Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Playing time and scope of the main story

 In the game "Sherlock Holmes Chapter One" you visit the island of Cordana together with the two protagonists Sherlock Holmes and Jon. Sherlock lived there as a child and has now returned to solve the mystery of the death of Violet Holmes. Because Sherlock is certain that it was not a simple illness. We'll show you here how much playing time the main story gives you.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Playing time and scope of the main story

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Playing Time and Scope of the Main Cases

Solving the riddle about Violet Holmes turns out to be more difficult than expected, as Sherlock Holmes 'parents' house is practically empty. Now it's up to you to bring Sherlock's memories back to life. You do this by solving the main cases. Every time a major case is closed, someone helps you out.

You can prove your detective knowledge and skills in five main cases :

  • Ghosts of the past
  • A golden cage
  • Muse from afar
  • Sacrificial lamb
  • Motherly love

These five cases are all related, as the main case, "Mother's Love", deals with the death of Violet Holmes. You keep coming back to this because it represents both the beginning and the end of the game.

It took us around 20 hours to play through the main story on the normal difficulty "Young Detective". You need a lot more time if you select the difficulty level "Master of Conclusions". Here you are completely on your own and you will not receive any notifications or notifications.

If you'd like to complete games, you'll have to invest around 45-50 hours for 100% to discover all of Cordana's secrets with Sherlock and Jon. 

 Explore the open world: side cases and Cordana stories

Since Cordana is an open game world, you can move freely around the island and explore the island away from the main falls. You can find side cases, which are unlocked either by a certain interaction or by finding a location. These are hidden all over Cordana and hold more crime scenes, thefts and mysteries in store for you.

The Cordana stories, on the other hand, deal with memories from Sherlock's childhood and include, among other things, the restoration of the old house and several treasure hunts that chase you across the island.

Finally, there are bandit hideaways to be found with which you can make good money. You can in turn spend this at the dealers for furniture, clothing and newspapers.

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