The Sims 4 Start and complete the scenario

 For years, many Simmers have invented challenges themselves to add to the fun of the game. But this time there are also official rewards in Sims 4. With the scenarios you can face special challenges and put your Sim and yourself to the test. In the following we will show you how you can start the scenarios and what you have to do.

The Sims 4 Start and complete the scenario

Sims 4: What's a Scenario?

With the November update for the Sims 4 (PC Version 1.49) the scenarios move into the game. These are nothing more than challenges that provide additional fun and tricks.

Each scenario has certain requirements and goals that must be met. These differ depending on which scenario you start. Most of the challenges, however, are only temporary and alternate. So you usually only have a few days to complete a scenario.

This is how you start a scenario

At the moment you can unfortunately only start a scenario with a new household. do this, go To to the third button called “New Scenario” in the main menu / start menu and choose one of the challenges. 

Caution! We recommend that you do not take an existing save, because it will simply be overwritten and everything you have built, worked on and created disappears.

This is because the Sims are already given the right moods and requirements. For example, in the scenario "After the breakup, you start looking for love" with two freshly separated sad Sims. So it's best to create a completely new game save to be on the safe side.

You can the scenarios not start one after the other or at the same time , but have to create a new savegame for each scenario. This means for you, as soon as you have finished a scenario, you have to start from scratch with a new household for the next scenario via the main menu.

Scenario rewards

As a reward for fulfilling a scenario, a await you whopping 5,000 life goal points , which you can exchange for potions, features and the like in the life point gate. After ending the scenario, you can keep the household and continue to play normally at this point.

Types of scenarios

The challenges are quite different and make for very different situations that your Sim is usually not in. In the "Make Coal" scenario you start with zero Simeleons and have to work your way up to the 100,000 Simeleons. It should be clear to every Simmer that this can be a lot of work.

However, if you want to speed up the whole thing, you will be pleased with the following message: Cheats and cheat modules work in the scenarios. However, there is no fun and it should be a real challenge. So how you get there is up to you. 

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