Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - Mycroft Quests

 How to complete all of Mycroft's errands and quests in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - Mycroft Quests

This guide has collected all of Mycroft's missions from Sherlock Holmes Chapter One that you will receive in the second half of the game. You will find out who really is the culprit and how to make more money.

Catching eels

When the exclamation mark appears at the Chronicles office, go inside and take the task from the woman at the reception. This is a mission from Mycroft. First, secure the "Guide to Disguise" evidence. You need to find out what "Acne" looks like. Go to the archives of the Chronicles edition and select the following search criteria:

  • Period - recently
  • Section - obituaries
  • Districts - Silverton
Now select "William Hart's Obituary" as evidence and visit the nearest clothing vendor. Buy all the necessary items: Street Brawler (Costume), Scarface (Makeup).

Secure the "Information about the informant" evidence. Go to Warehouse # 3 in Silverton. Put on your bandit suit. For example, you can buy a Street Fighter costume from any clothing vendor. Then use concentration to find a bandit with a glass eye near warehouse # 3. Talk to him. In another suit, he will refuse to communicate. This will win an argument from John "In Search of an Informant."

Also eavesdrop on the conversation of two bandits, standing a little further, behind warehouse # 3. Find out who is in cahoots with the gang:

  • Policemen
  • Fed
  • Bribe
Examine the image of the eye on one of the walls of warehouse # 3, from the side of the main street. Secure the "Painted Eye" evidence, stay in the clothes of a bandit and talk to the bandits behind warehouse # 3.

Now secure the Evidence on the Deputy Leader of the Eels. Previously, you must study Hart's obituary, which was written about at the beginning of the article. Stay in bandit clothes and interrogate bandits behind the same warehouse # 3. You will find out where the cannery is located. Disguise yourself as Hart. Use a street brawler costume and a scarred face without a headgear or mustache. Look for Jones in the alley behind the factory and ask where the boss is. He will say that he needs to drive people to the second warehouse.

Open the map and find the second warehouse. Coming closer, you will hear workers complaining that the boxes are too heavy today (talk to the distant one). Go to warehouse # 1 and overhear the conversation of the workers on the cart on the right. Find out why it is easier for movers to work today:

  • Suspicious lungs
  • Fish crates
  • Simple job
What We Have: Workers at Warehouse # 1 say the crates are too light. At warehouse # 2, workers complain that the boxes are too heavy, which means that work is in full swing there. Jones, located behind the cannery, points in the same direction. And the informant at the warehouse # 3 said that the security was weakened. Thus, Panzer, the leader of the Eels, is in the second warehouse. It was possible not to do any of this, and immediately burst into the second warehouse. Deal with all the enemies, and then defeat Panzer. It is best to arrest him: knock down all the armor, and then stun him with the help of various objects located in the warehouse. Report the capture or death of the leader to Miss Yasemin. She will give a new assignment from Mycroft.

The missing shopkeeper

This quest can be obtained from Yasemin at the Chronicles office after completing the Eel Catching case. Mycroft will point to F.D.'s book. It's an argument with John. Open another clue and find out the address of the bookstore. Head to the top of the Old City and look for Seto Street to the left of the wall. Mark the right edge of the street, right against the wall.

Go there and see a bookstore. Examine the lock and read the note under the door. Secure the evidence and turn on concentration. Follow the trail until it ends in a nearby yard. Examine the area on the left. Someone ambushed here. Examine the cigarette butts, shovel, and bookmark. In concentration mode, study the footprint of a size 11 shoe. Put on any Ottoman costume and interrogate the people in this courtyard.

Go down the stairs leading to Castle Road, select the clue and in concentration mode study the blood trail on the ground and the tracks from the donkey cart.

Follow the trail, it's not far. Eventually, you will find a wagon. Examine its contents: green hat and bloody rags. Enter the building, you can skip the fight. Examine the far left table in the den. On it are a knife, a severed finger and a wedding ring with an inscription on the inside. A map and keys are on another table. There are playing cards and dice on the table in the center. The keys can be used to open two chambers. In one of them there will be blood stains on the mattress, in the other 3 a note, books and Angelo's corpse. Examine the body: the head, the tattoo on the right hand, and the severed finger on the left hand.

Open the evidence and secure the lead about the book. Enter the cell with the bloody mattress, use concentration and study the bloody hand trail on the mattress. Open the cache and take out the book by F.D. ("Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky). You will win the Argument with John "Valuable Item". Return to the Chronicles office and report everything to Yasemin. You can show her the ring and tell the truth. Angelo is her late husband, and Mycroft hid his fate. You will receive 20 coins.

Love, death, cordona

Another assignment from Mycroft. As soon as the story mission "Overseas Muse" begins, go to the Stonewood mansion and meet there the man sent by Mycroft. Listen and accept the assignment. Next, find the upper bridge connecting Scaladio and the Old Town. In the middle there is a bridge tower. Walk across the bridge to Scaladio and immediately behind it look for a cafe. Sit down at one of the tables, where John is already. Watch the cutscene, then run to the bridge tower and examine the dead body: head, scarf on the neck, knife wounds on the abdomen, key "4", knee of the left leg and an empty dagger sheath.

Then go to the bridge tower. Another sailor will stop you. Show him the inspection of the body, and then go inside. Use concentration to study the broken table on the left. Also look for traces of dirt and sweat odor by the chest. take a look at the smoking cigarette on the table. Examine the items on the floor: the blackmailer's letter and 100 mangaeres in the box. Examine also the dagger lying under the window on the right (in two places). Take a look at the bloody stains on the window. Start reconstruction:

  • Dagger in both men by the chest
  • Dagger in both men at the table
  • One man attacks with a dagger another at the window
Remove the navy uniform from the hanger. Select the evidence in the journal related to the murderer's blood trail and examine the clothesline in the corner of the building, to the left of the chest. It has blood stains on it. Be sure to click on them to collect all the evidence. Go downstairs and go to the Old Town. Turn into the courtyard on the right and examine the blood on the table on which the killer fell. The trail will lead you to a pillar of knives. Examine it from the back (looking from the front will trigger the story of Cordona "The Pillar of Knives") and you will find the blade that killed Ridley. Examine the handle and blade. Take a photo. Fasten the "Symbol of the Eagle" and chat with nearby Arabs. Put on any Osman costume beforehand.

Then change into a sailor's outfit and interrogate any sailors about the "Symbol of the Eagle" evidence as they know where the Khasan family lives. The Khasanov House is located just behind the Maltese Bridge at the beginning of the Old City, to the left of the Old City market, along Don Road. Move closer and the Eagle House marker will appear. You won't be able to get inside. Let's go the other way.

Cross over to the other side of the knife post where the assassin's scimitar was found and you will find the barracks. Put on your naval uniform or other sailor's clothing and go inside. Walk forward through the far door and open room # 4. Examine the letter and photograph on the table. In concentration mode, examine the marks from the cabinet on the floor. Move the closet and look into the cache: letters from Jailan, money and two tickets to London.

Open the journal and perform a chemical analysis on the silk scarf. The scarf can now be used for disguise. Go down the barracks and overhear the conversation of two sailors sitting on chairs. Find out what the sailors are up to:

  • Take revenge
  • General will deliver a speech
  • Disobedience
Also select the "Victim's Personal File" evidence and interrogate any sailor in the barracks. They are aware that he met "the one". Now you need to disguise yourself as Corporal Ridley to get into the eagle's house. To do this, buy ottoman clothes, ottoman shawl. Wear both items. Add to these a silk handkerchief that has been chemically washed free of blood. Talk to the maid at the side entrance and go inside. Talk to Jailan. Go to the main entrance in the courtyard, secure the Blood Trail evidence and use your concentration to take the trail. Blood will be on the floor by the door. Follow the trail in concentration mode, look into the room and examine the basket of clean clothes and bloody clothes near it. The killer changed and put on a clean shirt.

Exit into the courtyard and go to the Turk, who stands to the right of the gate. If you approach him immediately, without clicking on other characters, you will win an argument with John "No room for error." When exploring in Concentration Mode, you will notice a wound. Watch him: covers his face with his hand, red spots on his neck, a wound under the right ribs, there is no scimitar in the scabbard, cuts and scratches on his right hand. It can be seen that he is still on edge. Charge him with murder. Choose a photo of a knife in a pillar (the murder weapon), the meeting ended badly (when the murder was committed), a letter from Jailan, clearly not money anymore (what was the motive). Now you can arrest the son of Hassan or keep the peace.

If you save the world, get 70 coins. Mycroft will be pleased. If you decide to arrest Ozai, you will have to fight with his charges. You will also receive 79 coins and arrest the man. But Mycroft will be unhappy, and outside the police station you'll also see Ottoman protestors.

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