Walkthrough Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of all the plot tasks of the detective adventure Sherlock Holmes: all chemical analyzes, the search for real criminals, and so on

Walkthrough Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - game guide

The tasks in the game are divided into several categories. In this guide, we'll go over all the missions, quests, stories and investigations that you can go through in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The type of each job is indicated in parentheses.

Mother's love

Go inside the hotel and sign your guest book at the reception. You will receive the key to room 221. After picking it up automatically, go to the restaurant on the right and go up the stairs. Turn right and find number 221. A servant is standing near it, who will inform you that the entrance is closed. Go downstairs and study the poster located to the right of the stairs that John is pointing to. You will learn that the medium Luca Galici is holding sessions at the hotel. Then the artist Vogel will appear.

After talking with him, John will go in search of a table, but you must pick up a plate of ceviche from the bar counter. Having done this, go to the left of the bar and sit down at the table where John is sitting. Someone's cane is also on it. John offers to find out on his own who the cane belonged to. First, examine the cane itself. You don't have to rotate it: just find the three points when the cursor turns yellow and click on them with LMB. After fully examining the cane, you will need to find out who it belongs to. John offers to interrogate those around and find out who was sitting here before us. To show someone a clue, open inventory on C and select this clue as active by clicking on X. After that, when Sherlock tries to talk to someone, Sherlock will show this item. In our case, a forgotten cane.

You can try to cheat and get the Unsportsmanlike Behavior achievement. To do this, talk to the administrator. He doesn't know who owns the cane, but John will understand that you tried to play against the rules. Return to the table with two men standing next to it. Talk to them, and they will say that a certain sailor was sitting here before you.

You can win an argument with John if you immediately go to the right person in the front garden. Exit to the courtyard from where you came to the hotel and look to the left. Use the Q key and hover your cursor over each person to find out who they are. One of them will be a retired military man. This is a man with a black mustache, a hat and a glass in his hand. Talk to him to find out more about the owner of the cane. You will also receive a "Dispute with John won" notification. Return to the hotel restaurant and go through the door to the left of the stairs, a little further than the medium's poster.

After the cut-scene, you will need to carefully study Craven. Examine his flushed face, expensive clothes (in the area of ​​the tie), a ring with the coat of arms of garlic (go down by pressing S), reddened knuckles. Then select the Bored British Aristocrat option. The task will be interrupted for a new mission.

Ghosts of the past

You are in the session room. Examine the red round table, move the cursor over the white frame and focus by pressing Q. You will realize that the diamond was lying in a stand in the center of the table. Examine the lipstick marks on the broken glass and the ectoplasm on the opposite side of the table. See a covered mirror and a broken chair. Return to the table where you need to find two more pieces of evidence. Examine the moth brooch on the clothes hanging from the chair to the right of the ectoplasm. Also examine the ashtray on the table. All evidence (5/5) has been collected!

It's time to talk to the medium Luca Galici. All the information you need has been collected. Press on C and go to the "Halls of the Mind". Open the investigation "Ghosts of the Past". Choose two leads in turn: "Lady Craven was sitting in front of the window" and "Lady Craven pointed in the opposite direction." Sherlock will conclude that someone was in the yard. Exit through the other door and examine the place under the window, behind which there was a "ghost". Use focus on the Q key and examine the stuck heel. Rotate it and click LMB on the highlighted area. Use focus (Q) and follow the trail around the pool and through the door on the right. Go through another door and examine the shoes lying on the floor. Look at the two touchpoints to find out that these shoes are worn by the hotel maids.

We need to find the maid who lost her size 4 shoe. Go to the restaurant and go up to the second floor. A dark-skinned maid with a broom is now cleaning up the place where the musicians were sitting. Use focus to notice that she is wearing a size 4 shoe. Talk to her, securing the necessary evidence. You find out that the medium was waving his arms during the session, trying to hide the "ghost."

Return to the session room where the white sphere appeared. Interact with her. On a chair near the glass, sit Lady Craven, on the chair to her right - the medium Luka Galichi, and Lord Craven should be standing near the ashtray with a glass for whiskey, holding a chair in his hand.

Go up to the second floor and find the door of room 226. Two maids are standing near it. Eavesdrop on their gossip. Press W if the phrases seem to be useful, or S if you don't need them. Choose the following helpful phrases to understand why the maids suspect Lady Craven:

  • I tried to get my husband drunk.
  • Can't use a fish knife.
  • She was wary.

It seems to the maids that Lady Craven is not who she says she is. For the reasons we chose above. Enter room 226, talk to Lord Craven. This is really not his wife, but Emma's mistress, and she is now dead. Craven states that he did not do this and asks Sherlock for help. Interrogate him.

  • Examine Emma's corpse on the bed:
  • Bruises on the neck.
  • Yellow faceted diamond (its upper, sharp part).
  • Things torn out of the bag.

Examine the door to the right of the bed using your focus to see an unexpectedly weak lock. Now examine the pier glass:

  • Opened box on the right with cosmetic accessories.
  • Use concentration to examine the open box on the left.
  • Ring with a "moth", like a medium.
  • Securities.
  • The motto is on the inside of another ring.

The last three items are in the left box, under the double bottom. In the next room on the table is a letter of compensation. Take the letter about the stolen ring from the large work table. Open the Halls of Mind and combine the moth brooch and the moth crest ring. Sherlock will understand that Luka and Emma may have been longtime acquaintances. Then combine the evidence from "Beating Compensation" and "Lord Craven Hit the Medium." You will learn that Lord Craven is very hot-tempered. Then point out that the diamond was near Emma and the theft occurred during the session. Select the "The killer left the diamond" option. Talk to Lord Craven. Show him the moth ring and he won't recognize it. Then show the cache of jewelry. Craven will say that the jewelry was allegedly stolen earlier.

Go down the hall and talk to the administrator without choosing any evidence. Sherlock will ask for a Galichi number key, and the administrator will provide you with it. Enter room 225 and look at the table on the left. On the same table, on its right side, there is ectoplasm. Examine it, open the journal and find the evidence highlighted by the flask. Click on E to start her chemical analysis.

How to conduct a chemical analysis:

  1. Select the Chemical Experiments icon at the top of the screen and place it in the middle.
  2. Then notice the final formula on the right.
  3. At the bottom, you have reagents. Select reagents with the same icons (red and green), drag to the screen and connect to the chemical experiment icon using RMB (hold).
  4. After that, connect the icon "Chemical experiments", where the necessary reagents have already been added, with the final product on the right, using the RMB.
  5. Please note that both icons must have the same chemical formula. Press the "Space" to confirm the action. If everything is correct, you will be informed about it. Also on easy difficulty you can simply skip this mini-game.

Open the Halls of Mind, "Luke and the Lord were in the adjacent rooms" and "The castle is easy to open." You will get the conclusion that Luka could easily pick the lock. Talk to Galichi and compose his portrait:

  • Broken nose.
  • Uses makeup abundantly (neck).
  • Long and thin fingers with which he holds the book.
  • Thin (inspect the underside of the shirt, near the belly).
  • Fresh scratches on my right hand, bleeding.
Select his final portrait: "A Former Thief Becomes a Medium."

Show Luka Galichi the evidence: a sample of ectoplasm, a ring with a moth. In the palaces, combine the Fresh Scratches and Emma Strangled hooks. Sherlock will conclude that Emma scratched Luca's hands. If you combine fresh scratches and careless servants, you will have to choose between the one who scratched his hands - Emma or the servants.

Go down to the restaurant and select the evidence with the explanations of Craven, who claims that after the session room he spent some time in the restaurant. Talk to the same man near the table where you sat with John. He should have told you about the sailor. He will confirm that Craven was briefly in the restaurant. Combine the evidence in the Halls that Craven was at the restaurant and with Emma. Choose the option that the killer had time to strangle Emma while Craven was at the restaurant.

Completion options:

  1. If you choose the option that Craven had time to kill, and that he found Emma with a diamond (on the right side of the Hall), then you will get evidence that Lord Craven got mad when he found out the truth. Now you can blame Craven or make him escape punishment. Now go and blame Craven. In the dialogue, you can give him a hint on how to dodge and blame Emma for everything.
  2. Combine the evidence that the thief blamed the servants (appears when searching a large table in Craven's room) and Emma robbed Lord Craven. You will receive a statement that Emma has been cheating on Craven for a long time. This statement will be combined with the statement that Luke and Emma may be longtime acquaintances. The result is the statement "Luke might have known Emma was a thief." And if you leave the option that the killer left the diamond, you will receive an indication that Luka might have known that Emma set him up. On the left, there should be an option that Emma scratched Luka's hand. You will be able to blame Luka Galichi. You can cover Galicia, because he killed Emma only for the reason that she set him up and it would have ended in his death. And you can not bother with morality, because he killed Emma anyway.

Then talk to Galichi or Craven depending on who you condemned. Best solution: blame Galich, but let him escape. In this case, you will receive 80 coins. If you blame Craven, you will receive 30 coins.

Maternal Love (My Stories) - Continuation

Talk to the man near the carriage to travel to the Mining's End. You will be taken to the Cordona cemetery. After talking with John, select the Funeral Memories evidence and secure it. A white circle will appear next to it. Examine him in Concentration Mode (Q). Then the next point will appear a little further, to the left, and a little further, near the gate. Inspect all three points without leaving concentration mode. John will say that you remembered everything. Then go through the gate to the grave with the angel statue. At the grave of Violet Holmes, Sherlock will find a pocket watch. Was there a mysterious guest here?

Examine the gravestone:

  • Dates of birth and death
  • Mother's initials on the inside of the pocket watch lid
  • Burning candle

Then turn on the Q concentration to inspect the two pairs of footprints in front of the grave and the bicycle tire tracks opposite the wicket on the walkway. Run to the left along the path to the very end, where Vogel is near the crypts, painting a picture. Chat with him. You will have access to the archives of the city hall, the editorial office of the Chronicles and the police station.

There is a wagon in front of the cemetery, but so far only two points of movement are available to you - the cemetery and the hotel in the Grand Saray, so you need to walk to the police station. Find it on the map and mark it to make it easier to track. Along the way, you will unlock the Imperial Aqueduct fast travel point. There is also a newsboy in front of the bridge. You can buy a newspaper to see how the press reacted to the case. In this case, the murder of Emma. Also, a new fast travel point will appear near the "Cordona Police".

Go inside and talk to Stark in the hallway. This will give you your first investigation. You won't be able to progress through the story until you complete your investigation!

Reincarnation Master

You need to get to the tailor shop. It is not located at the intersection of Knights Road and Trinity Way. Open the map and look at the nearest intersection to the left of the police station. That's what you need. There are streets you indicated. You need to leave the site, go to the right, turn the corner to the right and at the very end, on the left side, find Mrs. Nini's studio. Opposite him is a police cab with two cops.

Talk to Mrs. Nini. Go into the next room, through the door on the right, and collect all the items of clothing (about 4-5 pieces). They can be highlighted on the Z key. Then return to Nini and go behind the next screen. To get the hidden achievement "Mommy!", First disguise yourself as an old man:

  • White suit
  • Cylinder
  • Without glasses
  • Long sideburns
  • Old man make-up

After that, disguise yourself as a thief:

  • Ugly beige suit
  • Bowler hat
  • Square glasses
  • Thin mustache
  • Drawn bruises

Leave the atelier and return with the good news to Stark at the police station. You will receive 20 coins.

Maternal Love (My Stories) - Continuation

Go further Stark, turn right and into the room on the left. These are archives. Interact with the table in front and choose the following settings:

  • Crimes against the person
  • Victims
  • The documents

You will find something, and after you close the archive window, the cut-scene will start. As you exit the lot, you will learn about the unsolved cases that hang on a board in the lot's lobby to the left of Stark. But before doing them, you have to go through training. Talk to the old cop and go to the next room. Hit all targets first. There is no time limit. In the next room, bend down on CTRL and do somersault on the "Space". Do a little sprint. In the new room, shoot the chandelier above the head of the right enemy and the hat on the head of the left one.

Shoot at the armor on the arms of the dummy, then at the helmet and the object on the chest. Stand in a circle and click on X to confuse all enemies. The ability recharges when arrested. Then three cops need to be arrested. You can skip the fight on an easier difficulty level. The first cop has a bank in front and behind. Shoot at one of them, then run up and click on LMB to start arresting. Then a hint will appear on the screen: move the mouse to the side of the circle. And depending on which direction you move it, you will need to press the WASD movement direction keys several times. In the case of the second enemy, I would recommend using the rest of the environment. For example, valves or corks in barrels. Shoot the mask and hat on the third enemy.

Head to the Stonewood Mansion, located in the upper left of the Grand Saray, in the area of ​​squares and hills. Read the letter from Mycroft, which lies inside the mailbox to the left of the entrance. Open the gates of the mansion. The front door will be locked. Go to the gazebo on the left; examine the mannequin. Examine the four points: the wooden sword, the dummy, the handcuffs on the dummy, the bag of stones to the right of the dummy.

Select memories of the past in the journal, then activate concentration and stand in front of the entrance where John is sitting. There should be a white circle here. Focus on it to see the first part of the flashback. Examine the metal object in the police officer's left hand. Study the subject more closely and you will understand that this is a set of master keys. Take a look at the man standing in front of the cop. This is Mycroft. Examine Mycroft a little further, closer to the front door of the house. Examine the note that Sherlock gave to Mycroft. Sherlock will be inside.

Go inside the house. Examine the hanger on the right. Remove the auction notice hanging from the wooden pillar a little further on your right hand. You will receive a new story of Cordona "The Story of an Empty House". Find Violet's death note on the bench to the left of the stairs leading to the second floor. The doors on the right and at the back of the first floor are closed. Examine the blue luggage and carved letters on the stair rail, on the left. Go up to the second floor. Stop in the middle of the stairs and examine the wall where the family portrait used to be. Walk around the floor circle. The doors are locked. Examine the revolver above the fireplace.

Go downstairs. Be sure to inspect the luggage, hanger and red umbrella located near John in the lobby. John has to say that another memory has appeared. Secure the evidence "The first day on the Cordon" through the journal. Use concentration and look at the first white circle opposite John. The next circle is at the hanger. Examine the wheelchair by the stairs. After that, a white sphere will appear and you can perform the reconstruction. A bearded man (Dr. Otto Richter) stands by the hanger, leaving his hat on the hanger and holding an umbrella in his left hand. Mycroft stands by the suitcases and points to the wheelchair. Young Sherlock helps his mother upstairs.

The door on the second floor will open. This is Sherlock's room. Climb up and enter it. Examine the dart on the cabinet and some darts on the wall a little further to the right. Examine the sketch of a man and a dog on the wall to the right of the bed. Examine the toy balloon on the floor. Take a look at the samples of sand, coal and other substances found on the island (found in jars on the shelf). Examine the chemicals table and music sheet holder. Finally, take a closer look at the small coffee table under the window. There will be four points of interaction: a stack of books, a book about the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a newspaper, and underneath, a cross-headed pen. Turn the handle to examine the cruciform end. Examine the telescope and the Governor's Certificate of Winner on the wall. Also look into the chest near the bed, examine the toys and carvings inside it.

In the journal, select the "Wooden handle" evidence and secure it. In this case, a box will appear on the table, which must be studied through concentration. Examine the box, try to insert the handle, but it will not work. Examine, in concentration mode, with the "Wooden Handle" evidence attached, the drawer of the cabinet near the entrance. One of them is missing a handle. Install it, open the drawer and look inside. Examine the crime journal and the smoking pipe (at two points). You will win the third argument with John called "The Treasure Cache".

Open the Halls of Mind and combine the two holds:

My mother died of tuberculosis / Not tuberculosis. Mycroft lied and covered up the truth about our mother's death.

Friendly neighbor / Missing documents. Family friend. There are no records of my mother's death, but a family friend lived on the Cordon. Maybe he knows something.

This is optional, but you can do it in advance. Exit the mansion, through the gate, go right and see a large balloon in the distance. Move in its direction and on the nearest street you will see a crowd of people and a destroyed gate. This is how the story mission "The Golden Cage" begins.

Golden cage

Examine the knocked-out gate. Proceed further and examine the broken vase of flowers. Further afield, you will find other flower pots and a corpse. Do not hurry. Exit back from the yard with the corpse and look to the left. There is a locked barn here. Examine the hole in the barn. Examine the three points - the boatswain's knife near the blue duct tape, the valves and the cracked boards to the left of them, forming the wall of the barn. Examine the man's corpse: a collapsed neck, a sash from a robe, a broken leg, and a missing pinky on his right hand. This is Theodore Gilden. Examine the rope tied to the pillar on the right. She holds the balloon. Examine the ball on the left. Examine the footprints on the ground at the next broken gate. Examine the chain, apply concentration and examine the large footprint from someone's round legs and the weapon on the right. Also inspect the blood trail. Press E to get the camera and take a picture, when the dot in the center of the screen turns white. The door to the house will be locked.

A white sphere will appear. Use it to start your renovation. Theodore wanted to swing at the elephant, but he wrapped his trunk around it. Then the elephant walked forward, holding Theodore by the neck with its trunk. After the elephant left this place.

To win another argument with John, head to the Chronicles office in Scaladio. It is marked with a newspaper marker on the map. Go to the room to the left of the reception and interact with the table. Select the following search terms:

  • Period - 1870-1879
  • People - Journalists
  • Section - Editorial

You will find the article you are looking for and win another argument with John called "The Elephant's Life." Now select the "Thick Skinned Criminal" lead in the journal and secure it. Return to Theodore's House. Change into a police officer and talk to the people outside. Someone will say that the name of the elephant was Goliath. You will understand that the elephant escaped into the forest across the Greek Bridge. Open the map and go across the Greek Bridge to the Miners' Limit. Turn left immediately and after a few steps enter the forest on the right. At the entrance there is still a pedestal with a sign showing words of gratitude from Theodore Gilden. Examine the broken branch a little further. To do this, use the Concentration Mode (Q). Follow the path using Q to follow the elephant's path. You will find yourself by the water. A robe hangs on a branch on the left. Examine it to find a note and a key.

With the key, return to Theodore's house and go inside through the back door where Theodore was killed. Examine the two paintings on the first floor and go to the second. Talk to Imogen, Gilden's daughter. Show her the "Barn Footprints" evidence. Also show the "Thick Skinned Criminal" evidence. The interrogation is over.

Examine Imogen's room. Examine the pillows, go to the things by the suitcase to the right of the bed. Examine the green dress, the False Idols book, and the photograph in the open drawer. John will ask you to find a trilogy of books "Bazooka" by Wallace de Aurum for him. The first book was found in Imogen's room. Talk to Imogen and ask her for the collected things. Show also the picture of Imogen with her lover.

Exit the room and find Theodore's office on the other side of the second floor. Examine the chair in concentration mode. Also examine the desktop. There are four dots: a perfume with an image of an elephant (you need to study the image), a framed photograph with Theodore's daughter (to be expanded), a wooden pinky finger on a newspaper, and another frame with a photograph of Theodore and the elephant Goliath. Examine the photo of Violet, Theodore, and Seeger on the shelves to the right. There is also a study point for the entire library. Examine the table in the far right corner. You are interested in the map: its name at the bottom and two objects in the right half. Be sure to take a photo of this map. Finally, check out the framed article on the shelves behind your desk. You can leave the mansion.

Secure the evidence "Photo of Imogen" and start questioning passers-by. If it doesn't work, just follow the Grand Saray South marker and head left. On the pier there will be a yacht club "Salatsia". I dressed in a regular Sherlock suit and just outside the club asked a man in a white suit. Go down below the yacht club and see the workshop building. Go inside.

In the main workshop building, examine the bloody bandages lying outside the window to the right. In the far right corner, in concentration mode, study the boat "Whirlpool". Examine the workshop door (first on the right). Secure the Yacht Club Workshop evidence. Examine the door in concentration mode and the drawer in front of it. Go to the far right corner and enter the warehouse where the Storage sign hangs. Examine the red box. This is a nautophone that warns of danger. On the shelf in the back is the second book of Bazuukology, Sails of Hatred. To win the argument, you need to find the third.

Exit to the main hall. Examine the sign with the name of the yachts to the right of the door to the warehouse. In concentration mode, examine the Whirpool sign, unfold it and take the key. Enter Paul's workshop. Examine the shelving on the right. There you need to examine a box with sharp darts, expensive tools in the drawer to the left, and a stack of books on the bottom shelf. Also examine the table on the left: a diagram of the boat on the wall, an open envelope containing a threatening letter from Gilden, a note with a bet on the left (you need to inspect both sides) and other records of rates.

Attach the "Suspicious Note" evidence with rates and return to the pantry. Get closer to the shelves and in concentration mode you can examine a box of tea. Examine the lid and contents (psychotropic substances). Exit the closet and talk to Paul. Compose his portrait:

  • Kadik (woman) is not visible.
  • The left arm is bandaged.
  • Pants cannot hide the body of a grown woman.
  • Bruise on the right elbow.

Choose the Professional Yachtswoman option. The battle will begin. You can skip this fight if you wish. Talk to Paul, who is hiding in his workshop. Show all clues: Suspicious Note, Threating Letter, Paul's Dart, Imogen's Photo, Ivory Bath Project Plan, Collected Items, Thick Skinned Criminal, Barn Footprints, and trilogy "Bazukology". You will collect all the evidence.

Travel back to Imogen. Show her new evidence: "Suspicious Note", "Threat Letter", "Smelling Bottle", "Ivory Bathroom Project Plan." You will collect the final clues at Theodore's house. The main thing here is to show the Ivory bathroom plan! Only after that you need to go to the archives of the town hall!

To find Arthur Swift, you have to look into the archives of the city hall. Go there and interact with the table. Select the following search criteria:

  • Subjects - Entrepreneurship
  • Register - Legal papers
  • Districts - Old Town

Unless shown the Ivory bathroom plan to Paul and / or Imogen, the search will not work. You will receive the Gilden & Swift Incorporation List hook. You need to get to the headquarters of the company, which is located in the Old City, at the intersection of Bazar Road and Arno Street. Arriving at the indicated place, look for a building on the side, the door to which is guarded by a man. Two workers are talking about him. Eavesdrop on their conversation. Figure out how to find the recruiter:

  • Market in the Old Town
  • Neck scar
  • Loyalty to the British
The Old City Market is to the west, by the Maltese Bridge on Bazar Road. Right behind the bridge, just above Bazar Road, in the courtyards. Enter the market and look around. Use concentration and find a man with a scar (the corresponding clue will be highlighted). Having done this, talk to him. You must first put on work clothes. If you don't have one, look for a clothing vendor in the market (green marker with “clothing” on the radar) and buy a working apron from him for 15 coins. Equip it and talk to the person who hires workers for the excavation. Say you are positive about the British. Emphasize that you love tea.

You will receive a permit to enter the excavation site. Return to the same intersection and go inside. Follow down the path and find Professor Swift with glasses under the canopy on the right. Talk to him. Tell them that you are ready to get started (instead of asking about Theodore) and that he is looking for artifacts. Make a portrait of him: broken glasses, a thick notebook in his left hand, bruises on the elbow of his left hand, missing a ring on his right finger, dirty clothes. Choose the bottom line: Professor Swift is committed to knowledge.

Examine the board, standing a little further than the professor: the excavation plan in the middle, a note about the tomb of Titus Lemonius in the lower right corner and photographs on the left side of the board. Examine the boxes on the other side, where the lamp stands. There are three points of interest: straw dolls in the background, a note of the conquests of Titus and Vitus, the contents of the box (oiled cloth).

Go down below and you will see a lot of workers on the right. One of them (in the center) can be overheard. Which statue was damaged?

  • Closer to the shore
  • Lion head helmet
  • Leaning pedestal
  • Someone pushed the statue

Opposite the workers, there are pitchers under the tents. On one of them is the third book from the trilogy "Bazukology". Pick her up to complete a dispute of the same name with John. Climb the stairs to the pillared ruins. Examine the clearly labeled plinth. Also inspect the fallen statue, which has three points of interest: a harvest sickle in its breakaway right hand, a head (this is a goddess), and a pedestal to her right. Sherlock will say that there used to be four statues here. You can start reconstruction:

  • On one of the pedestals there is a statue of a goddess with a sickle. Which one is clear and without prompts, because you just examined it. It should be facing the sea.
  • Closer to the shore there is a statue with a lion's head. You learned about this from the conversation (overheard at the excavation). It should be directed towards the excavation site (left shoulder towards the sea).
  • Opposite the statue with a sickle is a statue of a woman with a basket of fruits in her right hand and some kind of vine in her left. She must have her back to the sea!
  • Opposite the lion-headed statue is a statue of a warrior with a sword and shield. She should have her back to the excavation site (right shoulder to the sea).

If everything is done correctly, you will see the correct placement of the statues. Switch on concentration mode and go down the steps. You will see the path you want. She leads to the shore where John is sitting. After going down to the sandy shore, turn right and examine the embankment. While Swift is busy, go upstairs and examine his desk. There are three clues: a box of darts, an elephant mating book, and a leather-bound notebook on the right. All evidence points to Swift. Show Swift all the clues you can. You have found all the evidence!

Open the magazine and chemically analyze the scent bottle. A new opportunity for chemical experiments will appear. You can replace a positive formula with a negative one. So, in the final result there is a "-4" blue reagent. There are blue "4" in the reagents at the bottom. Connect it to a new plate and get a "-4" blue reagent. Add "3" red reagent and confirm the solution. You have extracted the pheromone.

Next, return to Paul's workshop, look into the pantry and take the nautophone. All the evidence has been found. Do not forget to take the gray cloth from the crate during the excavation. All the evidence has been found. If you have not collected all the evidence in the courtyard of the house, examine the fence, closed with a chain, from which the elephant left to the right. Go to Mrs. Nini, who was visited at the beginning of the game. Her workshop is located on the side of the police station (go from the entrance to the left and around the corner to the right). Mrs. Nini will be sweeping the street across from the atelier. You will receive an elephant doll. Go to the courtyard of the late Theodore's house and use the gas device in the barn. Lure the elephant by selecting each team once.

Walk up to the elephant and study it: scratches above the left eye, a dart with feathers above the left leg (examine the point and feathers on the other end), the left tusk (go down below) and the left eye. All the evidence has been found. Conduct a chemical analysis of the dart found in the elephant's left paw. The answer is shown in the screenshot below.

It's time to look into the Halls of Mind. Combine the following evidence:

  • Fatal Injuries / Guilden kept a dangerous animal. Goliath is Theodore's possible assassin.
  • Boatswain's knife / The wall of the shed is broken. Outsider.
  • Theodore threatened Paul / Theodore sent bandits for Paul. Theodore wanted to ruin Paul's life.
  • Paul has a fresh bruise / The barn has a broken wall. The floor could hit the wall of the barn.
  • Difficult Times / Partnership Broken. Arthur wanted to save the study.
  • The wall of the shed is broken / Arthur has fresh bruises on his elbow. Arthur could hit the barn wall.
  • Elephants have mating season / Everyone blames Goliath. We must find Goliath.
  • Both Arthur and Paul have Poisoned Dart / Darts. Both Arthur and Paul could shoot a dart.
  • Fatal Maim / Poison Dart. You can replace "Goliath - Possible Assassin of Theodore" with "Goliath could have been provoked." Do so.
This quest has many endings:

  • You can blame everything on Goliath to shield Paul and Arthur. In this case, none of them will be arrested and will not make an escape.
  • You can blame Paul or Arthur and then arrest them or let them go into hiding. If you arrest him, you will acquit Goliath. If released, Goliath will be executed.
  • But there is also a third option. You can choose that Goliath is to blame for everything, but at the same time save the beast. In this case, select that someone tried to protect Theodore by throwing a dart, and that Goliath is a possible assassin.
If you ask to save the elephant, you will receive 30 coins. If you decide to execute the elephant, you will see additional frames with him, but you will still get 30 coins. Although Imogen will be more grateful to you.

I can conclude that Arthur set the elephant against Theodor on one fact: only for the accusation and the subsequent arrest of Arthur, they give 80 coins. For other outcomes - 30 each.

Maternal Love (My Stories) - Continuation

So, as soon as you complete the quest "The Golden Cage", take away the old things of Imogen's father from the bench in front of the main entrance to Theodore Gilden's mansion. Examine the engraved medallion and letter. It turns out that Theodore was in love with Violet, but she remained loyal to Shigeru. Sherlock will remember something about the mansion. Return to Stonewood, go up to the second floor, to the door on the left. Select the desired lead and use the Q focus. There is a white circle opposite the door. Start exploring the memory. When Sherlock leaves the vase, go down the stairs and see the boys. Then they will hear a noise. Climb upstairs and study the last fragments of the memory. Otto Richter told us not to bother Mom again if the door is locked. And that she broke the vase. Now Sherlock can go to his mother's bedroom.

Examine the room. On the left is the mother's magnifying glass, but only if the quest "From someone else's shoulder" was completed. There is a chessboard on the right, and John will invite Sherlock to play a game. Select this dispute in the journal (lead) and use concentration on Q. Walk like a bishop to protect the king and checkmate at the same time. Examine the center round table. There will be an obituary dedicated to Holmes's father and a note from Otto Richter about the deteriorating condition of the mother. Look in the chest on the chair. Open it up. There is a bottle inside. Examine it in the middle (no decal) and the remains of the white powder at the bottom. Examine the doctor's tools and notebook.

Take a look at the floor under the fallen shelf. You need to study three different drawings on identical pieces of paper. Take a look at the straps on the bed, the bathroom, the bars on the window, the vase by the checkerboard, the painting on the wall to the right of the entrance, and the cabinet against the wall. Examine the table near the bathroom: the medicine bottle (you need to read the labels on both sides), the drawer and the letter inside. Open the journal and conduct a chemical analysis of the flask from the suitcase. Based on the results, it is a hallucinogen derived from mushrooms. If you have completed all these actions, then the hook "On the wrong foot" will appear. Select it in the journal and then start remembering using concentration (Q). Then start the reconstruction.

  • Mycroft stands at the entrance with his hands up.
  • Mom gets angry at the doctor, swings the spread and the dish falls on Mycroft.
  • Sherlock is lying near the scooter next to the bed.
Review the memory. Stop so as not to torment John, then go downstairs and talk to the sailor. Create his portrait:

  • Pink dyes in her hair, above the forehead.
  • Old and worn sailor clothing (chest area).
  • Delicate right hand.
  • Hides something with sharp corners (behind the left hand).
This is an artist dressed as a sailor. In any case, you will receive an invitation from Mr. Vogel. So the new business "Overseas Muse" will begin. The task will continue after it.

Overseas muse

You need to go to the Vogel Gallery, which is located in the caravanserai, at the intersection of Bazar Road and Hermes Avenue in the Old Town. Look for this building at the bottom of the Old City. Enter the large red building. Talk to Vogel. Examine all the stands on the upper floor, go down to the basement, reading the sign on the way. Examine the gnawed shark on the right. Take a look at the sign above the passage to Franco's room on the left. Go there. Examine the shovel, turn on the concentration (Q) and study two more points to the right of the shovel (two different distances between the tracks of both feet - indicates that a lame walked here). Open the oven, examine the footprints and turn on the concentration (Q) to see the scratches on the inside of the lid.

Exit the room and examine the coffin on the left: a crow, a handprint on the inside of the coffin and a shifted skeleton (you need to turn on concentration). Examine the painting on the right. Examine the tablet in front of Wilde's room a little further. Examine the floor. Pick up a cigarette butt and examine two points (brand of cigarette and stains on the filter). Turn on concentration and look at the empty box on the left. At the end of Wilde's room, there are two more places to apply concentration (Q). Exit the room, turn left, study the picture and the mushrooms. Use the white sphere and start the reconstruction:

  • Choose an unknown person who gets out of the oven.
  • Then he climbs into the coffin, leaving a mark on it.
  • Vogel goes down to the basement.
  • In the other two locations, also select a stranger.
In fact, it was a thief who distracted attention in order to steal the painting. Talk to Vogel. He will say that a certain Mercury wanted to buy a painting, but he refused, even though he offered an impressive amount. You will receive a lead. Activate it and go to the Chronicles editorial office. Visit the archive and enter your search criteria:

  • People are celebrities
  • Section - editorial
  • Districts - Old Town
You will receive the article "Fight at the Exhibition". Mercury's shop is to be found on Hermes Avenue, between Scarlet Street and Olive Street in the Old City. It is just to the left of the center of the district, to the side of the Hava watchtower. Go inside. The woman will refuse to let Sherlock pass. We must disguise ourselves. Go to the nearest market (any clothing vendor may do) and buy: a Bohemia suit, tousled hair (in hats), artist's stubble and artist's makeup. Now you are like Mercury.

Talk to the woman inside the house for the key. Walk left and go up the stairs. Only one room will open. This is Mercury's apartment. You will find him dead. Examine simple items: a painting on the bed, bottles under the curbstone at the entrance, a painting in puddles of blood on the floor, two shots in the developing room, and an open chest to the right of the entrance, by the bed.

Examine the table near the entrance. Take a look at the camera and newspapers in the drawer of the table, the broken bottle on the right. Turn on concentration mode (Q) and slide the screen to the right to examine the knife and the broken mirror. Now examine the corpse of Mercury:

  • Neck wound.
  • Rags in a pool of blood over the right shoulder.
  • Turn on concentration and examine the knuckles of the left hand.
  • Turn on concentration and examine your breasts.
  • Examine the left hand knife.
When you have studied everything, a white sphere will appear. Start reconstruction:

  • An unknown person is looking for something in the chest.
  • Mercury attacks an unknown person with a bottle, and he picks up a knife from the table.
  • An unknown person attacks Mercury with a knife.
  • An unknown person put rags under Mercury.
Conclusion: the thief did not want to kill Mercury, but the artist himself zealously defended the painting. Pick up this painting and complete the chemical analysis. Place the cleaned painting on an easel and spot two differences. Examine the round frame where the skull was hanging. Examine the tree in the corner to the right of this frame. Go to the developing room and pick up the skull on the left side. Sherlock will find a photograph of a devil man. Also John will suggest something. To win the "Amazing Resurrection" argument, do not leave the role (no need to wear other elements of disguise), go downstairs and ask the woman to call the police. First you need to ask if anyone has come to see Mercury. Then the option with the police will appear.

In the magazine, select a lead with a picture of a pregnant girl. I moved to the Heritage Theater, put on a white suit (or any neat suit) and asked intelligent men. Already the second one told about the girl. He will say that such scars are traditional for refugees who live under the bridge connecting Scaladio and Silverton. These two districts are connected by three bridges. You should be interested in the Victoria Bridge, the rightmost of the three. From the Scaladio side, turn to the right of the bridge and you will see a barrage of policemen. The cut-scene will start.

Go down below and talk to the male observer from the city authorities. Write down a description:

  • Sparse mustache
  • Pale, bags under the eyes
  • Tie
  • Wet palms of the right hand
  • Clean shoes
Indicate its type - "Dazed formalist". Continue the interrogation, and then inform that you are ready to enter. Go ahead and talk to the cop who will tell you about what happened. Start exploring the area. There are signs everywhere:

  • Tablet number 9 - bloody palm prints
  • Tablet # 4 - use concentration to notice a small groove in the sand and drops from minor bleeding
  • Tablet # 3 - a blood stain and a broken wooden box
  • Plate # 8 - use concentration to find three shoe prints (policeman, damaged shoe size 9.5 and bare foot size 10)
  • Plate number 5 - beads
  • Tablet number 6 - a trace of blood that appeared after she was chickened off a knife, and a wooden stick (you need to study two places on the stick)
  • Plate number 7 - traces that someone was dragged by force
  • Sign # 2 on the table - a leather sheath for a knife, money and Mal-Pal cigarettes smoked by the killer
  • Tablet # 1 (corpse) - a sharp blade (examine the blade), a wound on the chest, a tattoo on the neck, the sole of a shoe (he is lame), turn on concentration and examine the right hand
  • Examine the wounded man: head and deep cut in the abdomen
John will say that Sherlock knows how to give first aid. This is another controversy. Select the "Wounded Refugee" lead in the journal, use Focus (Q) and examine the two plants on the shore. Olney doesn't fit. A clean cloth is hanging next to it on a clothesline. Take it off. Go to the other corner where the corpse is and find an aloe in the right side. Pluck the plant and place it in a vat of boiled water in the center of the camp. You will receive all the ingredients. Open the journal and start chemical analysis to create a cure. The formula is complex, but the solution is shown in the screenshot. Then interact with the injured refugee. This will win the Injured Refugee argument.

After examining all the evidence, Sherlock will say that he wants to find out how the stranger entered the camp. Walk to the right of the corpse and overhear the conversation of the spirit of the police to find out where the passage leads:

  • Money
  • Take refugees
  • The camp may be closed
Also you will get another argument from John - "What's going on in the refugee camp?" The refugees need to be interrogated before you leave here. Chat with the officer. You can show him evidence of the conversation between the two cops, but he won't want to talk anymore. Secure the evidence "How did the stranger enter the refugee camp?" and turn on concentration. Examine the heavy gate, the shore, where the boat could be, the stairs to the side of the inspector. After exploring these three places, return to the beginning of the camp, where you talked with the clerk from the town hall, and inspect the cigarette butts lying on the ground. One of them is Mal-Pal. So the cops themselves let the lame man into the camp.

Now start your renovation:

  • Around the number "9" the refugee stands aside, the man himself falls over the railing.
  • Slightly to the right, the same lame man falls, tripping over the boxes.
  • At the figure "8" a lame man with a knife in his hand runs away from a refugee.
  • At the number "5" the lame man drops the woman with the beads.
  • At the number "6" the lame man is trying to drag the woman away, and he is attacked by the same wounded refugee.
  • At the number "7" a lame man drags a woman behind him.

After a successful reconstruction, show the clues to the inspector. Then talk to Mr. Harlow, who is standing next to the inspector. After that, the refugees will be released. Now is the time to choose the evidence "What's going on in the camp?" and ask about her from a refugee next to a boiler in which water is boiling. You will win another argument with John. Select the evidence (photo of the girl) and talk to the man at the far end, where the policeman used to stand. Interrogate Neila. Talk to the inspector and show him the evidence with the tattoo. He will say that she is related to Nicolo Bernadotti.

Leave the refugee camp and follow to the town hall. Use the archives. Select the 'Tattoo of a Stranger' clue and specify the criteria:

  • Subjects - Entrepreneurship
  • Period - British
  • Registry - Occupation
If you don't get information from the detective, then you need to visit the police station. Select a tattoo in a magazine, and then sort it according to the criteria:

  • Smuggling
  • The suspects
  • Skaladio
In both cases, you will receive information about the Bernadotti joint stock company. The head office is located in Skaladio, southeast, on Bazar Road, at the intersection with Rouman Road. Look for the main entrance directly on Bazar Road, to the left of the Maltese Bridge leading to the Old City. There are several cabs near the large building (on the left, if you go from the side of the bridge and the Old Town). Walk to the right of the front entrance and you will see an open gate leading to the courtyard. In the courtyard, examine the open suitcase with the dolls in front and the barrels of wine on the left. There will be an entrance ahead. Convincing the man will not work, and if you hit, you will have to fight. But you can disguise yourself. To do this, buy makeup from any clothing seller - a tattoo of the Bernadotti gang. This will win the "Not for Outsiders" argument with John.

Go inside, go through the door on the left and examine the open box: the figurine on the left, the mask on the right, and the inscription on the box. Examine the painting hidden under the sheet. Also examine the idol to the left of the next door. Exit into the next corridor and in concentration mode study the newspaper "Chronicles" on the bench to the left. Enter the hall in front. Examine the poster of Bernadotti's company on the wall on the right. Also look at the painting on the wall on the left: the Governor with Bernadotti and the year plaque below. Examine the table where the secretary is sitting, and in concentration mode, examine two points on opposite ends of the table.

Enter Bernadotti's office. In concentration mode, examine the shelves on the wall to the right, near the door, and the photograph of the girl on the table. Talk to Bernadotti. Create his portrait:

  • Neck tattoo - not like everyone else
  • Rough skin on the right hand
  • Damaged skin of the right hand
  • Pistol holstered on the right
  • Wedding ring on the left hand
His portrait is "a ruthless leader." You will find out what conditions Bernadotti offers in the event that you give him a photograph with incriminating evidence on the British ambassador.

It's time to open the Halls of Mind and combine all the evidence:

  • The artist was killed in a fight / The artist noticed the thief = The thief did not want to kill Mercury
  • An amateur "Mel-Pal" came to Mercury / A lame smoker visited the gallery = A thief from the gallery came to Mercury
  • Photo of the rapist / The apartment of the artist was searched = The thief could look for the photo
  • The bandit did not injure the girl / The bandit tried to take the girl away = The bandit wanted to kidnap the girl
  • Footprints of shoes stained with coal / Coal dust under the dead man's nails = The bandit visited the Vogel gallery
  • Photo of the rapist / The rapist had an unusual cross = The rapist is a major official
Of the three conclusions (a thief from the gallery came to Mercury, the Bandit visited Vogel's gallery and the Bandit wanted to kidnap the girl) you will receive one more, the most valuable - "Not just a thief, but someone's henchman."

A drawing of the rapist will appear in the magazine. Secure this clue, then head to the city hall. Select your search criteria:

  • Subjects - Officials
  • Period - British
  • Districts - Skaladio

You will receive a dossier on Thomas Norton. Exit the office, select the given evidence and go to the other wing of the town hall. On the left will be the office of ... Thomas Norton. Talk to a man. Compose his portrait:

  • Red eyes
  • Bristle
  • Order of the Bath on the Chest
  • Crumpled clothes (right shoulder, side)
  • Red spot on the left hand
Select his portrait: "The Ambassador is tormented by conscience." This is indeed the case. Listen to the ambassador's proposal. Use Halls of Mind:

  • The Girl in the Photo - Neila / Ambassador's Proposal = System Hostages
  • Out of three pieces of evidence (the Thief did not want to kill Mercury, the Thief could look for a photograph, and a thief from the gallery came to Mercury), you will receive the conclusion "The thief needed a photograph."
  • The Girl in the Photo - Neila / Bernadotti's Proposal = Victim of Violence
  • Stolen Painting / Bernadotti's Proposal = Compromising evidence
  • Photography will ruin an ambassador's career / Ambassador's proposal = Ambassador wants to hide evidence
  • Now you can make a decision. Unlike most other storyline cases, you will receive 80 coins for any decision. But there will be different consequences. You can give a photo:
  • Bernadotti . Then he will help Neila, who has suffered the most, and will also return the painting to you, which you will deliver to Vogel.
  • Vogel . In this case, you cannot take the painting from Bernadotti, but show Vogel the photograph. The British ambassador will be punished, but no one will benefit from him - not the refugees, not Neil.
  • To the ambassador . In this case, you will not return the painting to Vogel, or even show the photograph. But the ambassador promises to help the refugees (except for Neila).

Regardless of your decision, Vogel will transfer to the mansion some thing that belonged to Sherlock's mother.

Maternal Love (My Stories) - Continuation

After the Overseas Muse quest, return to the Stonewood Mansion and examine the skeleton inside the box. After talking with Mycroft, enter the house, secure the evidence and examine the memory in the hallway. It is associated with the skeleton of the "mermaid". Then the trophy room on the right will open. Start exploring the room. Examine the center shelving. On one side there is a grail and a book, on the other - a photograph of a girl with a fairy (examine it from both sides). To the left of John is a blanket that needs to be studied in concentration mode. Walk clockwise and look at the shield with two spears on the wall. Take a look at the table: business cards, Placido's business card, a letter from the judge, a subpoena envelope, and a locked top drawer.

Continue inspection. Take a look at the skeleton to the right of the table, the mummy a little further, a small helmet and a box on the other table. Inside, find the personal notes of Richter on the left, there is also a letter from Otto from his brother, a torn diploma and a book "Tulpa". Examine the knight's armor and the two stuffed animals on the sides of the door (deer and polar bear).

The "Art of Hacking" controversy will begin, related to the drawer in the table. Secure the evidence and use the concentration near the box. Follow the trail upstairs past your mother's bedroom after watching Mycroft fix the painting. Watch him light up the fireplace, and when the target refreshes, look into it. On the right is a juniper twig, and on the left is a key. Open the drawer and examine its contents. The argument with John is won. Inside the box is a bottle of whiskey from Queen Victoria, dossiers on influential people and a folder on Otto Richter.

Then select another piece of evidence, examine the ladder by the center shelves, the large round stand on the floor, and the far table. Start reconstruction:

  • Sherlock stands at the table with paints
  • Sherlock overhears behind the statue
  • Mycroft turns to Otto and tears his diploma apart.
Go outside and examine the box to the left of the front door. This is an invitation from Vogel to a party at Kurt Manchios' mansion. This is how the story mission "The Sacrificial Lamb" begins.

Sacrificial lamb

The mansion you want is down from the Heritage Theater or to the left of the Cordona Abbey in the north of the Grand Saray. Do not forget to wear the "Prince of Darkness" costume and face mask. Enter Manchios Mansion. Immediately after entering, a dispute with John, the "Yellow Press", is activated. He asks to collect information about the local wealthy. To do this, to the right of the entrance, if you stand with your back to it, find a couple that you can overhear. Learn the details of the mansion's dark history:

  • Magic circle
  • Mysterious disappearance
  • The architect was fond of the occult
Then walk to the left of the entrance and approach the slightly opened curtain to eavesdrop on another pair. Investigate the identity disclosure scandal:

  • Fired after that incident
  • Unfaithful groom
  • Insulted Countess
  • Political crisis
You won an argument with John Tabloids. Go to the far left corridor and find Vogel. After talking with him, follow to the altar through the white door in the main hall. You will find Fabio's corpse. Study it: blunt blow to the temple, knife in the chest, symbol on the abdomen, knife wound, tattoo on the left hand (concentration), clenched palm of the left hand. Examine the four items on the right and the two symbols on the screens behind. Go behind the left screen and examine the dressing room. Bloody clothes are hidden in the closet on the right. Take a look at the table on the left: cufflinks, key and masks. On the next table, there is a note addressed to Matista, the ritual and cosmetics. Examine the sink and jug to the left of it. One of the suits is missing on the hangers (concentration required). Finally, examine the props across from the two mirror tables.

Go to the next room and examine the small table: cigars, a whip, a bottle on the floor and a trace of blood (concentration). Talk to Werner Vogel. Select the evidence "Smoking" in the journal and use concentration to study three points with blood in the side room. The Reconstruction Sphere appears:

  • An unknown person plunges a knife into a corpse on the altar
  • An unknown person drags a dead body from a side room
  • At the table, an unknown person hits the victim on the head with a bottle
  • Unknown hides bloody clothes in a closet
  • Unknown person pours water from a jug into the sink
  • The killer closed the door himself
Talk to Vogel, then look into the Halls of Mind:

  • Circumstances of Fabio's death + Fabio died lying on the altar = Fabio was killed during the ritual
  • Circumstances of Fabio's death + Fabio was attacked in the next room = The ritual is staged
  • Fabio's key in place + The door was locked and then opened = The killer had the key to the room with the altar

The last conclusion is the most important. Select it and talk to Vogel. Take out the evidence "What Kurt Manchios looks like" and go to the main hall. He stands with his back to the mountain of fruit in the center of the room, in splendid isolation. Talk to him, watch the cut-scene and ask the policeman to help you.

Walk down the corridor and talk to Vogel behind the bars. Return to your cell and examine the case files on the table. All the suspects are in the cells. Interrogate Manchios. Make a portrait of him: blush on the cheeks, red spots behind the ears, soap under the nails of the right hand, very expensive shoes. Choose any option. Show him the testimony of the witness, cufflinks as a gift. Matista is in the cell opposite. Interrogate her. Study it: chest tattoo, nail biting, cuts on the right arm, shackle marks on the legs, bruises on the neck, burn marks on the left arm. She punishes herself for the past. Finally, show Vogel the witness statement.

Open the Halls of Mind:

  • The killer washed off the blood from himself + Kurt Manchios is obsessed with cleanliness = Manchios washed off the blood from himself after the murder
  • Matthias was attacked in the next room + Matista has fresh bruises = Matista hit by Fabio
  • Matista's business with guests + Matista has fresh bruises = Matista was bullied by guests
  • Kurt Manchios is obsessed with cleanliness + Kurt Manchios is clean = Manchios was preparing for an orgy
  • Pinchetti works as a major domo + Santos Pinchetti called the police = Pinchetti is a suspect
The last conclusion is the most important. Go to the archive and ask the constable to detain Santos, showing the last conclusion. Enter the seventh interrogation room and examine Santos' belongings. Talk to Pinchetti and compose his portrait:

  • Patches on clothes
  • Inflammation in the neck
  • Dyed fabric
  • Blood splatters on shoes
He lives in poverty. Show him the evidence: the testament of Kurt Manchios from the table on the left. Talk about the will with Kurt himself (show evidence). Refer again to the Halls of Mind:

  • Pinchetti works as a majordomo + Manchios mocked Pinchetti = Santos Pinchetti tries in vain
  • Blood on Pinchetti's boot + The killer washed the blood off of himself = Pinchetti did not notice the blood stain
  • Blood on Pinchetti's boot + Santos Pinchetti called the police = Pinchetti accidentally stepped into a pool of blood
Go to the other wing of the lot where the evidence stand is. Show the ticket from the magazine and examine the three boxes that the cop will bring you (9 pieces of evidence). Show the letter to Fabio Vogel, Matista and Manchios. And talk about the book with Manchios and Matista. Ask the latter if she performs occult rituals.

Open the Halls:

  • Vogel was arrested for a letter + Kurt Manchios loved Fabio + A wrathful letter = A letter possibly intended for Manchios
  • Matista wanted to restrain Fabio with magic + "Power of Love" = Matista could perform the ritual
  • Talk again about Fabio's letter with Vogel, Matista and Manchios. Everyone denies that these are their letters, and Vogel states that the letter was most likely intended for Manchios. Open the Halls:
  • Vogel was arrested because of a letter + someone is lying - either Vogel or Manchios = Drugged Vogel took the letter himself OR Manchios planted the letter
  • Kurt Manchios loved Fabio + Fabio was about to break up with Manchis = Fabio broke Manchios' heart
Show the letter from Fabio to Constable Oswald in the archives. Now is the time to make a decision:

  • How to blame Matista . Fabio was killed during the ritual / Matista hit Fabio / Manchios was preparing for an orgy / Drugged Vogel took the letter himself / Pinchetti accidentally stepped into a pool of blood. You can point out that Matista is an unhappy person, or an occultist and murderer. In the first case, she will go to a psychiatric hospital, in the second, she will be hanged. You will earn 40 coins.
  • How to blame Santos . The ritual is staged / Guests mocked Matista / Pinchetti did not notice the blood stain / Manchios was preparing for an orgy / Intoxicated Vogel took the letter himself. He can be arrested or hanged. The reward is 40 coins.
  • How to blame Manchios . The ritual is staged / Guests mocked Matista / Manchios washed off the blood from himself after the murder / Manchios planted a letter / Pinchetti accidentally stepped into a pool of blood. He can be sent to the gallows or to the cell. The reward is 120 coins. When you send him under arrest, he is the only one who does not particularly deny his guilt.
At the end of the quest, the constable will give you your mother's things.

Mother's love - continuation

Carefully study the case that Constable Oswald will give you. It lies on the table on the left, in the archive. This is the account of the mother's death. Return to the mansion and go through the back door of the first floor into the garden.

Open the Halls:

  • Mental Disorder + My Imaginary Friend John = Fragile Mental Organization
  • Mycroft Testified Against Richter + Richter's Experiments = Suspicious Psychiatrist
  • Death by hypoxia + My mother's throat ripped open = She drowned OR She did not drown
Attention ! If you go through the door to the garden, you will no longer be able to return to Cordona. However, you can make a manual save.
Go to the far right corner and examine the grand piano, at which the mother is sitting. When it disappears, examine the cup on the tray. Walk forward and left and examine the medicine jar on the table. Open the Halls and select:

  • We brought tea + Tea and sedative = Side effects OR Drug resistance
  • Side Effects + She Didn't Drown = Allergic Reaction
Go to the gazebo where mom is standing and study the book on the table. Examine the artifact on the table and walk forward to overhear Mycroft and Richter's conversation. Then go to the front door to the garden and examine the wheelchair. Walk around the garden pushing the stroller. Halls:

  • Mental upset + Seizure in the garden = Mom tried to drown me in the garden
  • Mycroft caught Richter in the garden + Mycroft testified against Richter = Mycroft accused Richter
Then choose one of the four endings. In any case, it will be possible to replay and view other frames. Dialogues (repetitive) can be skipped. One way or another, Sherlock will stop seeing the fictional John, but already in London he will meet the same John Watson.

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