The best weapons in Red Dead Online - List and prices


The best weapons in Red Dead Online - List and prices

With what the weapons cost, you better know which ones are the best. We tell you which ones seem the most practical and why you should get them.

As in the main game, having good weapons is essential to be able to face the different threats that you will encounter on your travels. However, there is something very important that you should know before trying to get all of them.

Although the weapons catalog is the same as Red Dead Redemption 2 , you have to bear in mind that online prices are much higher . Therefore it is very important to know in which weapons you have to invest money at the beginning, that is, to be clear about which are the best weapons . When you have enough money you can allow yourself to expand the collection, but at the beginning it is important that you are clear about what you need.

Best weapons

First of all, from the beginning you have the Repeating Carbine , which, as in offline mode, is a magnificent weapon and will serve as a long weapon for a long time. It is not worth wasting money on other "intermediate" weapons of this type until you have enough for the repeater Litchfield

Virtually everything else you buy is purely accessory. The bow is quite a practical weapon because it allows you to gain extra experience .

These two weapons aside, the Schofield Revolver is still the best option among short weapons. The Pump Shotgun offers a lot of power at close and medium range, as well as a large enough magazine. Just remember to use aim assist, move the scope a minimum upwards and you will blow your head off the enemy without any problem.

Weapons catalog and prices 

  •     Revolver Cattleman - $50
  •     Double Action Revolver - $ 195
  •     Revólver Schofield - $296
  •     Pistola Volcanic - $450
  •     Semi-automatic pistol - $ 895
  •     Mauser pistol - $ 1000
  •     Repeating carbine - $ 90
  •     Lancaster repeat - $ 405
  •     Repeat Litchfield - $ 580
  •     Fusil Varmint - $72
  •     Springfield Rifle - $ 240
  •     Bolt-action rifle - $ 360
  •     Fusil Rolling Block - $685
  •     Fusil Carcano - $ 760
  •     Sawn-off shotgun - $ 170
  •     Double Barrel Shotgun - $ 285
  •     Pump Shotgun - $ 444
  •     Semi-automatic shotgun - $ 900
  •     Repeating shotgun - $ 724
  •     Bow (Unlocks at Level 10) - $ 124 

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