Terraria class guide: what they are and everything you need to know


Terraria class guide: what they are and everything you need to know

Terraria is a free exploration game that places us in an almost infinite world in which we can live adventures . However, no story would be complete without enemies threatening our safety. And in this sense, this title does an excellent job, as it has hundreds of varied monsters that want to kill us.

As players enter the Terraria universe , they understand that danger lurks around every corner and that it gets worse at night . Therefore, it is essential to build a house to take refuge from these abominations. Although there is no protection that saves us from having to face the Terraria Bosses , which are very powerful and dangerous.

However, although there is a lot of danger in this world, players also have ways to defend themselves and even to end these threats . As a good adventure game, the battles in Terraria play an important role and users will be able to choose between various classes or battle styles. This is necessary to determine the equipment you will use.

If you are starting to play and still do not know about the combat classes that exist , do not worry, because in the next few lines we will tell you everything in detail, as well as what are the best sets of weapons and armor that you can equip.

What are the classes at Terraria

As in many other games, when it comes to fighting, you need to specialize in some style of battle , be it using magic and enchanted items, ranged attacks, or simply brute force with melee attacks.

Terraria combat classes
Terraria combat classes

Fortunately, in Terraria, it is not necessary to choose one of the different combat styles and forget about the rest , but at any time the player can make the decision to change it. This is useful, as there are bosses who are vulnerable to a specific type of class and weapons.

The classes in Terraria are: Guardian, Warrior, Mage, and Summoner . Each of these has a set of abilities , as well as statistics and possibilities. According to the style that the players choose, they will have access to specific armor and weapons, which can be improved to be more efficient.

Having said all the above, we will tell you everything about the different classes that exist in Terraria , their characteristics and also the most appropriate set of weapons, accessories and armor for each one.

What are the types of classes that exist in Terraria

We recently told you that there are 4 different classes in Terraria and that each one has specific advantages and characteristics. But it is necessary to go deeper about it so that, if you are starting, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

While it is true that, in Terraria, there is nothing like a skill tree nor do you have to follow different paths to define a combat class, it is possible to adopt them by equipping the necessary accessories and improve them. Next, we tell you more about it.

Guardian class: ranged attacks

If you are one of the players who most enjoys facing opponents at a safe distance , without putting themselves at risk and using projectiles, then the Guardian class is the one for you . To do this, you will have to give priority to long-range weapons, such as pistols, arrows, bows, objects that can be thrown , but also equipment and accessories that provide you with efficiency bonuses.

Guardian class in Terraria
Guardian class in Terraria

It can be said that this class is one of the simplest to master , since the player is practically not exposed to danger, but rather positions himself at a safe distance between himself and the enemy to attack from afar. But this does not mean that it is weak. In fact, it is considered by many users to be the strongest .

If we take as an example the Empress of Light and Plantera bosses , which are enemies whose offensive mechanics consist of launching projectiles that can cover the entire screen, the best strategy is to get away from them to better avoid their attacks and be able to shoot them back . And here you can see the advantage of the Guardian class.

Obviously not everything is perfect and this class has a great disadvantage which is the dependence on ammunition , so if you are in a scenario where there is not much to look for projectiles, then you will have a big problem. For this reason, it is necessary to try to control the place where the combat will be fought.

As for the best weapons for this class , we must highlight the following for different modes

  • Normal mode : you can opt for the Hellwing or the Phoenix Blaster .
  • Hard mode, at first : you can choose between Megashark and the Daedalus Stormbow .
  • Hard mode, after a while : the best options are the Phantasm , the Vortex Beater or the Megashark .
  • In the endgame : you can choose between the Phantasm or the SDMG .

As for the Guardian class armor , these will also depend on the way you are playing.

  • Normal mode : the best option is the Necro Armor .
  • Hard mode, at the beginning : you can choose between the Titanium Armor and the Holy Armor .
  • Hard mode, after a while of play : the best option is the Shroomite Armor .
  • In the endgame : without a doubt, your best option is the Vortex Armor .

Guardians can also equip some accessories that will give them benefits, such as stat boosts . Within all the available options, it is best to take the following.

  • Normal Mode : Both the Terraspark Boots and the Obsidian Shield are the best options.
  • Hard mode, at the beginning : You can for the Molten Quiver and the Ranger Emblem .
  • Hard Mode, After a Game Time : You can choose between the Ranger Emblem and the Fish Wings .
  • In the endgame : the best options will be the Celestial Starboard and, as always, the Ranger Emblem to increase the ranged damage by up to 15%.

Warrior class: melee attacks

Warrior-class armor in Terraria
Warrior-class armor in Terraria

It is correct to say that this kind of combat is totally the opposite of the previous one. In addition to that it is also the one with the greatest degree of difficulty in progress. However, if you are a lover of your character using yoyos, blades, spears, swords, and knives , you will eventually try to switch to this class. But remember that you must have a certain skill, since the confrontations will be melee.

It should be noted that this class has many advantages. One of them is that when you manage to get close to your opponent and are in a safe position, you can inflict serious damage guaranteed . In fact, you can feel like a true warrior, since your success will depend on your brute force even to take down the most dangerous bosses.

This is one of the most fun classes, precisely because it has a high degree of difficulty, but you can compensate for its disadvantages with accessories and equipment . Next, we tell you the best outfits, starting with the weapons.

  • Normal mode : you can choose between Cascade and Night's Edge .
  • Hard mode, at first : the best options are the True Night's Edge and the Yelets .
  • Hard mode, after a game time : you can choose between the Terra Blade or the Solar Eruption .
  • In the endgame : obviously the best options will be the Terrarian and the Zenith .
You must also equip armor to gain an increase to your stats . And it is important to know which are the best options within each game mode.

  • Normal mode : the best option, without a doubt, is the Molten Armor.
  • Hard mode, at the beginning : the best choices are the Titanium Armor and the Tortoise Armor , as it reflects the damage.
  • Hard Mode, After a Game Time : The Scarab Armor and the Valhalla Knight Armor are your best option.
  • In the endgame : for this modality, you must opt ​​for the Solar Flare Armor .
Finally, the Warrior class also has some accessories that you can equip to further boost your offensive stats and annihilate all the enemies that cross your path.

  • Normal mode : Cthulhu's Shield and Wild Claws are your best option.
  • Hard Mode, Early - Warrior Emblem and Butterfly Wings are great alternatives.
  • Hard mode, after a game time : Fishron's Wings and Warrior's Emblem are the best in this mode.
  • In the endgame : the Warrior Emblem is still an excellent alternative and so is the Heavenly Starboard .

Magician class: the use of magical weapons

Magician class in Terraria
Magician class in Terraria

This class within the world of Terraria is quite controversial, as its performance will depend on the use you give it. For example, at the level of solo games, it can be one of the most difficult styles due to the ability to regenerate mana for magic, as it takes time.

But regardless of the player who decides to opt for this class, he will have to learn to manage his mana, if you manage to master it, then you can become a powerful magician , connoisseur of ancient secrets and owner of a scepter or staff of great power.

In addition, if you start a game in multiplayer, then this class will be of great advantage , because during battles you can be an active support for your team or directly an attacker who stays at a distance. You also have an extensive magical arsenal of positive effects for you and negative effects for your opponents.

If you want to be on your way to becoming one of the best wizards in Terraria history, then you will need to equip one of the following weapons , depending on how you play.

  • Normal mode : the best options are the Water Bolt and the Demon Scythe .
  • Hard mode, at the beginning : You can choose between the Golden Shower and the Sky Fracture .
  • Hard Mode, After a Game Time : You can choose between the Razorblade Typhoon and the Nebula Blaze .
  • In the endgame : without a doubt, you must choose between the Lunar Flare and the Last Prism .
If you want to increase your stats in-game, then you will need to wear armor . And in Terraria, for the Magician class, there are good options, but we must show you the best ones for each modality.

  • Normal Mode : The Jungle Armor and the Meteor Armor are great options.
  • Hard mode, at first : Without a doubt, the best option is the Chlorophyte Armor .
  • Hard mode, after a while : you must choose the Specter Armor .
  • In the endgame : the Specter Armor and the Nebula Armor are excellent options.
Finally, when it comes to the Mage class , you can equip it with accessories to improve its performance by benefiting from positive effects , such as increased magic damage, among others.

  • Normal Mode : The Confusion Brain and Mana Flower are excellent accessories for this mode.
  • Hard Mode, Initial : The Sorcerer's Emblem and the Mana Cloak are highly recommended.
  • Hard Mode, After a Game Time : The Mana Cloak and the Sorcerer's Emblem are still good options and the Fish Wings are added .
  • In the endgame : both the Sorcerer's Emblem and the Heavenly Starboard are your best choice.

Summoner class: use of summoning weapons

Summoner class in Terraria
Summoner class in Terraria

As its name implies, this kind of combat is characterized by invoking allied units to attack the enemies we face. This may sound like fun, but if you don't play strategically, it can take twice as long to take down a Boss, as summoned allies sometimes don't focus on what you want.

To correct this, you will need to whip the enemy you wish to focus for your minions . Therefore, the best strategy is to constantly whip the opponent so that those summoned focus on him and kill him. Also, you contribute a bit of damage by doing this.

Regarding the units that you can summon, we highlight the Sentinel , which is a kind of guardian that remains fixed in its position and will attack for approximately two minutes until it disappears. And then there are the minions, who will be able to move at will while dealing damage and will stick to you even if there is no battle. Also, if you want to build this class, you need the following weapons.

  • Normal Mode : Both the Hornet Staff and the Imp Staff are great options.
  • Hard Mode, At The Beginning : The Blood Staff and the Queen Spider Staff are very good alternatives.
  • Hard Mode, After a Game Time : You must choose between the Stardust Dragon Staff and the Terraprisma .
  • In the endgame : in this mode, the last two weapons are still the best option.
To get some defensive and offensive bonuses , as well as other stats, you can equip armor. Here are the best ones you can wear for the Summoner class.

  • Normal Mode : Without a doubt, the best choice is the Obsidian Armor .
  • Hard mode, at first : The best in this mode is still the Obsidian Armor .
  • Hard mode, after a game time : you must choose the Creepy Armor .
  • In the endgame : you must equip the Stardust Armor .
Regarding the accessories that you can equip, we recommend that you look at the difficulty in which you are going to play , as the choice will depend on this.

  • Normal Mode : Pygmy Necklace and Wild Claws are the right accessories.
  • Hard mode, early on : Berseker's Glove and Summoner's Emblem are your best bet.
  • Hard mode, after a game time : You must choose the Papyrus Scarab or the Necromantic Scroll .
  • In the endgame : your best options will be the Papyrus Scarab , the Necromantic Scroll and the Celestial Starboard .

What is the best combat class in Terraria?

Design of a Mage-class character in Terraria
Design of a Mage-class character in Terraria

This is a difficult question to answer, since, in principle, it will depend entirely on your style of play . Whether you prefer to attack while keeping your distance or enjoy melee battles. Maybe you like magic and want your character to be a Wizard or summon allies to fight for you. It is up to you to determine the role you will play .

Fortunately, you can change your character's combat class at any time and without worrying about paying with an item or anything like that. This means that if you get bored with one style, you can switch to another until you find the one that best suits you .

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