Skyrim Anniversary Edition walkthrough - guide to new content

 A detailed breakdown of the new content in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first release of Skyrim, Bethesda has released the Skyrim Anniversary Edition . It includes, as well as all materials created through the Creation Club platform - additional tasks, equipment ( weapons and armor) and even game modes. In this guide, we've put together in-depth information on the additional content that is included in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. If you believe the statistics, then this edition included 48 previously released and 26 completely new items created in the "Creativity Club".

General innovations

Survival mode

A completely new regime in which your task is complicated by the need to monitor other indicators such as satiety, fatigue, cold. In addition, survival mode includes additional modifiers:

  • Disabled health regeneration (you can only heal with a potion or a special item)
  • Disabled fast travel (you will have to move on foot or on horseback on a mount, which is again associated with hunger, cold and bad weather)
  • Reduced the maximum carrying capacity (many formally weightless things now have a certain weight)
Skyrim Anniversary Edition walkthrough - guide to new content

This mode is activated in the game settings, in the "Gameplay" section. If you start over, the mode will not be activated until you complete the tutorial.

Archer Magic Set

Skyrim archers receive special sets of "magic" arrows. Among other things, there are arrows that activate telekinesis, abduct souls, ignite, chill, electric. To get the arrows of telekinesis, go to the Arkaneum in the College of Winterhold, and for the arrows of the Soul Thief you need to go to Kagrumez. All other arrows can be found in the open world or purchased from numerous vendors.

Adventurer's Backpack

Travel to the Forge to craft an Adventurer's Backpack, or purchase one from the merchants in Skyrim. There are 16 different variations. Posted by Rob Vogel (fadingsignal).


Adds the ability to set up camp in the game. The camp has a shelter for safe sleep, a bonfire for cooking. The camp also adds a fast travel icon to the map. Crafted at the forge.

How to complete the task "Scandinavian Jewelry"

These elegant handcrafted jewelery, adorned with precious stones from high quality steel, combine traditional Scandinavian design with Jarl-style elegance. The ornate frame is crafted from the finest mercury, guaranteed to retain its finish. Players will be able to create a Scandinavian amulet, ring or hoop. For the Scandinavian Jewelry quest, read the Certificate of Authenticity that you receive by purchasing jewelry from Belethor, Madesi, Endari, or Bercy Honey-Hand.

Rare curiosities

With rare ingredients from the far reaches of Tamriel and the Ashlands of Morrowind, players will be able to create incredible potions, arrows, and poisonous substances (such as the poison apple). All such items, including rare Ayleid stones, can be purchased from Khajiit merchants.

How to complete the mission "Balance of Power"

A huge mod with many interesting innovations. Speak with the Traveling Khajiit Trader Ri'saad to begin the quest chain with the Balance of Power quest. Strange creatures, unusual butterflies and foreign objects appear in the game. Players will have to figure out everything that happens, understand who or what is behind a series of these strange phenomena, and deal with the insane magician of the Shivering Isles. Adds a dungeon to the game in which you can find the famous sword of Jyggalag.

The creation of Saints and Seducers includes several new quests scattered throughout Skyrim. The dungeon consists of the root caverns of the DLC TES 4: Shivering Isles . Inside the dungeon, you will meet unknown creatures and strange plants. Also contains four complete sets of weapons and armor. The total number of new items of equipment is 32 pieces. Marauders in gold and dark armor will appear among the enemies, which you can make yourself. To create things, you will need rare amber and ore of insanity, which you will receive in the course of completing these tasks and traveling through the dungeon.

Players will also be able to find a powerful hammer from the Shivering Isles called the Nerve Breaker. Two special elitres can become your new pets.

How to complete the quest "Bones to the Crows"

The author of this creation is Chris Takahashi. The armor set contains four pieces first introduced in TES Blades , plus a Dragonbone chain mail. You need to complete the quest "Bones to the Crows". To start it, talk to the owner of any inn.

Creation of Fearsome Fists

Adds 15 combat gloves to the game, which you can create yourself, buy or find. To enhance the damage, the gloves are built with horns, spikes or blades.

How to complete the task "Blood in the Water"

The author of this creation is Chris Takahashi. The task "Blood in water", which can be taken from the owner of any tavern. Ask him for the latest rumors, and learn about the Queen of the Bloodfallow, from whom a powerful cleaver was stolen. You need to hunt down the robbers, get to their hideout and kill everyone in order to receive the Headman's cleaver as a reward.

Elven and steel horse armor

To get these sets, go to the stable or craft them at the forge.

Necromantic grimoire

Adds the art of necromancy to Skyrim. Players can get a necromancer outfit with many new enchantments, as well as a grimoire containing 13 themed spells. You can summon skeletons, ghosts and other powerful creatures, including the powerful Bone Colossus! Items can be bought from merchants in Skyrim or found in the open world.

New staves

Another creation by Chris Takahashi. Adds 7 new staves to Skyrim at once. They are based on classic staves from TES 3: Morrowind . The staff can be purchased from Master Neloth.

New tasks from couriers

How to complete the "Living Dead" quest

After entering the game, read the anonymous letter that you will receive from the courier upon reaching the fifth character level. This is how the quest "Living Dead" begins. After that, at night, in certain regions of Skyrim, hordes of the living dead will appear.

How to complete the task "Hendraheim"

There is a magnificent Nordic house in the mountains of Reach, built in the tradition of the ancient warriors. Its walls are hung with testimonies of the owner's past victories. The key to such houses cannot be bought, it can only be obtained in battle. Hendraheim is no exception. To take the quest "Hendraheim", read the letter "Trials of the Warrior", which the courier will deliver to you upon reaching 10 character level.

How to complete the "Dinner with Guests" quest

In the north of the region, high in the mountains, there is a multi-storey building with several dozen rooms. There you will also find a dungeon, and instead of beds - coffins, ideal for local residents. The task "Dinner with guests" can be taken after pumping the character to level 12. A courier will deliver a letter of invitation to dinner.

How to complete the "Bloody Heart" quest

Adds to the game this set consists of four pieces of ebony plate armor, for which ebony was used. The armor copies the armor of the same name from TES Blades. To start the "Bloody Heart" quest, you must read Tyra's letter, which will be delivered by the courier after leveling your character to level 32.

Great thing

Great Deed is a multifaceted and varied adventure. Along with new enemies, it will add new equipment and even a summoned Daedric horse. In the story, the Mythic Dawn has filled the world of Skyrim. The task of the cultists is to collect the resources necessary to build and unlock the Oblivion Gate leading to the habitat of their master, Mehrunes Dagon!

Players will face severe trials and well-deserved rewards. In this adventure, gamers will follow the trail of the cultists of the Mythic Dawn, who were last encountered in TES 4: Oblivion . This journey takes you through the ancient underground Ayleid ruins in Riel, filled with ghosts.

How to complete the task "Do not wake the sleeping wolves"

The work of the author Skinnytecboy. To start the quest to get a new undead pet, you need to read a letter from Bolgeir Bear's Claw, which will be delivered by the courier immediately after completing the mission "Don't wake the sleeping wolves". By your actions, you must earn the trust of the Bone Wolf. This undead first appeared in TES 3: Bloodmoon .

Changes in Whiterun

Dwelling in the tundra

Appears in Whiterun. Large house with furniture and workbenches for crafting. The ability to marry (get married), have children. To buy a house, you need to contact the governor of the Jarl in Dragon's Reach.

How to complete the task "In the Shadows"

Mod from Nocturnal. With the help of this bow, you can become invisible, the speed of movement in stealth mode increases. Creator - Chris Takashi. To get the bow, take the quest "In the Shadows" by talking to the Jarl's Steward in Dragon's Reach.

How to complete the quest "On the other side of the grave"

Adds two pieces of heavy armor from TES Blades to the game. Modification by Chris Takahashi. To take the quest "On the other side of the grave", you need to read the note about "Death of the crimson dagger", which lies in the dungeon of Dragon's Reach, in Whiterun.

How to complete the mission "Pets of Skyrim"

New multi-pet pack called Skyrim Pet Pack. Rescue creatures and tame them to become your faithful companions. Each pet has its own unique skills, they can develop and improve themselves. Among the pets are foxes, spiders, goats, rabbits and even skivers. To start the quest "Pets of Skyrim", read the note in the "Prancing Mare" tavern.

How to complete the task "Cat from home"

Contains four pieces of equipment from TES Blades. Creator - Chris Takahashi. To start the "Cat from home" quest, you need to read M'Sharra's diary inside the "Prancing Mare" tavern, in Whiterun.

How to complete Contest of Champions

Adds two armors to the game - the Stormcloak Champion and the Empire. Players will be able to take part in a duel by choosing one of the two sides and equipping the appropriate armor. To start the Contest of Champions mission, you need to read the note of the same name inside the Drunken Hunter in Whiterun. Or get a letter from the commander.

Orc armor

Adds four pieces of TES: Blades Heavy Orcish Plate Armor to the game. Read the dossier in the barracks to start the Buy and Slash quest.

How to pass the quest "Staff of Hasedoki"

An artifact staff, a blunt weapon to which the soul of the wizard Hasedoka is bound. To get this weapon, you need to complete the task of the same name. To start it, read the notes of the smuggler in the bandit camp located west of Dragon's Reach.

How to complete the quest "Restless Dead" and get a farm in Whiterun

Allows you to build an estate in Whiterun and develop your own agricultural business. Players choose a character who will monitor the house, animals, various buildings like an apiary and a mill. To become the owner of the farm, you need to defeat the ghost in the "Restless Dead" quest. It begins by exploring the Golden Hills Plantation east of Rorikstead.

Chaafingar, Solitude Changes

How to complete the task "Gift of Kynareth"

A legendary artifact of the Empire, the Lord's Chainmail likely fell into the hands of the Redguards. The Empire asks that this armor be returned at any cost. To start the quest "Gift of Kynareth", read the letter to General Tullius located in the Gloomy Castle of Solitude.

How to complete the quest "The Undead"

Sailors all over Tamriel sing songs about Cyrus, the hero of Stros M'Kai, who roamed the seas for a long time. It is not known for sure, but it is rumored that he went north, having become interested in Tobias's story about the legendary ship "Horror of the Dead". Find the missing ship, get the treasure of Cyrus and find out what happened to his crew. The Dead Man Horror creation includes two swords, multiple costumes, and a sea house. To start the quest "The Restless", you need to read the book of the same name in "Laughing Rat", in Solitude.

New crossbows

Creation adds 8 crossbows to the game, made from incredibly valuable Tamrielic resources. These can be purchased at Fletcher's Store in Solitude.

How to complete the task "Night Hunter"

Adds Ebony and Elven Crossbows to the game. Considered one of the deadliest ranged weapons in all of Tamriel. The quest for obtaining crossbows "Night Hunter" can be obtained after reading the letter in the shelter northwest of Solitude.

How to complete the task "Beyond the Boundary"

Adds four pieces of heavy steel armor from TES Blades to the game. To start the quest "Beyond" you need to read the note about "Suicide on the Dragon Bridge" inside the "Four Shields" inn on the Dragon Bridge.

Changes to Limit, Markrate

How to complete the mission "Malefic Tenets"

To get this armor, you need to complete the "Maleficent Tenets" quest. To start it, read the note "Crypt of the Heart Sketch" inside the Silver Blood Tavern in Markarth. The quest will tell you about a knight whose heart was stolen by a sinister witch. There are three options for the mage knight armor - iron, steel and ebony.

How to complete the task "rather than a sword"

Adds two pieces of heavy Dwarven armor from TES Blades to the game. To start the quest "Rather than the sword" you need to read the marauder's note inside the Silver Blood inn in Markarth.

Hammer of Stendarr

According to rumors, this two-handed hammer was wielded by the god of Mercy, Stendarr. Unlike the previous options, the weapon just needs to be stolen from the Dwemer Museum in Markarth.

Dwemer Armored Mud Crab

Adds a unique pet to the game. Where he got such armor remains a mystery. To purchase the Dwarven Armored Mud Crab, travel to Calselmo in Markarth.

Relics of the Divine Crusader

Allows players to acquire the armor of the Divine Crusader Pelinal Whitestrake. They will have to look for them on their own at the Observation post "Four Skulls", in the northeast of Markarth.

How to complete the task "Double-edged play"

Adds four pieces of leather armor from TES Blades to the game. You need to complete the "Double-edged game" quest, which begins with reading Zechariah's note in the Whiterun guard barracks.

Changes in Eastmarch, Windhelm

How to complete the mission "Malefic Tenets"

Once, sitting in a tavern over a glass of beer, two warriors got into an argument. To solve it, they went on a hunt for a monstrous spider. Follow in their footsteps and find out how this story ended. This expansion includes the legendary Fists of Randagalf and the Ice Blade of the Monarch! The author of the mod is Chris Takahashi. To start the mission "Pernicious snares", you must read the journal of Adonato Leotelli in the tavern "Hearth and Candle".

How to complete the quest "The Lost Merchant"

To start the mission "The Lost Merchant", talk to the owner of the "Hearth and Candle" tavern in Windhelm. Adds to the game at once three pieces of Daerdric Light Armor, which was in TES Blades. Created by Chris Takahashi.

How to complete the task "Slanting Scales"

To start the quest "Slanting Scales" you need to read the fourth volume of the book "Bloody Knives", which is in the "Hearth and Candle" inn in Windhelm. Adds four pieces of dragon scale armor to the game at once, based on the set from TES Blades.

How to complete the quest "Lost Legends"

To start the Lost Legends mission, read the Lost Caravan Hunter's Note found at the New Gnisis Club in Windhelm.

Created by Dwemer tonal architect Lord Kagrenac, Sander and the Divider represent two of three instruments designed to connect to the heart of Lorkhan. Infused with ancient magic, they empower not only their owner, but also each other.

Doom's Edge Bow

Adds to the game the deadly bow that Sul, Duchess of Madness adores so much. By firing arrows from this bow, you cast a random spell on your victim - paralysis, dumbness, frenzy, or demoralization. To find this weapon, go to the "Stone Creek" cave. The Edge of Doom bow was first introduced in The Elder Scrolls 4: Shivering Isles.

How to complete the "Dreams of the Dead" quest

To start the "Dreams of the Dead" quest, read Naara's diary, which is hidden in the Hanging Hall next to the "Eye of Mara" pond.

The old forts have long served as fortifications for the rebellious dead. It was there that the bodies of mortals hung for a long time. An excellent refuge for a necromancer who wants to fulfill his sick fantasies. Of course, if he manages to survive. Here you can find four new items at once - the legendary helmet of the Worm, the helmet of Orein, the Bear's Claw and the Staff of Worms - and thereby master the power and spells of the notorious Mannimarco!

How to complete the "Matter of Honor" quest

To start the "Matter of Honor" quest, you need to find Erania, located in the Boethiah Chapel, east of Windhelm.

The legendary katana "Golden Mark" (sword) was in the hands of those who have long turned the pages of history. Decades later, weapons again fell into Skyrim. He can be found at the resting place of one of the glorious heroes. Travel to an ancient tomb to get your hands on this item and write a new chapter in its existence.


To get the legendary powerful sword "Shadowik" you will have to fight the most cruel and insidious enemy in Skyrim. Yourself. To start the quest, follow to the geyser lake in Eastmarch.

Rift, Riften

How to complete the task "Until blue in the face"

To start the quest "Blue in the face", read the letter to Cletius, which is located in the inn "The Bee and the Sting" in Riften.

From the caves of the Jerol mountains on the southern outskirts of Skyrim, hideous green creatures began to crawl out, led by the mysterious "Blue God". You will be able to take away the Staff of the goblins from him.

How to complete the quest "Gray Hood of Nocturnal"

To start the quest "Gray Hood of Nocturnal", visit the "Kill a Thief" cemetery in Riften territory.

The legend of the Gray Fox is known to many, but everyone who wears his hood does not give out their name. Nothing is known about their past. To take on the role of the new Gray Fox, you will have to find out who the true owner of this hood is.

How to complete the quest "Player Advantage"

To start the quest "Player Advantage", go to Riften's Barracks and read the order there. As a result of its implementation, you will receive a variant of Orcish armor, the development of which was taken from the armor of the same name from TES Blades.

How to complete the "Divided Soul" quest

For the quest "Divided Soul" you need to read the legal notice hanging on the front door to the Rat Hole in the Riften region.

Hidden in the depths of Riften's Rat Hole, a dark and terrible secret will lead you to the sword-heart of two minds. You will be able to master the elements of fire and ice, but first you have to give peace to the soul, which binds both weapons.

Shadewalker's Sanctuary

You can buy a new home from Vekel in the Ragged Flask. Talk to him about buying a house at the Rat Hole.

Thieves are not afraid of darkness, since shadows are their home. Shadewick's Sanctuary is a new homestead that the player can get at their disposal. She is in the dark corner of the Rat Hole in Riften. With a secret passage through the sewers and quick access to the Thieves Guild, Shadowy's Shrine guarantees convenience and protection for any rookie thief. There is also a secret room with trophies.


Also referred to as the Paladin's Blade and the Hero's Sword, this legendary two-handed claymore is endowed with powerful magic. It grants its owner protection from fire, absorbs many spells and inflicts incredible damage on opponents. You can find this weapon by completing a new mini-quest, which will automatically be added to your journal.

How to complete the mission "Ominous Whisper"

To start the "Ominous Whisper" quest, you must travel to a new, unexplored location, where you will find the "Watcher's Report" diary. Read it to activate the quest.

The history of this Daedric weapon tells of the rise and fall of those who wielded it. This legend says that Umbra is a living organism. In fact, Umbra is a brand new dungeon in Skyrim filled with incredible visuals, puzzles and a deadly boss.

How to complete the task "Favorite of the public"

You need to complete the "Public Favorite" quest, which can be activated by reading the Arena fan's note. The note itself lies on the corpse of Arena Fan in the camp located south of Ivarstead. This set is based on the set from TES Blades.

Fishing quest chain

To take the quest "Fisherman Fisherman", pick up a fishing rod and catch a fish in any of the indicated places. More than 20 new species of underwater animals will appear in Skyrim, and you can catch them by going through a chain of exciting quests.

How to complete the task "Interception"

To start Intercept, speak with Azadi at Shore's Stone, north of Riften. Contact the secret agents of Hammerfell and help them fight off their partner from the hands of the Thalmor. The modification includes a set of light armor and two new weapons. One of them is the legendary Yokudan sword "Bone Razor"!

Connect with a network of Redguard agents known as the Remnants and help them bring one of them back to the Thalmor. Includes a new set of light armor and two new weapons, such as the legendary Yokudan sword, Boneshaver! Created by ElleH and Jose McCallum "Shoeburglar". (The Intercept quest begins with a conversation with Azadi at Shore's Stone far north of Riften.)

Changes in Hjaalmarch, Morthal

How to complete the task "Mirwatch"

The task "Mirwatch" can be taken immediately after finding Hans by reading his diary of the same name. It's next to Mirwatch himself.

At the heart of the Hjalmarch swamps, shrouded in thick haze and twisted like fingers, tree branches sits a mysterious tower. Almost none of the local residents dared to pronounce its real name. This is "Mirwatch", where the main character will go.

Winterhold changes

How to complete the "Sanctuary and Manufacture" quest

To start the quest "The Sanctuary and the Manufactory", you need to read the Diary of the Seeker of Ancient Artifacts, which is located in the "Frozen Hearth" in Winterhold.

Run a huge factory and create special devices to return the abandoned cave to its original glory. After refurbishing the equipment, the huge rooms will turn into an ideal place to live for any fan of Dwemer architecture and engineering.

How to complete the quest "Legendary creature" (unicorn)

To start the quest "Legendary Creature", you need to read Soran's diary in the Arkaneum. If you are interested in other horses, you can buy a map with their location from any groom.

Skyrim's horses are tough and strong, but taming them will require incredible strength and patience. With the new stableman card, you can find new wild horses, and then go through the test and tame them! After taming, you can save the horses in any nearby stable. You will then be able to select their equipment, including saddles. You can even find a rare unicorn that has risen from the dead.

How to complete the quest "Hands of Chaos"

To start the "Hands of Chaos" quest, visit the ruins called "Heavenly Temple". Originally called the Staff of Chaos (or Balak-turm), it was divided into pieces that were eventually spread all over the world. The mages of Skyrim tried to recreate its exact copy. You can find out if they got it right.

Magic items

This set will add a lot of interesting magic items to Skyrim that will strengthen any mage. These are both clothing that provide advantages, and ancient tomes with powerful spells - "Rune of Paralysis" and "Unbridled Frost". Items can be bought from different merchant

Changes in Dawnstar, on the White Coast

Festive set of Saturalia

New clothes can be purchased from Agrain Perival located near Dawnstar. He also sells a deer. Previously, Saturalia was a day of debauchery, but years have passed and now it is perceived as a holiday when you need to give gifts. Celebrate Saturation by purchasing a matching, themed costume.

How to complete the mission "Unholy Watch"

To receive the quest "Unholy Watch", read Keeper Cracett's letter located in the Hall of the Watch near Dawnstar.

While Stendarr may offer mercy, the vigilant has none. Among the listed holy warriors there are paladins in armor - former priests who took off their cassock and donned steel armor. You can find four unique sets of armor, as well as grant Stendarr's justice to all monsters.

How to complete the task "The grave will fix the hunter"

The quest "The Grave Hunter Will Fix" can be obtained by reading the outline of the decree on the reward, located in the barracks of the guard of Falkreath. You will be able to get three pieces of the elven set, which was created using the sketches from TES Blades

How to complete the "Last Wish" quest

To get the quest "The Last Wish", you need to read the "Mysterious Altar" diary located in the "Dead Honey" in Falkreath.

In the thickets of Falkreath there is a mystical altar that bestows one and only blessing on all. Take a route that reflects desires, make a choice and embark on a unique adventure. You will be able to learn about the legendary "Bitter Cup" and complete three new tasks.

Changes in Solstheim

How to complete the task "Pin on the fork"

To get the task "Stick on a Fork", read the mysterious message that can be found in "Drunken Netch" in Raven Rock. Symbol of the Mad God Sheogorath, this mystical staff contains a formidable power that can stop any foe in place.

How to complete the task "Ghosts of the Tribunal"

To start the task "Ghosts of the Tribunal", you need to read the dossier of the heretic with the confession of the blacksmith, which lies inside the temple of Raven Rock. The events of this modification are associated with the Tribunal, which includes the former Dunmer gods. After the ascension of the New Temple, they became simple saints. Contains content from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

Nyx Hound

You will be able to get your hands on a new pet, Nyx the Hound, which lives in the desert area of ​​Solstheim. In addition to the fact that the hound is capable of carrying a certain load, it will help you find various useful items.

How to complete the task "Ancient Ice"

To start the "Ancient Ice" quest, read Skjor's diary, which is hidden in the camp south of the Skaal village. As a result of completing this mission, you will receive Irongrim Fur Armor based on the armor from TES Blades.

How to complete the task "Not everything is food that is chewed"

The quest "All that is chewed is not food" can be taken on the north bank of Solstheim. There is a peddler's camp with a diary of the same name. Read it.

The hungry Rickling tribe needs the help of the Dragonborn. They are trying to hunt down Netch's big bull. However, they are not interested in his meat. They want tough bull leather. Help the tribe deal with the bull to get Netch's leather armor with two additional skins.

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