Tricks & cheat of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC

 All the cheats for GTA Vice City on PC that exist. Get unlimited money, weapons, invincibility and all vehicles.

Tricks & cheat of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC

On this page, we show you the complete list with all the cheats for GTA Vice City on PC , with which you can generate any type of vehicle, make yourself invincible or obtain the most varied effects to cause chaos in the city.

Cheats for GTA Vice City

These are all the tricks with which you can make any vehicle in the game appear, become invincible, recover life, have all the weapons or create a wide variety of effects with which to wreak havoc and much more.

  • Combat Tank (Rhino): PANZER.
  • Bloodring Banger: TRAVELINSTYLE.
  • Bloodring Banger (V2): GETTHEREQUICKLY.
  • Carrito de golf (Caddy): BETTERTHANWALKING.
  • Hotring Racer (racing car): GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED.
  • Hearse (Romeo): THELASTRIDE.
  • Saber Turbo (sports car): GETTHEREFAST.
  • Garbage truck: RUBBISHCAR.
  • Health to the max: ASPIRINE.
  • Commit suicide: ICANTTAKEITANYMORE.
  • Heavy weapons pack: NUTTERTOOLS.
  • Light weapons weapons pack: THUGSTOOLS.
  • Media Weapon Pack: PROFESSIONALTOOLS.
  • Explode all cars: BIGBANG.
  • Change Tommy's clothes and look: STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP.
  • Tommy gets fatter: DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS.
  • Tommy gets thin, (skinny arms and legs): PROGRAMMER.
  • Tommy smoking: starts CERTAINDEATH.
  • Perfect driving. Full turns and cars can jump: GRIPISEVERYTHING.
  • Women chase you and attack your enemies: FANNYMAGNET.
  • Play as Hilary King: LOOKLIKEHILARY.
  • Play as Lance Vance: LOOKLIKELANCE.
  • Play as Dick, the bassist of the Love : Fists WELOVEOURDICK.
  • Play as Ken Rosenberg: MYSONISALAWYER.
  • Play as Jezz Torrent, the singer of the Love : Fists ROCKANDROLLMAN.
  • Play as Candy Suxxx: IWANTBIGTITS
  • Play as Mercedes: FOXYLITTLETHING.
  • Play as Phil Cassidy: ONEARMEDBANDIT.
  • Play as Ricardo Díaz: CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED.
  • Play as Sonny Forelli: IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY.
  • Delete search level: LEAVEMEALONE.
  • Raise the search level by 2 stars: YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE.
  • Appear in the news (Requires more than 4 stars): CHASESTAT.
  • Invisible cars: WHEELSAREALLINEED.
  • Ships can fly: AIRSHIP.
  • Flying cars: COMEFLYWITHME.
  • Cars float and go on water: SEAWAYS.
  • Aggressive Drivers: MIAMITRAFFIC.
  • Pink traffic: AHAIRDRESSERSCAR.
  • All green lights: GREENLIGHT.
  • like girls: Gang gangsters CHICKSWITHGUNS.
  • The women ride in the vehicle you take: HOPINGIRL.
  • Aggressive pedestrians: NOBODYLIKESME.
  • Pedestrian revolt, chaos mode: FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT.
  • Fast : camera ONSPEED.
  • Slow motion: BOOOOOORING.
  • Rainy and stormy: CATSANDDOGS.
  • Sunny: ALOVELYDAY.
  • The clock time passes faster: LIFEISPASSINGMEBY.
  • With a few clouds: APLEASANTDAY.
  • With many clouds: ABITDRIEG.
  • In a lot of fog: CANTSEEATHING.
  • Resize the Moon: Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle.

These are all Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats on PC out there. Remember that for them to work you have to enter the codes manually in each game and you have to enter the keys from the keyboard directly without having to pause the game. 

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