Terraria Farm Building Guide


Terraria Farm Building Guide

Despite the fact that almost 10 years have passed since the launch of the great action adventure video game , Terraria, more and more critics and fans are talking about this title, which has allowed it to remain popular today.

However, many are the players who have doubts when carrying out any activity in Terraria, such as when planting or building farms . But, if you are just starting out in this wonderful world, don't worry as you can take a look at our activities guide , because in this post you will find all kinds of information you may need to get the most out of what Terraria has to offer .

On this occasion, we will focus on teaching you step by step how to build crop farms with seeds, cacti, coral and crystal shards in Terraria.

Why you should learn to build farms in Terraria

As a fan of this game, you will already be aware that in this title it is possible to build farms or create crops, which will allow you to optimize the resources to collect . Among the most collected elements are Plants, Trees and Mushrooms.

Once you have these collection items, you can position them in the section of the map of your choice. The truth is that by building these farms you can enjoy many benefits in the wonderful world of Terraria, among them we highlight the following:

  • Improve the amount of resources collected
  • Cut down on long trips
  • Reduces attacks from dangerous enemies
  • You won't have to spend too much time to collect the item
  • In the case of resources that allow you to advance in the crops, they will be spontaneously and infinitely renewed in most elements, except for Pumpkins and Trees.

Terraria seeds: what are they and what are their types

In this game, the seeds play as fundamental a role as in real life, since from them the growth of plants, trees, grass and Terraria flowers arises . In addition, thanks to them each game will be able to get the necessary materials for the potions or to extend a certain biome.

It is important to know that some of these seeds are not suitable to be planted on land , in this case they could be used in snow or mud. Likewise, it is possible that you plant them in a clay container or in flowerpots.

Types of seeds

  • Acorn : obtained from dryads and trees, suitable for planting in snow and grass, giving trees as a product.
  • Seed of crimson : it is obtained from a dryad in Blood Moon and also in Eye of Cthulhu that belongs to the crimson world, its block is earth and produces the crimson trees and vicious mushrooms.
  • Pumpkin seed : its obtaining is dryad in block of common grass or bleeding and it is used to obtain pumpkins.
  • Mushroom grass seed : it is obtained in the fungal biome when cutting foliage, suitable for mud block and the product is shiny mushrooms.
  • Grass seed : it is obtained through the purchase in dryad, which is available for block of earth and is used mainly to obtain mushrooms.
  • Grass seed for jungle : this type of seed is obtained by cutting the foliage in the jungle, its block is made of mud and produces jungle plants.
  • Corrupted Seed : It is a dryad seed in Eye of Cthulhu and Blood Moon, it is for earth block and is used to grow corrupt trees and vile mushrooms.
  • Moonlight Seed : You can obtain this seed when you cut a moonlight during its final phase and thus plant it in pots or in jungle grass. Your product will be the moonlight.
  • Water leaf seed : if you cut a water leaf during its final phase, you will be able to obtain this type of seed, which is suitable for growing in rockers or sand blocks and obtain a water leaf as a product.
  • Thorn tremor seed : obtained by cutting, in the final phase, a thorn tremor that you can use in snow or flowerpots to produce thorn tremor.
  • Weed seed : this type of seed is also obtained by cutting weed in its final phase, suitable for flowerpots and corrupted grass in order to produce weed.
  • Daytime Glow Seed : Cutting a daytime glow during its final phase gives you this type of seed, which is suitable for planting in rocking pots and normal lawns. It is normally used to produce daytime glow.
  • Intermittent root seed : used to produce intermittent root and obtained precisely by cutting an intermittent root during its final phase and then being planted in blocks of earth and pots.
  • Seed of Fire Glow : Obtained by cutting a Fire Glow in the final stage, used in cinder blocks and flower pots to produce more Fire Glow.
  • Sacred seed : derived from dryad, difficult mode and without the Blood Moon, suitable for earth block and does not have any product, however it is usually used for pearl wood trees.

Types of crops in Terraria

Once you know the different types of seeds that you can use for planting or building farms in the title, it is important to know how to grow the trees, normal and bright mushrooms, pumpkins and in normal jungle grass and in corrupted grass.

Farms in Terraria
Farms in Terraria

Below we explain in detail how to grow different crops in this title.

Conventional tree cultivation

The first thing you should know is that to grow a tree you need an acorn seed. Next, you must create a small farm located near your home in Terraria, in order to plant trees. In this case you will need a flat area that has normal grass and at least two or three blocks of land located below the grass, the latter ensures that the seed develops successfully, with a lot of space above, that is, without fences of bottom or walls.

Once you have prepared the area, you can start sowing the seeds, however, it is important that you take into account that, when planting the acorn, the future sapling of the tree must have three empty spaces on all sides in order to grow without impediments. After its growth, that is, the tree has leaves, cut it down in order to collect wood and at least one acorn seed.

This activity is like a vicious circle, since from what you collect you can re-plant to expand your crops to measures that repeat the same form of cultivation.

Cultivation of other types of trees

It is possible that you will obtain other types of trees with the same acorn seeds and the elements to collect, in this case, will depend on the planting site . For example, if you use them on bleeding lawns, you will get trees whose wood is pearl.

But this is not everything, since it should be noted that acorn seeds cannot be planted in the fungal biome, the same happens in the jungle biome since jungle foliage or tall grass will prevent their normal growth.

The latter allows the recommendation of techniques to establish a fully automatic jungle tree farm. What you need is exactly the same as when creating a farm for conventional trees, except for the use of acorn seeds, since the trees that are in the jungle will automatically develop in the jungle grass and on the mud blocks.

However, the items to be collected will not be the same conventional wood, instead you will get mahogany . Other cases of unconventional tree cultivation would be when using acorns in corrupt lawns, where ebony trees will be grown, and if you do so in snow, you will produce boreal wood specimens and, in sand, palm trees.

A tip when planting in snow is to be very patient since not all trees will produce acorns, however, using the seeds of normal trees to plant in the snow is a good option.

Plantation of normal mushrooms

Planting seeds in Terraria
Planting seeds in Terraria

Growing mushrooms is very simple, for this you must take into account that there is normal grass and there is a back wall so that they can grow spontaneously. Because they are so easy to find on the map, hardly anyone creates a farm especially for normal or red mushrooms.

Bright mushroom cultivation

Almost all players must grow these mushrooms, since they are the best. For this, it is necessary to create a farm and the first thing you should have are the seeds of luminous mushrooms , which you will obtain by cutting shiny mushrooms or, failing that, buying them from dryad.

Later you must choose at what height and depth the farm will be, place mud in a straight line or as you prefer and finally plant the seed. In a short time you will see how the blue grass expands and the fungi begin their development . For all this process to occur correctly it is important that you consider the following tips:

  • Do not exceed 70 blocks of mud with grass since if so , mobs can appear , this will increase the number of blocks and spread them.
  • To stop their numbers, we recommend making a farm near your house for NPCs as this reduces the chances of mobs spawning.
  • It is a good option to create the farm on the entire surface in order to reduce the appearance of enemies.

Pumpkin plantation

For this type of cultivation you will need to sow the seeds in two blocks with normal grass or it is also valid for the sacred grass; This should be done horizontally and flush, very closely and without cuts in the middle or diagonal. Just making a row of grass will be more than enough for the pumpkin crop to emerge normally.

Pumpkin plantation in Terraria
Pumpkin plantation in Terraria

In this type of cultivation it does not depend on whether or not there is light to help its growth , since pumpkins grow at any time. In addition, here the walls will not interrupt its development, so you can use them if you wish. The downside of these farms is that they need to be raised consecutively and in the case of their seeds you can only obtain them when you buy them from a dryad, whose individual value is 5 copper and 2 silver coins.

A very popular myth about pumpkins is that during Halloween night they tend to grow much faster, and the truth is that they do not , on this date you will only see how they appear on the map.

Plantation in jungle grass

In this type of lawn it can only be grown only on mud. In spite of this, if it is grown on the grass of the jungle, plants may develop that at the time of being cut throw unique and special elements , such as gifts of nature, fruits of life, jungle roses, among others. In addition to this, when the grass is cut in the grass, you will observe the appearance of critters that are useful as fishing bait.

When planting in jungle grass we recommend that you do not exceed 70 blocks with grass in order to reduce the appearance of mobs; Try to plant at a height below minus 50 feet, as doing so above that will not develop valuable items. We also recommend cutting jungle plants that progressively increase in size, this is in order to collect bait and new plants appear. To avoid the appearance of lianas, place a platform or block below those used with grass to suppress their growth since they are totally useless and increase the probability of mobs appearing.

As with other types of crops, ** we recommend creating the farm a short distance from your home ** for NPCs. This will move the mobs away from your crops and allow you a better planting experience.

Crops in Malignant Turf: Crimson or Corrupted

Since both types of grass work exactly the same, they are called evil grass, which appears automatically and evil weeds and mushrooms. In this crop, it is enough to spread the grass on less than 35 blocks of earth or normal grass with impure water , without walls and without blocks with normal grass or stone with a distance of 3 blocks that prevent the spread of crimson or corruption.

Monster and enemy spawns may increase, which means that your NPCs do not occupy their nearby houses, so it is important that you stay close to your NPCs in order to reduce the number of enemies and even that they do not appear in large numbers.

Other types of crops

There are other types of plantation in Terraria , among them it is important to highlight the following:

Alchemical plant cultivation

Grow alchemical plants in Terraria
Grow alchemical plants in Terraria

In this type of plantation you will be able to harvest and collect many elements such as the water leaf, which grows slowly and naturally in beach sand, deserts or other places; the intermittent roots, very easy to harvest and collect; the daytime glow that grows on regular lawns and in flower pots; the moonlight whose development is natural on jungle grass. You can also plant the glow of fire that grows on the ashes of the underworld and the weeds that arise on the evil grass.

Soul of light

This is an item that you can only get by killing the enemies that are in the underground sacred area. When creating this type of farm you must dig a rectangle in the ground and include pearl stone making rectangle shapes of about 7 x 3.


It is an easy and fast growing crop , for this you will need two layers of sand, a height of 10 blocks and avoid placing walls. Once this is done, after days of the title you will be able to observe the appearance of cacti and even some mobs and vultures.


Coral is an object that grows spontaneously in sand covered by the sea. It has a somewhat rapid regularity and if the seawater is eliminated, the coral will not develop, so the presence of said liquid is essential.

Crystal shard

When you join the pearl stone and the pink ice, you can cultivate a crystal fragment, a material whose farm is somewhat complex to create. In fact, we recommend that when placing the necessary materials for its harvest, it is below -480 feet and spontaneously from time to time the fragments will grow and renew. In addition, you can include an Activator to connect its automatic growth.


It is a mineral that you can only get through the Lord of the Moon, for this you must cause damage with a mana flower, at least twelve potions of greater mana and a Lunar Flare or Last Prism. Later you must use a Celestail Sigil with the idea of ​​invoking it again. Do you know how to brew Greater Mana Potion? In the potions guide in Terraria we tell you how to do it and thus obtain Luminita.

Moonglow or Moonlight
This is a plant that grows in jungle biomes and can be obtained by the player by plucking it with any weapon or tool. Its blooming occurs only at night and is notable for its curved stem that includes a dangling bluish-white flower and a light pearl-white.

To plant Moonglow, it is important that we go to the jungle at night and pay close attention to the flowers that are observed during that time. You must focus on finding seeds for cultivation. The latter can be done by splitting a plant, which will throw between one to three seeds in a single moment.

Moonglow grass will immediately expand, so it will be necessary to collect its seeds and plant them in clay pots , which can be successfully grown anywhere. However, you should keep in mind that its development is slow and it will only activate during Terraria's night.

Once the Moonglow flower is bright blue, you will need to use the pick to harvest it . To use this tool you must press the left mouse button on the grass you want to harvest.

Biome Keys

Keys are useful for opening chests of important biomes located in the dungeon of different worlds. However, getting them is quite complicated since for this the player must defeat monsters in the respective biomes and the probability that they will throw the keys is really low. For this reason, key farms are created.

Tips for growing in Terraria

Tips for growing in Terraria
Tips for growing in Terraria

Crops play a positive role in your Terraria character, that is why it is important that when creating a farm you get the seeds necessary for planting, as well as make a good choice of the site where you will grow since the successful development will depend on it. from plants, trees, flowers or other beneficial materials. The same applies to the items that you will collect after a good harvest.

Another important fact to consider is the construction of the farm a short distance from your house for non-playable characters, mobs, monsters and also some enemies will move away and even appear in smaller numbers. If you still don't know what these are, then take a look at the available scenarios and monsters guide where we will detail each of these characters.

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