Naruto skins aren't the only ones making their arrival in Fortnite, as they also come with NPC Kakashi! But where to find it?

With the deployment of patch 18.40 in Fortnite , many new things have arrived in the game, most of them related to Naruto! Indeed, a collaboration is underway between Naruto and Fortnite , and skins of characters from the manga are currently on sale in the game's item store.

In addition to these skins, it is possible to discover the NPC Kakashi , who should normally give different quests to complete! But where to find Kakashi in Fortnite ? It's north of Lazy Lake that you can find him, and talk to him.

Kakashi in Fortnite, where is the NPC?

To find Kakashi in Fortnite, head north of Lazy Lake ! You can use the map below to find its precise location, but also the screenshot below:

Kakashi's location in Fortnite

Once there, go talk to him. It does not give challenges for the moment, but they should be available in the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 16. Kakashi will give you three different options:

  • Buy the Explosive Scroll Kunai
  • Buy the hunter's cloak
  • Activate the accessory disguise
All these options are chargeable, you will have to shell out ingots to take advantage of them! Some of these options, like the hunter's cloak, should be related to some of the quests offered by Kakashi.

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