Walkthrough Bloodshore - all endings and achievements of the game guide


Walkthrough Bloodshore - all endings and achievements of the game guide

It won't end well...

During a parachute jump, you need to start blunting at the door of the plane.

The Leader You Are Not

Do not try to inspire the team at night gatherings, and during the following morning gathering, simply refuse the motivational speech.

My boyfriend!

Its essence is to successfully deliver a motivational speech on your morning wake-up call. To do this, the group's statistical indicators should be at the maximum (support the unification on the plane, honestly open up to the group on the plane, blunt at the entrance, prevent Scarlett from taking selfies in front of the body, joke near the mine, explore the tent on his own, drink beer at night, invite Otto to follow for yourself, joke with Trish, motivate the group around the campfire, open the case on your own, give a motivational speech twice). Success will be an obvious positive reaction from the group (with poor statistics, this reaction is very different).

Mmm ... okay

After you go for supplies with Scarlett, then investigate the suspicious noise behind the tree, and then, without the slightest conversation, immediately shoot at the mysterious stranger.

Super seducer

When you walk with your companions, first flirt with Tish ("Melt the Ice", "Flirt"), and then flirt with Gav.

Star lovers

For this achievement, you need to gain a good level of relationship with one of two characters - Tisha or Gavin, I did on Tish (sorry, astrologers did not proclaim a week of kissing with guys to me).
During the walk we melt the ice and flirt with her, save her on the bridge, let her bandage our wounds in the hut, hand over the device, reveal the truth about our past, kiss.

Nice job nerd

The route with Tisha after the rescue on the bridge. Throughout the game, we trust Otto, after kissing Tisha in the hut, we will meet him on the road. On the way, we try to be open with him, we come to a minefield, where he offers help in creating an ingenious anti-mine device. We agree, the achievement is yours.          

We tried to warn you!

Route with Gavin after the bridge rescue. At a certain moment, we will face the hooligan Ria, defeat her and do not kill her, letting her go free. Having received a dose of shot in the chest because of this decision, we replay this scene and again spare Riya, letting her go home.

Congratulations, you are a sadist

During the scene with the torture of our friend (they may be different characters), we do not give up until the very end.

Lust for profit

It is necessary to search all possible characters. Can be done in one sitting, for this you need to follow Gavin's route. We search: the killed Riya, the body in the field, the guard near the warehouse, which you will eliminate, Ari (for this he will also have to be killed, first by running quickly near the door, and then using a knife)

Joker killer

Kill Ari with a knife by first running quickly near the door.


Gavin's route. When you collide with Riya, you need to hide behind a tree, doing nothing, waiting until the timer expires. We die in this way 3 times - your achievement.

It seemed to me that I was indecisive ...

During the scene on the bridge with Tish and Gav, you need to do nothing while waiting for the timer to completely deplete.

Brotherly love

We run out of the torture room, be sure to pick up cartridges from the guard at the entrance, do not kill Ari, slowly and quietly slipping past the entrance, we spare Tisha.

Mikey Lizard

You just need to win this royal battle, forgetting about your main mission. Easiest to get on Gavin's route. In the field DO NOT search the body, escape from the torture chamber, kill the guard, kill Ari, kill Tisha and Deva.     

mission accomplished

Good ending. While following Gavin's route, we search the body in the field, while on Tisha's route, we normally communicate with Otto. In the torture chamber, we must examine the body of a friend, taking the device, eliminate the guard, taking the cartridges, neutralize or kill Ari, shoot Tisha, go into the sunset with a record of the crimes of the villainous corporation.

Can try again

The most difficult ending. In the scene with the search for weapons with Scarlett, you need to take a bad weapon for yourself (perhaps this action is not necessary to get the desired ending).

We trust Otto in the ambush scene. We follow the route of Silence, accept her help and completely trust her in the hut, trust Otto when we meet. During the scene near a small tunnel, we ALWAYS go into it with Otto, we believe him, and in the next scene we in no way give up, successfully running away. We eliminate the guard and Ari, in no case picking up their cartridges, after which we shoot Trish in the final scene.                                       

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