Will there be a story campaign or single player in Battlefield 2042?


Will there be a story campaign or single player in Battlefield 2042?

The upcoming Battlefield 2042 will add a lot of innovations to the usual battle gameplay. Dynamic map changes, open spaces and the ability to run old arenas on a new engine are just a few of the updated content. However, not without controversial decisions - there is no longer a single player campaign in the project. In this guide, we'll tell you if it's worth waiting for her in the future.

In the Battlefield series, story has never been a strong point. Players praised Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for its interesting characters, but this is perhaps the only time gamers are still waiting for the continuation of the campaign. Therefore, the lack of a story mode in Battlefield 2042 did not come as a surprise to many.

However, against the background of the closest competitor - Call of Duty: Vanguard , where there is a good storyline company for 5-7 hours, the decision to completely abandon the story mode looked strange.

It could not be ruled out that the publisher would decide to sell the storyline campaign a little later and for a separate cost. Although the game will only release on November 19th and this may change, DICE has no plans to create a storyline as of today. Back in June, it was officially confirmed that there is no story mode in the game and is not planned.

In an interview, Daniel Berlin, director of game design, said the following:

This time, we won't have a traditional story campaign, but we're going to focus all the resources that have freed up on improving and deepening the multiplayer game. Because that's what we do best.

Battlefield 2042

 Regardless, there will still be a story in Battlefield 2042. Already on YouTube, you can watch the short film Exodus, which tells about the two available specialists. Berlin explained that the story will develop seasonally:

We still have a story-driven world. As the seasons evolve, we will introduce new talent through whom the world will evolve.

We assume that something similar could be seen in Fortnite or League of Legends , where the world also developed through new characters and small cutscenes at the beginning of the seasons.

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