With a simple trick you can quickly farm XP in Battlefield 2042 - even without a farm lobby


With a simple trick you can quickly farm XP in Battlefield 2042 - even without a farm lobby

Leveling can take a long time in Battlefield 2042 . You need both experience points ("XP") for your level and kills for your weapons. We reveals how you can farm quickly and easily.

Why do I need XP? In Battlefield 2042 you have to collect experience points ("XP") in order to advance to the level. With higher levels you unlock more weapons and gadgets that you can then use in the games.

With the weapons themselves you then have to do kills again to get essays. You can then take the essays into the match in a preselection and change ad hoc in the rounds.

How do I get XP? Basically, you get experience points by gambling. Achieving objectives, reviving colleagues, and killing enemies grants XP. So you always level by playing - when the servers let you .

The most efficient, however, are kills, as they unlock essays at the same time. And there is a trick with which this works particularly well.

Easily farm XP in "Breakthrough"

This is how you farm XP: Select the breakthrough mode in "All-Out Warfare". Breakthrough is one of the 4 modes of Battlefield 2042 and a kind of modification of the well-known conquest. It doesn't matter which map you play on.

Pick a loadout that you want to play and then choose the specialist Sundance. Sundance has a special ability, a wingsuit, with which she can cover long distances on the map. 

To get started, select a high point on the map - such as a skyscraper or a gunship, if your team currently has one. Jump off and slide over the map, around the enemy line and behind it.

Once you've landed on the flank, you can start simply mowing down the enemy. This probably won't work for long, but will be good enough for a short while to get you some kills.

The YouTuber Average Ol 'Gaming shows what it looks like:

Why does this only work in breakthrough? Unlike with conquest, when you break through you have more of a concrete front. That means: more opponents are here in one place and hold the position against your team.

This allows you to flank them without immediately having enemies behind you that spawn elsewhere. Since snipers and DMRs are one of the most powerful weapons right now, chances are you'll find a bunch of campers to stir up.

You will also help your team with this, as snipers are particularly good at stopping an advance. If you turn them off, you get closer to victory.

XP farm with lobbies in Portal - But there is a catch

What are XP Farm Lobbies? The most popular way to farm XP right now is through bot lobbies. These are certain modes that are offered in the new portal mode of Battlefield 2042 . They look like this:

  • a small team of about 6 players plays together
  • the opponents are all bots
  • the bots have no weapons and only one life point
Players then gather and mow down the bots downright. Such lobbies can be found in abundance in Portal's browser. The game is literally inundated with it.

So you have to be careful here: Most of these lobbies are already "full". If you join, it will likely happen that you will spawn on the side of the bots - with no weapons and no life points.

Many players then desperately try to switch teams, for example with the command / swapteam, which does not exist. They are at the mercy and keep dying. It is a stroke of luck if you catch a lobby where you join the "winners".

However, there are two other problems. For one thing, the developers have already adapted the XP for these farm lobbies. At the moment they are even completely deactivated. If they come back, it will almost certainly be in a weaker form.

On the other hand, these lobbies block the actually creative modes for which portal is intended. Portal is already the most popular feature of Battlefield 2042 because players can do anything here. However, the capacity for this is lacking because everyone is just creating bot lobbies. The developers are already working on creating more space:

Tip: play solo against bots

If you still want to easily farm XP, just open a private game alone or in co-op. Here you can also play against simple bots and easily gain experience and kills without dying all the time.

The XP here was also nerfed, but the kills required for weapons can be collected more quickly under certain circumstances. And if your all about leveling, blunt killing bots could prove to be a good alternative.

Farm XP through "PTFO"

What is PTFO? The abbreviation stands for "play the fucking objective", roughly: play the damn goal! It refers to the fact that in Battlefield victory requires completing objectives.

In the standard mode of Conquest, this is taking and holding areas and flags. As a reward for fulfilling these goals, you get experience and that can be really worthwhile. 

How do I get XP? It's easiest at the beginning of a match. Get yourself a fast vehicle like a hovercraft and drive quickly to the neutral areas. Take this and you are guaranteed a big chunk of experience.

You can then continue to heat over the map and take or protect further points, protected by your vehicle. In "normal" games this is the best way to level up. The only thing you don't get with it is weapon kills.

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