Thunderous Duel in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: All Rewards and How to Play

 We show you the complete list of rewards for the Thundering Duel minigame in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and how to play this challenge of the Lanayru Thunder Dragon.

The Thundering Duel is one of the minigames present in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD , although more than a minigame it is a kind of challenge in which we can participate to repeat battles against the final bosses of the game or the sections of Hypneas that already we have completed previously in the adventure. Next in this post we show you how is unlocked the Thundering Duel , what its characteristics are and all the rewards you can earn by participating in it.

How to unlock the Thunder Duel?

How to unlock the Thunder Duel?

The Thunder Duel minigame or challenge is automatically unlocked as you progress through the story of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Specifically, you can access this minigame when you are near the end of the adventure and have to collect the Stanza of the Song of the Hero of the Lanayru region , which is in the power of the thunder dragon .

By completing this quest and obtaining this stanza, you will be able to talk whenever you want with the Thunder Dragon located in the Lanayru Gorge Thunder to begin the Duel.

How to Play Thunder Duel - Features

When you speak to the Thunder Dragon to participate in the Thunder Duel, you will have two different options titled "Combat" and "Hypnea" . Each of the options allows you to repeat the battles against the final bosses, or the trials of the spirit of the Hypneas, which you have already carried out so far. 

How to Play Thunder Duel - Features

  • In the Combat section the challenge consists of winning a total of 10 consecutive combats (or 12 if you are playing the game in Hero mode).
  • You can choose to start by fighting a boss of your choice (one you fight at the beginning of the game, in the middle, or at the end).
  • After selecting and winning the first match, the Thunder Dragon will allow you to continue battling random bosses or stand right now to receive a reward.
  • Keep in mind that throughout the challenge of the fighting your life will always be the same with which you entered at the beginning, that is, if you lose hearts, they do not replenish between combat (unless you get one in the battle scenarios ).
  • Also in each fight you will only have the objects that you originally had when you fought for the first time in the adventure against each boss and you will not be able to access your saddlebag .
  • The Thunder Dragon will allow you to carry the shield of your choice during the Thundering Duel (although be careful, because the resistance indicator of the shield is maintained from one fight to another and can end up broken).

In the Hypnea section, you can repeat any of the four spirit trials adventure to collect the 15 respective tears from each area.
Depending on the time it takes to complete a Hypnea, you will receive a different reward.
The characteristics of the Hypneas are identical to the original time you completed them.
You can take advantage of the repetition of Hypneas to get dark jewels ( the treasure that only appears in these sections of the game).

All rewards from the Thunder Duel

The list of rewards of the Thundering Duel are divided into two sections, each one for the two options of the challenge that the Thunder Dragon proposes us. So there are different rewards for repeating fights and also for repeating Hypneas. Here below we show you all the rewards for the two categories of the minigame.

Rewards for repeating battles 

 This is the list of rewards in the Thunder Duel for replaying matches :
  • Match # 1: You win 20 rupees.
  • Combat # 2: You win a treasure small .
  • Match # 3: You win 100 rupees.
  • Combat # 4: You win a Heart Piece (then for each repetition you earn 200 rupees).
  • Match # 5: You win 300 rupees.
  • Combat # 6: You win an unusual treasure.
  • Match # 7: You win 500 rupees.
  • Combat # 8: you get the Hylian shield (after each repetition you earn 1,000 rupees)
  • Match # 9: You win 2,000 rupees.
  • Combat # 10: You win 3 unusual treasures.
  • Match # 11: You win 3,000 rupees.
  • Match # 12: You win 9,900 rupees.

Please note that matches 11 and 12 are exclusive to Hero mode . Also, the first time you kill a final boss you get 50 rupees as a gift. In case you repeat the fight against the same boss, if you manage to kill him in less time than the previous time (beating your record) then you will get another 50 rupees as a gift (and so on every time this happens).

Rewards for repeating Hypneas 

This is the list of rewards in the Duel for repeating the trials of the Thunder Hypneas :

  • 5 rupees: for achieving a time equal to or greater than 4: 45.01 (in Farore's Hypnea ), 6: 45.01 (in Din's Hypnea ), 9: 00.01 (in Nayru's Hypnea ) and 6: 00.01 (in the Hypnea of ​​the Goddess ).
  • 20 rupees: for achieving a time between 4:45.00 and 3:45.01 (in Farore's Hypnea), 6:45.00 and 5: 30.01 (in Din's Hypnea), 9:00, 00 and 7: 30.01 (in the Hypnea of ​​Nayru) and 6: 00.00 and 5: 15.01 (in the Hypnea of ​​the Goddess).
  • 100 rupees: for achieving a time between 3: 45.00 and 3: 00.01 (in Farore's Hypnea), 5: 30.00 and 4: 15.01 (in Din's Hypnea), 7:30, 00 and 6: 00.01 (in the Hypnea of ​​Nayru) and 5: 15.00 and 4: 00.01 (in the Hypnea of ​​the Goddess).
  • Gold skull brooch, lost object of the Goddess or Blue bird feather: for achieving a time equal to or less than 3: 00.00 (in Farore's Hypnea), 4: 15.00 (in Din's Hypnea), 6: 00.00 (in the Hypnea of ​​Nayru) and 4: 00.00 (in the Hypnea of ​​the Goddess).

Note that the first time you repeat the trial of a Hypnea you receive an 50 rupees as a gift additional . If you repeat the trials on subsequent occasions, you will also receive another 50 rupees again if you manage to improve your record time recorded . 

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