Tips to progress efficiently in Saint Seiya Awakening


Tips to progress efficiently in Saint Seiya Awakening

Saint Seiya Awakening is a game that, due to the large amount of content it offers , some players may not know where they know where to start. However, the most important thing, if you are starting in this wonderful title , is to progress quickly to have access to all the modalities and systems that it includes.

Certain areas in this game, such as the dungeons Astral Space , Altar, and Captain's Arks , require you to meet some conditions to be unlocked , one of which is reaching a specific account level. Therefore, and to help all players who are just starting out, we have prepared a complete guide to Saint Seiya Awakening , in which you will find all kinds of useful information, from tips, tips and more.

On this occasion, we have prepared a guide in which we will provide you with a series of essential tips so that you can progress quickly in the game and efficiently , which is more important. Stay with us to learn more about this fun and addictive game that honors all lovers of the franchise created by Masami Kurumada.

How you can progress quickly and efficiently in Saint Seiya Awakening

We have put together some of the most important tips that every new player should know in order to master certain mechanics and improve their account quickly. Some of these tips are also useful for those who have already been playing.

One of your first missions when starting in Saint Seiya Awakening should, without a doubt, be to level up your account as quickly as you can, since this way you will be able to access all the blocked content, such as the temple of will of the stars , which requires you to be level 55. And we invite you to read our post about this character improvement system, since it makes a big difference in the statistics of the units.

Focus on playing the story mode as far as you can

When you create your Saint Seiya Awakening account, the first and only game mode you have access to is the main story , which, as we explained before, allows you to relive the events of the original Kurumada manga . This is a real treat for lovers of the saga, since they will not only be able to visualize it again, but also fight against classic enemies.

As you go up the first levels of your account, you will unlock some farming dungeons . However, your main mission should be to keep playing the story until you can no longer advance due to lack of potential in your characters .

There are certain game modes that are not only blocked by the account level, but by certain levels of the story mode , so it is essential that during your first hours of play, you focus only on playing this mode.

Don't invest valuable resources in your first team 

Shiryu de Dragón en Saint Seiya Awakening

When you are taking your first steps in the game; that is, by participating in your first chapters of the story mode, you will get some characters to complete your initial team. Some of these units are B-class Pegasus Seiya, A-class Dragon Shiryu, B-class Wolf Nachi, A-class Eagle Marin .

While it is true that these characters are good to start with, it is a matter of time until you have to change your equipment, which means that these characters will be deprecated . In fact, it is possible that when you have advanced your level count and find yourself upgrading your units, you will use the main team as a sacrifice material.

But for as long as the first equipment is useful, we suggest that you do not invest valuable resources in them to improve them, such as skill books , for example. In fact, just by taking them to the battles of the story mode they will gain experience and level up. Although what you can do is awaken his seventh sense and use some experience potions to speed up the process.

Upgrade your team of 2 by 2 characters

Many players, especially new ones, make the mistake of focusing on an entire team to improve it at the same time ; that is, 6 characters at the same time. This is not optimal, because not only will it take you longer to reach an optimal goal, but you will also spend a lot of resources and you will not be able to have a balanced team.

Our recommendation, always thinking of players who do not invest money in the game , but their time, is that you focus on raising and improving two characters at the same time. In this way you will be more efficient with the vigor you spend to farm, which is a fairly limited resource , and you will be able to get better materials for your equipment.

First prioritize leveling up and upgrading two of your attackers , as they will be tasked with dealing damage to enemies to win. And once you've reached an optimal point, you can move on to the supports, which are responsible for keeping the team alive .

Login daily to get strong knights

Login daily to get strong knights

 If you are thinking of playing Saint Seiya Awakening, you should know that this is the best time to do it , because the game is not only at its best, but you have a long list of characters that you can get, as well as events, modalities and improvement systems.

In addition, one of the novelties that was added a few months ago and that remains is a "special daily login" for those new accounts that are created. This is a limited time event, in which players will have to enter the game every day and for that they will receive rewards.

The best of the " " rewards daily login are the S rarity knights that you can get, which are Capricorn Shura and Pisces Aphrodite . Both are excellent units to start with and will be of great benefit to your account. Also, the latter will still be useful even at the most advanced levels, as when you reborn his armor, he becomes much more powerful.

Strengthen your team to overcome the 8th floor of Epic Runes, Titans and Dimension

When you've gotten your two S rarity characters we mentioned recently for doing the daily start, you'll likely include them in your main team , gaining more strength. This could be your group to overcome many of the first and difficult challenges: the dungeons.

In Saint Seiya Awakening you will find several dungeons, which allow you to farm specific resources to improve your characters , and which are divided into 11 floors or difficulties, such as Epic Ruins where you can get experience, Dimension to get seventh sense materials and Titans to obtain cosmos.

These will be scenarios that you will visit frequently to improve your team . However, these initial dungeons have a secret and that is that after completing the 8th floor, you will unlock a special dungeon to obtain better materials . Although another requirement is that you have an account level 38 or higher.

If you are thinking of improving your equipment to participate in the competitive mode , then you must unlock the special dungeons, which are Arks, Astral Space and Altar. In this way, you can get better materials that will strengthen your characters for environments such as Galactic Duel , which is PvP.

Team up with other players to overcome Altar and Arks difficulties 

This tip is related to the previous one, because when you finally unlock the 3 special dungeons , you realize that these are also divided into difficulties. It is natural that you do not have enough power to overcome them all, but you will have to invest time to continue leveling up and improving your knights.

However, you should know that both Arks and Altar allow you to overcome them together with other players , making it a simpler job. Therefore, as soon as you unlock these modalities, we recommend that you join up with two other advanced level users so that they can be in charge of overcoming the difficulties.

As you increase the difficulty, you can earn more and better rewards by farming these dungeons. But also, after overcoming these modes for the first time, you unlock the possibility of playing them in farming mode, where the difficulty decreases and adjusts to your account level , so you can later farm without problems and without help.

Try to get a suitable cosmos set for your main team

It is natural that, when you start in this game and have not yet mastered certain concepts, you do not know how to properly assemble your characters . But it is important that as soon as you get a new character or are ready to improve him to add him to your team, you know what role he plays, what his affinity and shortcomings are to strengthen all this with cosmos.

Cosmos are a mechanic that you allows to greatly boost the statistics of your characters . However, we have a wide variety that fit various roles and attributes, so you must determine if your knight is an attacker, support, tank or control . From this, you can build an optimal cosmos set for him.

It's understandable that you don't have good cosmos at first, but you should at least make sure that they truly help your character boost his stats . For example, one mistake you should avoid is taking a knight in the role of a physical attacker and constructing him as a cosmic type.

One way to know if your character is a physical or cosmic type is to look at his attack stats, since he will always have his non-useful attribute at "0" . For example, if it is a physical type, it will have a certain number of this type of attack, but it will always have the cosmic number at zero.

Don't spend skill books on any character

Skill Book in Saint Seiya Awakening

 This is extremely important advice and one that all new players should understand before making a serious mistake. There are several ways to increase the abilities of the characters in this game . One is by using duplicates of the units you get in summons, you can also use skill volumes and lastly skill books.

This last resort is the most important in the entire game and difficult to come by. In fact, we have a guide where we tell you how you can farm fragments of these books in an optimal way. Due to their relevance, you should not spend them on any character , but only those "Premium."

If you want to improve your characters in terms of their abilities , you must determine if it is a normal knight or a " Premium " one, the latter are those that are not available in the summons well, although there is also the exception of whether it is a truly powerful character, like Orpheus of Lyre in his reborn armor.

For those knights who are not " Premium ", you must use their duplicates on them or buy the skill volumes that are sold on the Field of Honor after participating in Sacred Duel and other game modes.

Give priority to completing the Fortune Cat 

Give priority to completing the Fortune Cat

Players who do not invest money in the game, should know that their best friend to obtain all the possible characters is the Cat of fortune . This is an event that is introduced on the first Monday of each month and lasts for one week. During this time, you can multiply your advanced gems and get more for free.

This cat event has a series of "Step ups", which means that you have 8 attempts to increase your number of gems, although as you progress, the gems you must have to do so will also go up.

You should prioritize always completing the 8 steps of the " Fortune Cat " before anything else, since it is the only way to get all the banners, especially if you are not going to invest money. By following this advice, you can remain self-sufficient , especially if you use the 40-day summoning method.

Try to reborn the armor of the knights that you can

Finally, another very important tip is that you try to reborn your characters' armor , as this offers several benefits. The first and obvious one is the change in the ability of the character in question, but we also have the fact that, by activating his reborn, you will gain a certain bonus in the statistics that apply to all your units

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