Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Walkthrough: Ghosts of the Past

 Your first main case is called "Ghosts of the Past". In the hotel complex you not only have to solve a theft, but also completely different scandals. Here you will also learn the basics of the game and receive a lot of tips and hints on how to proceed with a case.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Walkthrough: Ghosts of the Past

Case one: ghosts of the past start

Go down to the bar and look at the green sign with the medium “Incredible Luka Ghalichi”. Then get the food from the counter and sit down next to Jon on the right-hand side. There is a walking stick on the table that doesn't belong to either Sherlock or Jon.

Examination - walking stick (three pointers):

  • Golden coat of arms
  • Headboard
  • Middle wooden part
Attach the note "The lost walking stick" and start the questioning. The gentleman opposite at the column in the conversation tells you about a couple and a former naval officer who is supposed to be in the front garden. So continue to the front garden (in front of the reception), talk to the gentleman at the left gate , who is standing alone with a drink. He's sending you to the seance, much to Sherlock's chagrin.

Investigate the seance crime scene

Observation of the man (four clues):

  • Red face
  • necktie
  • Ring with garlic bulb
  • Reddened knuckles
  • Result = Bored English nobleman named Lord Craven

The chaos in the seance room was caused by the theft of a yellow diamond. Therefore, examine the entire room and talk to the people involved in order to receive new clues afterwards in the mind game.

Investigation - Seance Table (Five Clues):

  • Green slime
  • Broken wine glass
  • Glass of scotch with cigar
  • Moth brooch on jacket
  • Concentration mode on socket in the middle

Mind game:

Proof A

Proof B


Lady Craven sat across from the window

Lady Craven gestured across the lock table

Eyewitness in the atrium


In the atrium you will find fresh scratches on the floor right next to the door entrance in the KM, which means you will find a shoe heel. Talk to the Lord and put on the clue to follow the lead. In the sewing room you will find the matching shoe of a maid. Talk to the maid in front of the reception and she will direct you to the paintings on the upper floor , where a maid is cleaning with boots.

Examine room 226 and corpse

Go to room 226 and you will find two housemaids gossiping loudly about Lady Craven. Select the answers “seems tense”, “cannot handle fish knife” and “made husband drunk”. Then you can inspect the room and talk to Lord Craven.

Examination - Dressing Table (Five Clues):

  • Red box
  • Jewelry box (KM)
  • Moth ring
  • Family motto ring
  • Money papers

Investigation - Corpse (three clues):

  • mouth
  • Diamond tip
  • purse
In addition, in KM mode examines the cheap lock on the door and collects the letters on the coffee table and at the desk in the office. Then speak to Lord Craven about the moth ring.

Mind game:

Proof A

Proof B


Moth brooch

Moth ring

Did Mr. Ghalichi know Ms. Emma?

Diamond lay next to Ms. Emma

Diamond was stolen at the seance

The killer left the diamond


Examine room 225

Then you have finished analyzing room 226. Lord Craven tells you that the seance medium has been placed in room 225. However, they (understandably) refused to give him the keys. So go to reception yourself and persuade the receptionist to give you the keys.

Examination - Room 225:

  • Table full of food
  • Table full of utensils for tricks
  • Ectoplasm bottle
  • Letter of invitation from Countess Lemore
  • Suitcase with books on bed

Observation of Mr. Ghalichi (Five Clues):

  • Bloody nose
  • Collar - Slight color difference
  • Belly - appears malnourished
  • Left fingers
  • Right hand - scratched wrists
  • Result = Former criminal, now medium.

Talk to Mr. Ghalichi about the scratches, the moth ring and the ectoplasm. You can decompose this in the chemical analysis, which tells you that it consists of rubber milk and phosphorus.

The killer of Ms. Emma and the thief of the gem

In this main case, there is only one culprit, as Lord Craven is quite an impulsive man but there is no evidence against him. So go to room 225 and blame Luka Ghalichi.

Proof A

Proof B


Ms. Emma was strangled

Scratches on wrists

Ms. Emma scratched Mr. Ghalichi

The lock is easy to pick

Mr. Ghalichi has the room next door

Medium could have picked the lock

Ms. Emma stole from Lord Craven

The thief recorded his deeds on servants

Ms. Emma was a thief and a cheater

Automatic connection to

Did Mr. Ghalichi know Ms. Emma?

Thieving Ms. Emma, ​​what did Luka know?

Automatic connection to

Killer left diamonds

Did Mr. Ghalichi have any idea what Emma was up to?

Automatic connection to

The lock is easy to pick

Emma scratched Luka

 If you have selected all the clues correctly, the correct result will appear: Luka Ghalichi is the murderer. You now have the choice to talk to him and help him to escape or to give him his just punishment for the murder. Depending on how you decide, he is grateful to you or swears eternal vengeance.

Case "motherly love" part one

Sherlock's childhood home is on Cordona Island. In the case of "motherly love" you will explore it bit by bit.
Sherlock's childhood home is on Cordona Island. In the case of "motherly love" you will explore it bit by bit.

The "motherly love" case is a special case. You return to this again and again as soon as you advance in the story. Each main case helps you to reconstruct a piece of Sherlock's memories.

Equip the evidence "Remembrance of the funeral" and watch the ghost boy in the KM and the bouquet of flowers on the grave in the entrance area .

Investigation - Gravestone (Three Clues):

  • pocket watch
  • Funerary inscription
  • Burning candle
Equip the "Unknown Grave Visitor" evidence and follow the footprints in front of the grave. This leads to a bicycle, which is on the side of the road.

Investigation - wheel (three pointers):

  • Red bar with spots of color
  • Photo of the tombs
  • Back of photo

Follow the bike lane and you will find the owner at the easel in front of the crypt. After your conversation you have to go to the police station, which has reached its limits with its knowledge. So help out and see the seamstress Mrs. Nini. Her tailoring shop is at the intersection of Knights Rd. And Trinity Way in Scaladio.

Talk to her and then look for clothes in the back room. These are automatically placed in your cloakroom. As an optional challenge, you can dress up as a doge first once you've looked at the picture in the back room. For Sherlock's criminals, however, you need the following items:

  • Fashionable beige suit
  • Square glasses
  • Menjoubartchen
  • Bruising
  • Regular black hat (bowler)

Because you did it so well, in contrast to the "impatient police officer" in front of you, you will receive an old police uniform that was never picked up. Return to the police station and you will get access to the archive.




Werner Vogel's story


Grand Saray

Werner Vogel's story

Group of people


Werner Vogel's story


Violent crime

You can find the missing police file, but it is empty. Return, speak to the receptionist, and do the recreational cop training program to practice shooting. It's voluntary, but definitely doesn't do any harm.

You can now enter Stonewood Manor, which is located on Silent Way next to the Greek bridge . Fetches the letter on the mailbox and reconstructs the process with the police. Then look at all the objects on the ground floor and by the blue suitcase you will receive a message "Arrival in Cordana".

Mind games:

Proof A

Proof B


Mother died of tubercosis

No tuberculosis

Mycroft lied

You can now open the door to the bedroom. Observe the room very closely and look at the balloon and the box in front of the bed with the figures.

Examination - table (four clues):

  • newspaper
  • Doorknob under newspaper
  • Book Robinson Crusoe
  • Books Enclyopedia
To use the doorknob, you have to equip it as a clue and go to the closet next to the room door. You can look at this in the KM to use the knob. In the drawer you will find a newspaper article and a Siger Holmes pipe.

Mind games:

Proof A

Proof B


Friendly neighbor

Mycroft lied

Family friend

This ends the first part of the "motherly love" case and you are transferred to the next main case. As soon as you are at Mr. Gilden's estate, the main case "A golden cage" starts.

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