Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Find all the jewels of goodness and complete all side quests

 In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword you keep bailing people out and are rewarded with jewels of goodness. This is what the good-natured demon Morsego needs in order to become human. There are a total of 12 such side quests, which we cover on the following pages of this guide. In addition, there are 15 individual jewel locations that we reveal to you on this page!

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Find all the jewels of goodness and complete all side quests

Rewards for the jewels of goodness

There are a total of 80 jewels of goodness that Morsego needs to transform into a human. If you have reached certain intermediate goals, you will be rewarded by Morsego but already by the demon. So check back to him regularly for the following items:

Number of jewels reward
5 Medium wallet (space for 500 rupees)
20 Heart part
30 • Large wallet (space for 1,000 rupees)
• Demon Medal
40 Goldener Rubin (300 Rupee)
50 Huge wallet (space for 5,000 rupees)
70 2x golden ruby ​​(600 rupees)
80 Luxury wallet (space for 9,000 rupees) 


Locations of the 15 individual jewels of goodness

You will receive 65 Jewels of Goodness by completing the Jewel Side Missions. To get to the full 80, you'll need to find 15 individual Gems of Goodness in Cloud Lair. Remember that you can only discover them at night (sleep in your room in the knight school) . Some of them are very well hidden and you also have to look in houses. Later on you will receive an aura search for the jewels of goodness, which will make the task a little easier. Below we list all locations for you:

  • At night, go back into the cave behind the waterfall, cross it and look around behind it. The jewel lies between a few hearts (1)

  • Just a few meters further, where your bird was initially locked up, you will find the next jewel (2) .

  • Look for a pumpkin patch in the cloud lair (the larger of the two). Here you can find the jewel next to a tree (3) .

  • In the knight school you will find several jewels: once in Link's room (4) , which you can enter normally, and one in Zelda's room (5) - which can be reached from the outside with the grapple over the chimney.

  • Another jewel in the knight school: next to the large door on the upper floor (6) .

  • Before entering the cave, which you had to go to to free your bird, you can use the grappling hook to get to a small island. On the upper platform you will find the jewel (7) .

  • At night on the Tower of Light you will find another jewel (8) .

  • Enter Galea and Huri's house by night and bag the next gem of goodness here (9) .

  • Find the bridge that connects the knight school with the bazaar. Below you can enter a path where you will also find a jewel (10) .

  • Take a look around the exercise hall and see a jewel on a beam. Steer your trusty beetle there and get the valuable particle down (11) .

  • In the pumpkin warehouse on Pumpkin Island (12) .

  • On the pumpkin island in the building: Go to the upper floor at night (sleep in the owner's bed) and grab it (13) .

  • Go to the wind turbine in Wolkenhort, which is located near the bazaar. Here you can climb down a tendril while holding out your hand - another jewel (14) .

  • You will also find something on Terri's Island. Go up to his shop and go to sleep to reach the island. Look around the propeller at night and collect the jewel with the beetle (15)

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