Turtle Beach Recon Controller review: Xbox-Gamepad mit Audio-Features

 We actually know Turtle Beach primarily as a manufacturer of gaming headsets, and they are actually quite popular, such as the long-running Stealth 600. But now the manufacturer is venturing into completely new territory and comes up with a real Xbox controller that is suitable for $ 59.95 sounds quite interesting. Turtle Beach wants to collect points primarily with audio features and we had to take a closer look at that.

The Turtle Beach Recon is a wired controller. Sure, the comfort of a wireless controller is not achieved with it, but more ambitious gamers in particular rely on the normally lower latency of cable input devices, so the old line is still justified. The interchangeable USB-C to USB-A cable is three meters long enough to be easily used on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S or on a PC.

The shape of the gamepad is essentially reminiscent of the original Xbox controller, the Recon is only slightly heavier at around 300 grams. The button arrangement is also similar to the original, with the special feature that the Xbox button is a little further down and an audio control panel has been integrated instead. More on that in a moment. Thanks to the textured handles, the gamepad is just as good in the hand as the Microsoft original and does not cause problems even when gaming for a long time. 

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Sticks, bumpers, triggers and action buttons work perfectly, even if the triggers are a tad louder than usual. It's just a shame that there is no hair-trigger mode with a shortened path, but well, we're talking about a 60-euro controller. You can not have everything. In return, you get a slightly spongy 8-way Dpad and two paddles on the underside that can be freely assigned. Incidentally, up to four profiles can be saved, even if the options are not as generous as with more expensive gamepads.

The Recon, which is officially licensed for Xbox, is particularly interesting for owners of analog cable headsets that are connected via a 3.5 mm jack. The corresponding audio output is of course available in the usual place. The audio control pad of the controller opens up a number of interesting possibilities.

With it you can control the volume and the game chat balance with sliders - microphone monitoring is supported. There is also a mute button for the microphone. There are also four EQ presets (standard, bass, treble, voice) and as a special function also the Superhuman Hearing from Turtle Beach, which reduces the bass in shooters and increases details, which should serve to better perceive opponents (whether it does that - A matter of taste).

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

That makes things quite interesting, especially since it can upgrade your analog headset and make it easier to use. Of course, users of wireless headsets have precious little benefit, so the Recon is simply of no interest to them. It is also worth mentioning that the Pro-Aim function is located on one of the lower paddles, which regulates the sensitivity of the analog stick in four stages in order to be able to aim more precisely. We dare to discreetly doubt whether this can be used sensibly in the heat of the moment. But well now.

All in all, however, the controller made a positive impression on us. We used it extensively in our test of Far Cry 6 and could not find any major flaws. The audio options, on the other hand, turned out to be quite helpful, especially with regard to the quick control of volume and game chat balance, as well as quick access to presets.


Not a high-flyer, but interesting for analog headset users

With the Recon Controller, Turtle Beach has made an astonishingly successful start in the gamepad segment. Sure, it's a wired controller and it only unfolds its full potential if you also gamble with a wired analog headset. But he's doing a good job. The workmanship is completely okay for the price, especially since two additional buttons are waiting for you on the back. The implementation of the audio features is interesting and quite helpful. At the price, it should also be clear that the gamepad does not reach the value of a Razer Wolverine for just under $60 . The Recon Controller is an interesting alternative if you have nothing against cables and want to tease a little something out of your headset. 



  • moderate price
  • comfortable ergonomics
  • many audio features
  • solid workmanship
  • successful buttons, triggers, sticks and bumpers


  • cable bundle
  • does not look so high quality 

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