What is the first thing to do in Terraria


What is the first thing to do in Terraria

If what you are looking for is a video game full of adventure, mystery, action and fun, Terraria is an excellent option for you. Here you can enjoy a free world, with different biomes and activities to explore, such as crafts and construction. This and much more is what has made the game popular and that is why we want to tell you all about it.

This time we will tell you everything you need to know to start in this video game; how to spend the first day and night in this new world , as well as other relevant aspects. 

First steps in Terraria

To start this game, the first thing you have to do is create your own character ; For this it is necessary to define if you are going to play alone or not. Should be single player mode enters a player and then on Create character .

After you have designed or chosen your character at random, you will have to decide which world to play in and the level of difficulty of this , be it travel, classic, medium or extreme mode. If you want to know in detail how to do this, visit our article where we cover everything about creating your character in Terraria .

Your first day in Terraria

House built in Terraria
House built in Terraria

Now that you know how to take your first steps to play in Terraria , the next thing to know is that regardless of the world you choose, everyone will start the day, to be a little more exact, around 8:15 in the morning Your character will appear in a Generation Point , this is the position in which you will visualize your avatar whenever you die or when you start in a new world.

Then, you will meet a non-playable character whose phenotypic characteristics is his orange hair, in addition to having a gray shirt and blue pants ; This NPC will be your guide in the adventures, as well as the recipes you need to obtain some material or object from Terraria.

Another aspect to consider on the first day are the enemies , these are deployed everywhere although, during the day it is possible that only harmless animals, super small or also slimes appear .

That is why it is important to farm , that is, to kill monsters in order to collect their money . However, as night falls you will face the fearsome and menacing demonic eyes and zombies.

In order to get rid of them, you must build your house and get a weapon that is much better than the first sword that the video game assigns you . In addition, you can attach a hammer since this will allow you to crumble the walls and make modifications to the different platforms, although it is an option.

Previously we have told you step by step how to build a house in this game , so this is a good time to take a look again at our guide to building a house in Terraria .

Once you have a home for your character, check that your home is suitable for use . You can do this by accessing the inventory menu and clicking on the house icon where you will see a face of your guide and also this sign « ? »Which you must press and inside the house.

If the guide moves into the house for a few seconds, then this means that the house is habitable and therefore, your avatar will be able to spend the night here and shelter from monsters.

Once you have finished with this you should start creating a good wooden sword , since the copper short will not allow you other movements than in a straight line.

The wooden sword is characterized by its arched shape and causing much more damage compared to the copper short sword. In addition, with a wooden bow you can complement your defense against your enemies.

To do this, you will also have to create wooden arrows using stone and wood in the workbench area; Another element that you can create here is a wooden armor, which will give you 3 points in defense or, instead, a sword and cactus armor for those who are located in the desert.

On this first day, you may have some wood left, so it is also a good idea to create a fishing rod , this in order that later you can catch bait for fishing.

On the other hand, if you have time, you can explore the free world and perhaps find interesting objects that will serve you in your defense. For example, if you find a chest with a blowgun or spear and other items, invade the chest to take the objects and keep them in your home.

Your first night in Terraria

Players facing Cthulhu in Terraria
Players facing Cthulhu in Terraria

When night falls, monsters take over Terraria ; demonic eyes and zombies will prowl the area waiting to attack and kill your avatar. That is why during the day you must build your house and equip yourself correctly to protect yourself from them.

A very useful tip to ward off these monsters is to plant sunflowers in the vicinity of your home in Terraria. But, if you think it is a good idea to face these monsters, then go and explore the world.

When you leave you will visualize how the stars invade the dark sky, in case you collect 5 of them, you will create the Mana Crystal which will allow you to gain about 20 mana points . If you are willing to explore, then we recommend that you look for a cave as it is dangerous.

During your night exploration you will find several interesting places such as the underground; This is mined of precious stones, very valuable chests and minerals.

Despite this, you must be very careful because if you go very deep it is possible that the bottom of earth with stones changes to only stones, which means that you have reached the caverns and here you will face many powerful enemies and traps .

In addition, you must be alert when performing dangerous jumps, since overcoming a jump of 25 blocks will greatly harm your avatar . That is why we recommend you to drop a torch when encountering a dangerous jump, when you stop seeing the brightness then the fall will be strong.

If, on the other hand, the torch is completely extinguished, perhaps it fell into water , which means that you will not suffer any damage when falling in a place with water. Here you can also implement the use of ropes and thus get on and off more quickly and safely.

During your exploration on the first night, you can also visit the mushroom caves that are located underground in Terraria. These caves have very strong blue lighting, which makes them immediately recognizable.

The benefit of finding these mushroom caves is that you will be able to traverse any biome that endangers your character , as well as face some bosses.

This is possible thanks to the materials that you get in the place, which will serve as ingredients to prepare healing and improvement potions . If you still don't know what this is about, you can read the potions guide in Terraria where we teach you how to prepare each potion.

Despite this, there are always enemies stronger than our avatar, so it is very possible that during this exploration they will kill you; which suggests the creation of some artificial mushroom biome on the surface in order to build another house and in the future the truffle will inhabit it.

We are sure that if you follow these tips to the letter, your character will successfully survive this first night in the wonderful and dark world of Terraria.

What happens if the guide dies in Terraria?

What happens if the Guide NPC dies in Terraria
What happens if the Guide NPC dies in Terraria

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, the first character to appear to you when creating the world is the guide , who will be in charge of advising you at all times so that you can learn the elementals of Terraria and thus survive during the first day.

However, if he dies, neither he nor his advice will appear again until you build a habitable house. So to prevent it from dying, we recommend enclosing it by forming block walls until you can move it to the ideal home.

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