Walkthrough The Last Stand: Aftermath - game guide

 Detailed walkthrough of all plot tasks of The Last Stand: Aftermath, true ending

Walkthrough The Last Stand: Aftermath - game guide

The Last Stand: Aftermath consists of several chapters, each of which contains at least one story mission. The locations you visit are randomly generated. And the tasks themselves begin at the moment when you, moving between two locations, find yourself in the third, the place for the quest. This also happens randomly, but all tasks listed below are required.

Strange things

This task is activated during the exploration of the first game location. One of the residents of the Rubezh will contact you by radio and ask you to check the source of the strange noise emanating from the neighboring house. The building is located to the north of you, but you should not immediately run there. There are many zombies in the vicinity that need to be confronted, not to mention the many traps set up by the owner of the house. In particular, if you're not careful, you will almost certainly be killed by a shotgun trap. Try using a pistol or explosives to lure the zombies moving around the house to you. They activate the trap, and they themselves will fall into it. Having dealt with all the monsters and avoiding traps, go inside the house.

Inside it, you will find a strange device. The man will contact you again and ask you to clean the equipment of organic material. Attack him with hand-to-hand combat or firearms. You can even punch with your bare fists. It won't take long. You will spend a little more on fists, but you will save on the quality and durability of the weapon, and do not waste ammunition. As soon as you clear the device, you will be prompted to tell the Frontier about everything. Provide each detail, after which the mission will be completed. Do not forget to collect as much loot as possible before leaving the location.

Open the gate

To begin with, you will be automatically contacted by the radio operator, who will ask if you got to the wall (this will happen at the last location of the chapter). Then he will explain how to open that very gate. First of all, you should make sure that you have a full supply of health and good equipment. Here you will have to study first one part of the map, and then the other, the opposite. And there, and there is one large generator.

Before going to any of them, use the non-destructible parts of the fence to deal with several zombies from a safe distance. While you are standing here, they will not even try to find another way out. After complete or partial destruction of the horde, move down and follow through the gate on the left side. After that, go along the left edge in the direction of the wall. Pick up your loot, get ready for battle, and activate the generator to energize the gate. Be sure to also lower the nearby lever. Mutants will run to the noise of a working generator, which you will have to eliminate. Do not forget that you can simply run away from the mutants and find some kind of bottleneck so that they do not fall on you from all sides.

Having done this, move to the other side and repeat the steps. On the right side, everything will be much more complicated, since the fence looks more like a maze. Use this fact to your advantage to keep zombies out. Otherwise, progress is achieved by the same actions. Having opened the gate, you can get in the car and hit the road. Of course, if the engine is intact and there is gasoline.

Intelligence service

As soon as you leave the first huge map (complete the chapter) and find yourself behind the wall, on the way to one of the randomly generated locations you will be stopped by a new task. The hero will discover an abandoned military base. The current task is to get to the military headquarters and get as much information as possible about what is happening outside the Dead Zone. The first thing to do is to collect more ammunition, otherwise you won't be able to survive. Or you have to rely on stealth skills and patience. There are usually a lot of zombies in this place, which are stronger than ordinary ones, and there are mutants who wear body armor. But at this point, you can also look from the other side: since you are at a military base, you can find here a lot of modifications for weapons, ammunition and advanced equipment that are not found anywhere else.

The best way to go further is to bypass the base. There is a collapsed part of the wall to the side of the military base, and you can get inside the base without colliding with the horde at the gate. Once inside, you need two things: a generator and a key card. At the back of the military base is a generator that can be activated with a few hits (as before). Fortunately, even enemies will not run to its noise! Then search the base itself and find a container with a key card inside. After starting the generator and finding the key card, look for the grill with the electronic panel. Apply the key card. This code panel should be highlighted in red (blinking light). After going behind the bars with the panel, you will need to fight your way through another one to gain access to the command center. Inside it, there are three documents with information. You need to pick each one. Besides,

As soon as you collect all the information, automatically contact Rubezh to report everything. After you have discussed everything, it will remain to leave this place. It's probably best to follow the same path you took here.


When you move through the mountains, then again stop in a random place. This time, the hero will find the warehouse mentioned in the orders inside the command center of the military base. Again, you will be taken to spacious territory, which can be tedious to traverse if you don't have enough ammo and gear. As with the military base, to get inside, you can find a hole in the fence. After making your way through the outer fence, you will find that the warehouse is a rather dangerous place. Everything is on fire here, and before you get inside, you will have to put out the fire.

There are many zombies near the main entrance. Not much to cause trouble, but still better to save on ammo. Head towards the building and look for a small area with fewer monsters. Destroy them or run past, and you can find a service entrance leading under the warehouse. There will be several mutants that will have to be eliminated, but some of them will be on the other side of the barbed wire.

Deal with the monsters, using all available means, and then start exploring the area. If you're lucky, you may be able to find some good supplies. For example, during my passage in the first cell there was a new gun, thanks to which it was much easier to deal with the remaining monsters. Once you're done collecting ammo, start the generator. If you haven't finished everyone in the basement yet, then they will attack you. Having dealt with the threat, find the fire extinguishing system in the basement. This is a small box hanging on the wall, after activation of which the fire in the warehouse will stop.

When you leave the basement, you will have to deal with the monsters standing near the entrance to the warehouse. Be careful! There is a high probability of the appearance of special zombies, which significantly change the chances of survival. They need to be destroyed before they notice you. In any case, almost all special mutants must first be dodged and then attacked. Zombies are especially dangerous, capable of disguising themselves and hiding in the most unexpected places. If you die in this place, you will have to go all the way from the very beginning.

The best plan is to kill the zombies before getting rid of the fire. This will save you time turning off the fire extinguishing system. That is, if you die, then immediately, and not after spending a lot of time extinguishing the fire (in case of death, it will have to be extinguished again). As soon as you go inside, contact the base. You will be told that the warehouse must be blown up. Search this area until you find four explosives. Place them around the organic matter in the center.

Radio tower

Earlier we have already heard about the radio tower, but we can only get to it at the end of the second chapter (map). This location has a huge number of mutants, including special zombies. It is difficult to survive, since many enemies are on the heights, and your characters cannot shoot upwards. Climb the hill and make sure to eliminate all enemies on the way, otherwise you will regret it in the future. When you get to the gate, you will need to activate the generator, which will attract the attention of the zombies. They will trample on you from both sides. Almost all of them are runners and jumpers. You may have to retreat down the hill. Defeat the mutants, go up the hill and find the key reader. After heading up the stairs to the north, you will find a corpse that contains the required key card, as well as many monsters standing near the door. Go back down the stairs and use the keycard on the reader. By opening the door, you will attract many zombies, so prepare in advance for the second round of the battle.

After placing the explosives, the best option is to scatter and jump off a small cliff to quickly return to your car. There will be plenty of time to recharge. If you're lucky and you survive, there will be time to heal and recharge before heading back to the hill and destroying everything that moves there. Fortunately, the generator, activated earlier, attracts the attention of zombies, which, instead of chasing you, rush towards it. Before activating the last generator, be sure to research this location and collect everything you need. All available equipment will be useful to you, because further there will be a fierce battle.

In the boxes scattered around the location, you can find components for crafting Molotov cocktails. Use them when opponents are clustered and are near you. Refuel the car in advance. After completing all these steps, you will have a good chance of surviving the final battle. Activate the generator and tower, and then drive away before the zombies kill the hero. Be sure to activate the tower as soon as possible. Even if you die, you will not have to complete this task again to go to the third game map!

Gloomy greeting

Now that you have left the mountains, events will take a new turn. You will get close to a fortification that resembles the object from Mad Max 3: Under the Dome of Thunder. After contacting the base, you will hear a strange voice. It will be necessary to find a way out of this wall. Walk to the left of the car, you will probably encounter a group of monsters here, but you will also find an impromptu bridge leading across the river to a hole in the fence. Having made your way through this hole, you need to open the gate in order to drive through them by car. But not everything is so simple - there is no handle on the control panel. Moving north, pay attention to the bubbles in the water - these are drowned zombies. Ahead there will be a chain-linked fence and a locked gate. Behind them is the handle.

Before opening the gate, destroy a few nearby enemies, preferably with a silenced weapon. There is some fuel hidden in the nearby houses. You can take it and refuel your car in advance, otherwise you will have to do it under the pressure of enemies. Once you're ready, start turning the handle. Get ready for the horde to appear. Fortunately, you can open the gate in stages, progress will not be reset and the handle will not return to its original position. The best strategy is to rotate the handle as long as possible, then run back to the hole in the fence. Zombies will not be able to knock you down, you will get a little respite while enemies are running around trying to get close to you. When you open the gate, get in the car and hit the road.


This is actually a fairly simple task. With little or no warning, you will find yourself surrounded by zombies. If there are any sonic bombs or other devices to attract the attention of the zombies, then throw them to avoid death. There are seconds of delay and the situation becomes critical. In addition, you need to rely on your skills to effectively manage the horde. Keep moving, shoot at enemies and make sure that none of the exploding mutants approaches you, otherwise it can lead to inevitable death. Once you finally kill all the enemies, head to the guy at the gate and chat with him as you try to get into new territory.

Explore a new location, collect as many supplies and equipment as possible. For some reason, all these guys don't react to the fact that you are taking their stuff. There are excellent resources here, some even better than those you find in regular locations. Examine the building and find the lord. Chat with him. After some controversy, he will allow the hero to his domain.

Bridge to the distance

Finally, we are close to the end of the third area, where the real test of your skills will begin. Before you get to the right place, you have to solve one of the most difficult tasks - to cross the bridge. First, look for fuel nearby and make sure your car is fully fueled. Then you need to go down to the bridge, having met several mutants on your way. It is impossible to hide from them. You need to find the engine room, which is unfortunately located on the other side of the bridge. Go down the nearest ladder into the water and watch for bubbles on its surface. They indicate the location of the drowned. Move along the bridge until you see another staircase leading up to the engine room. Destroy all enemies near the stairs and go inside the building.

Search this place and collect as many resources as possible.

Get ready for the test. Turn on the generator, but do not rush to leave here. You will have to activate three more switches. As soon as you find yourself on the street again, a small horde of monsters will approach you. Roll down the stairs and head to land. Shoot the fast runners and then stun the thug using melee weapons. Beware of mines. Continue along the bridge until you reach a new staircase. A rather impressive group of monsters will appear here, among which there will be those who spit acid. Fun, yeah. When you deal with everyone, move on top (over the bridge) and find yourself in the control room. even more fierce resistance awaits you after activating the bridge steering mechanism, so prepare in advance for battle. Use explosives.

Fortunately, the new horde will consist of mostly weak monsters (runners) and one or two thugs. Use the nearest fence to control the crowd. The best method in this place is controlled bursts of fully automatic weapons. You don't technically need to kill all the zombies. If you hold out long enough for the bridge to sink, you can go further and escape from enemies. Of course, if you have enough stamina.

Road sign

As you move along the new map, you will find yourself on another location, where you will get randomly. This time, you found a signal near the road. Chat with the Rubezh radio operator, and then get ready for action. You will have to kill several dangerous skeletal zombies, but after that you will definitely get to the fallen tree. Get closer to it, but be careful as there is an automatic turret on the other side. You can blow it up with one grenade or with a firearm, but in the second case, spend a lot of ammunition. After destroying the turret, do not rush to jump to the other side, as there is a mine on the ground. Go around it to survive. Keep driving until you hear the sounds of gunshots. Kill zombies standing in your way and make your way past a dangerous trap that can inflict huge damage in the form of infection. Follow the path to the left, where there will be another similar trap. Keep moving, destroy zombies and watch out for another mine ahead.

As you move forward, the sounds of shooting will be heard more and more clearly. Move carefully until you find a turret trying unsuccessfully to destroy the skeletal zombies by the fence. You can destroy the turret by ducking and shooting at it with any firearm, but be careful, as doing so will attract the attention of zombies in the area. It is best to use a silenced weapon. And don't get too close, as there is another infection trap at the corner that is incredibly difficult to spot. If you die, you have to start over.

One of the working strategies in this place is to destroy the zombies, duck and move through the location, paying attention to the mines along the way. Continue to go around the fence, and get ready for another series of mines and booby traps. Then you will reach the mine and another dangerous battle awaits you. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible before the flaming monsters approach. Remember there is an infection trap nearby. Even with the maximum resistance level, such things do huge damage.

As soon as you clear the location, take a close look. The broadcast is coming from here, so you need to start the generator. You have probably already guessed what will happen in this case. Prepare yourself as best you can as you face the horde. At first, nothing portends trouble. Inside you will meet several zombies that you need to deal with. However, there are much fewer of them than usual. Kill them, go down the corridor and open the door with the brute on the left.

Beware of the scanner in the middle. Destroy the burglar one by one. Use your usual tactics of dodging, stunning and shooting. There is a bunch of strange canisters in the room behind the thug. Return to the main room and examine the book on the right table for another piece of information. Go to the opposite corridor and examine the tubes to get the last piece of data. Return to the main area and head to the home base. You will complete the task. You need to safely return to the car and use it. If you're lucky, you can stealthily get to the car, but avoid traps and mines along the way.

Suspicious signal

After passing one or two locations after the previous location, you will receive a radio call. You are asked to repeat your search because another source of the mysterious signal has been discovered. Activate concentration mode and you will see one or two arrows on the map. Head towards these arrows, destroying zombies and turrets along the way. There is nothing more painful than walking through a minefield at night. Infection traps can also be set there. Turn on the lights to avoid stepping on one of these devices. If you hear shots, slow down - there is a turret in front.

At the end of the day, you will face the most obvious pitfall in the world. Since you have no other choice, activate this trap and cross your fingers. Hope you have enough gear to deal with the threat. Activate the beacon in the center, and then fight the monsters that will jump out of the four opened containers. If there is an automatic weapon, then there will be no problems. Try not to get close to the fire.

Also beware of the brute. Best used in a fight against a big guy, Molotov cocktails, which instantly explode. Conventional bombs go off after a while, so you have to pick up the moment. As soon as everything is over, you will have to fight the enemies clustered around the gate. Interact with the keyboard and deal with enemies, including skeletal zombies. Be careful on your way back to the car as the forest you are moving through is filled with enemies and turrets. When you return to the car, interact with it to travel to the Last Frontier.

The Last Frontier

Here it is, the last stop of this seemingly endless journey. First, deal with the zombies that surrounded you as soon as possible. Go right and follow the path to the helipad, where there are monsters. Kill everyone and keep going up. Respond to any noise. There are two turrets at the top of the stairs. Bend down and shoot at them with any firearm. After destroying the turrets, run inside, but watch out for the mines. Once inside, don't go through the obvious scanner. Break the glass and go through it to bypass the scanner and not trigger an alarm. Approach the elevator, go downstairs, bend down and slowly move on. There are many traps, not to mention the zombie horde. There is a large door in front, which can be opened with a special key card. To get this key card, head south and use the control panel to enter the loot room. Take away everything you need, including antivirus and batteries. Then search the table to obtain the desired key card. You can explore the room on the opposite side to find some first aid kits.

Once you are ready, go through the great door into the very abyss of this world. You can break the glass, but, most likely, one of the nearest enemies will hear it and raise an alarm. Deal with the mutants, and do not forget that you can walk back out the door if you need a break. Zombies can't use the keyboard! Clear the room and head north. There will be a mine that you need to activate (and dodge). Basically, you need to move from room to room, killing enemies. Luckily, you can still use the doors to avoid battling dozens of mutants at once. At the very end of the path there will be a fork where the repair zone is located. Repair the door at one end, then follow the southern path and do the same. Return to the center area. The door should work. Walk through it to face the crowd of monsters, which activate the alarm. This signal attracts other enemies who fire it again, and so on.

Use the door to separate the brute from the main horde and kill him. Then open the door and finish off the remaining opponents. Now you can study this object in more detail. Continue forward until you find yourself in the last room. Here you will find that the main villain of the whole game is the same doctor from the Border. I would never have guessed. Shoot him until he stops moving. He has a standard set of dodges. Search the corpse, examine its table and get important pieces of serum. Go to your car at the back of the room to travel further. Contact Rubezh and tell us about what happened. After a short conversation, head to the car and interact with it to complete the game.

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