Where are screenshots stored in Forza Horizon 5. How to find photos on Xbox and PC

 Photo Mode is a very important part of the Forza Horizon series of games. Realistic graphics make it possible to take amazingly beautiful pictures that are almost indistinguishable from real ones. The fifth part even has a quest chain related to photography. In this guide, we'll show you where to find your snapshots if you're playing on Xbox and PC.

Where are photos stored on Xbox

Where are screenshots stored in Forza Horizon 5. How to find photos on Xbox and PC

Managing screenshots and photos on any console is pretty simple. When you take a good photo and decide to save it, there will be an opportunity to share. Agree, and then go to the main menu. Scroll down to the Creative Hub section. There you will find a gallery with all your saved photos. They can be deleted or shared on social networks.

Where are the photos stored on the PC. How to use the Forza Hub app to find screenshots

Computer users have encountered unexpected difficulties in finding the photos they have taken. They are not stored in the PC memory. In theory, a similar system should work with the Xbox, however many users complain about crashes and disappearing pictures.

The issue can be resolved by downloading the official Forza Hub app . Opening it, you will see on the left a column of sections: home, my Forza, news and events, gallery, games. In the gallery you can see a rating of the best photos, as well as pictures of the community, friends and yours.

 If there are no photos, you may have to wait until the images are loaded. Some gamers claim that the display time goes up to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the application often crashes, but now this is the only way to somehow interact with photos from Forza Horizon 5. In addition, the Forza Hub regularly gives gifts in the form of money and cars, so downloading it will be useful even for those who are not interested in the photo mode ...

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