VIEWSONIC VX3418-2KPC review: 34“ Curved-Monitor im 21:9-Format

 When the first 34-inch widescreen models came onto the market, you still had to spend four-digit amounts in your hands, especially with fast curved models. In the meantime, such large-format monitors have become much more affordable, not least thanks to increased competition. As an example, we have pre-buttoned the ViewSonic VX3418-2KPC from the manufacturer's VX mid-price range, which is available at an RRP of $449.99.

In the price segment around $500, there is now a fairly extensive portfolio of fat 34-inch models in curved format and the VX3418 is just one of them. After all, the prices have fallen massively since the first devices in this format appeared, so that widescreen gaming is now quite affordable. In addition, the modern graphics cards now handle the wide QHD resolution relatively easily, so you can get your hands on such a copy in times of meager supplies.


As expected, the VX3418 arrives safely packed. The assembly is done within a few minutes. Screw on the foot, hang up the display and lock it - done. Tools are not required. It is immediately gratifying that the footprint is relatively moderate, which is not always a matter of course with such large monitors. The shallow depth in particular is fine, but the monitor is still stable and does not wobble too much. If you want to save the floor space entirely, you can also attach the bolide to the wall using VESA mounting.

VIEWSONIC VX3418-2KPC review

The ergonomic settings, which leave little to be desired, are also pleasing. The height can be adjusted by 80 mm, a tilt function with -5 to +10 degrees is available, you can also turn the display to the left and right. What is less nice is that it is operated using five buttons on the back. We would have liked the now common and user-friendly mini-joystick. But well, you can't have everything. The OSD is sufficiently clear and basically has everything you need, including various game presets, Flicker Free and blue light filters.

The connections are a little more economical in this price range and the ViewSonic model is no exception. There are two DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0s as well as a 3.5 mm audio port, but that's about it. You have to do without USB, USB-C or similar luxury. You should also have a little corner free for the external power supply, but that shouldn't be a problem. For this you get at least two internal 5W speakers, which are not absolutely necessary, but at least serve their purpose. We have heard worse ones.

Like almost all manufacturers in this price range, ViewSonic relies on a VA panel with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels in 21: 9 format, which is of course wonderfully suitable for action adventures, role-playing games or open world titles. The curved radius is 1500R and ensures proper immersion, even if it should be pointed out that the curved format is not so ideal, especially for image and video editing, if you should deal with it in addition to gambling.

VIEWSONIC VX3418-2KPC review

The refresh rate of 144 Hz is fine. Otherwise you can expect standard values ​​such as 4,000: 1 contrast, 300 cd / m² brightness and 8-bit (therefore no HDR) as well as Adaptive Sync. The response time is 1 ms Mprt, which normally corresponds to 3 ms gray-to-gray. A decent value that is rather too high for e-athletes, but is completely sufficient for the inclined player away from the competitive area.

In practical use, the three-sided frameless model makes a good impression with clean colors, a good refresh rate and a rock-solid response time. Representation errors could not be seen in our copy. As expected, the image illumination is not completely homogeneous, but this is more normal than unusual with the curved format and also depends a little on the sitting position. This is not noticeable when playing. Overall, the VX3418 delivers rock-solid performance and basically exactly what you can and should expect in this price range.


Solid monitor for open-world friends

The competition is fierce for monitors in this format and in the price range around $500 and this is perhaps the point where the ViewSonic monitor is weak: it lacks unique selling points. Otherwise, the ViewSonic VX3418-2KPC is one of the kind of rock-solid monitors that you can hardly go wrong with. Good refresh rate, solid response time, good color display, no discernible image errors - what more could you want. Even the built-in speakers are okay, even if you can't expect miracles, of course.

The fact that the illumination is not that homogeneous can be forgiven.This is a small weak point with almost all curved monitors, but it is of no consequence when gaming. The only real reproach is that ViewSonic relies on buttons instead of a mini joystick for operation. If you fancy a chic panoramic view of open game worlds and don't necessarily gamble in the competitive area, you should definitely include the VX3418 on your shortlist.


  • moderate footprint
  • rock-solid color and image display
  • high refresh rate
  • good contrast
  • simple assembly
  • solid response time


  • Operation via buttons instead of mini joystick

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