The challenges are available in season 8 of Fortnite, and for one of them, you will have to talk to Kakashi, and complete his questline!

It's official, season 8 of chapter 2 is finally available in Fortnite ! Brand new quests are available in the game, and these work in a completely new way, since some of them appear as cards to be filled out.

For each of these cards, you must go talk to the NPC mentioned in order to unlock the questline associated with it. One of those NPCs is Kakashi , who recently arrived in the game!

Where is Kakashi in Fortnite for challenges?

To unlock Kakashi's questline , you'll need to go to the NPC and talk to him. It is located north of Lazy Lake:

Kakashi's location in Fortnite

Once there, you will find the precise location of the NPC thanks to the chat bubble that will appear on your mini-map . Just go talk to him to unlock the questline associated with him! Then there are 5 challenges that will have to be achieved , step by step:

  • Spot an alien crash site
  • Hit players with the Exploding Scroll Kunai
  • Build a structure after taking damage
  • Place or destroy a trap
  • Taming wildlife with the hunter's cape

Each of them will allow you to earn 30,000 XP points. Enough to earn a few stars and make good progress in the game's battle pass!

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