workshop. Go inside and talk to the watchman Billy Lloyd. Examine the painting on the right and head upstairs. Examine the corpse in the safe: a bruise on the forehead, foam at the mouth, blood on his hands, an unbuttoned shirt (in the area of ​​the pants), traces of blood on the inside of the safe door. Examine the coffee table by the fireplace: the bottle is half empty, the glass is on the table, and another glass is on the shelf under the table. Show Billy all the evidence. Perform chemical analysis.

Go outside and turn left to go to the backyard of the workshop. Climb up the stairs. Use your concentration to examine the intricate lock on the door, the broken stair rail, and where the perpetrator jumped off the rail. There you will also find a set of master keys. Examine the set from both sides and click on the picks themselves. You have found all the key clues.

Select in the magazine the evidence "Penetration into the workshop" and go to the archive of the police of Cordona:

  • Crimes - theft
  • Subjects - suspects
  • Evidence is an instrument of crime
You will find information on Felicia Sevigne.

Now talk to Augusta and Basilio to show them new evidence. Move to the Miners' End, and head to Clay Street towards the center of the area. Two men stand at the intersection of Clay Street and Pole Lane in the Miners' Reach, in the center of the district. Eavesdrop on their conversation. Find out what information Trubopik needs and where to get it:

  • Beggar agents
  • Lameness
  • Market at the Miner's Limit
These are important details for winning an argument with John Good Spank. Go to the market. Be sure to wear the Rags of the Tramp costume, an eye patch (with hats), stubble and bruise (makeup). Look for a bandit near the furniture merchant. When you study through concentration, you learn that he limps on his left leg. Talk to him and tell him that there will be an attack (or not). If he recognizes you as his own and listens, you win the argument with John "Good bashing." Find the entrance to the "Yard Boys" building on Clay Street and win the battle.

After arresting Felicia, interrogate the girl. Be sure to change into cop clothes! Examine it: Lockpick Pendant, Smart Clothes (Left Shoulder), Torn Left Leg. She is ready for anything. Go upstairs and interrogate Madame Augusta. She cheated on Basilio, but doesn't know how Nicolo died. You will also win an argument with John "Playing with the Law." Go downstairs and interrogate Basilio. Show him the evidence. Talk to Billy in the workshop. He will confirm that Felicia was in the workshop.

  • You can blame Basilio: the testimony of Felicia, the examination of the body of Nicolo, the testimony of Augusta Copello. You will receive 30 coins, but Basilio is actually not guilty.
  • You can blame Augusta, Basilio's wife: business meetings, a note to Felicia, Augustus Copello's testimony. That's the right decision. You can arrest him or tell me what to do next. You will earn 70 coins.

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