Starfighter mode in Brawl Stars: best characters and tips

Starfighter mode in Brawl Stars: best characters and tips

 In Brawl Stars you can't get bored and even less if you enter Starfighter mode . This event is made up of two teams of 3 players each and the goal is to kill as many fighters as you can to get as many stars as possible. However, choosing the best characters and knowing some tips may help you achieve victory sooner.

If a brawler has been eliminated, his reward is added to the score of the opposing team and increases up to 7 stars , since the more deaths you have, the more value your fighter will have. After 2 minutes, the team with the highest score is the one that wins. For this, we leave you the list of the best characters and more tips that will help you in your confrontations in Starfighter.

The Starfighter mode of Brawl Stars

The best characters for Starfighter mode

Some characters shine more than others in this game mode, we will mention them below:







·         Arsonist

·         Fourth rocket

·         His long-range attack is so powerful that it allows him to defeat enemies more quickly and easily from a distance.

·         The super ability can remove bushes from the map to prevent enemies from hiding.



·         Ambush

·         Attack and you will conquer

·         It can deal a lot of damage at long range and its bullets move much faster than Brock's.

·         For those maps that have bushes, it has a gadget that forces enemies to stop hiding.



·         Discomfort

·         Injection

·         It has one of the longest-range attacks in the game, allowing it to deal damage without having to get close to enemies.

·         His normal attack allows him to both heal and deal damage at the same time, which is perfect for this mode.


Swift assassin

·         Collector of souls

·         Unexpected attack

·         She is excellent in this mode thanks to her movement speed and high health, which means she can take on snipers.

·         His super ability allows him to hit multiple opponents, which makes the team much easier. However, be careful not to face those brawlers who are defensive.


Top tips for Starfighter mode

Go to the star in the center

The star in the middle appears when you start the game and, although it does not add to your reward, it is important to get it because it gives the team a star and in case of a tie it helps a lot . However, be careful to go to the center very quickly and without help, since you can meet the entire opposing team.

Do a lot of damage, even if you don't kill

It is clear that your goal is to kill many enemies to get stars, but sometimes it is more important to do a greater amount of damage , since this can give victory to your team. Of course, retire whenever you see that your health is low.

Don't put yourself at risk

If after a battle you have obtained a great reward, do not be reckless. Don't put yourself at risk, as that can allow an enemy to trap you, eliminate you, and gain the upper hand. The most important thing is to go back and start playing defensively.

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