Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Locations of all 27 artifacts of the goddess

 The artifacts of the goddess are something like the collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD . There are a total of 27 such “cubes” that activate valuable chests in the sea of ​​clouds. We'll tell you where you can find all the artifacts in our guide!

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Locations of all 27 artifacts of the goddess

How to activate artifacts and find the right chests

The 27 artifacts are only hidden in the three large areas of the earth. To activate the gray cubes, you have to fire a ray of sky at them. As a result, they fly into the cloud kingdom and activate one of 27 locked chests there.

In contrast to the artifacts, the locations of which are not displayed, the locations of the chests are marked on the map of the cloud kingdom. However, not all chests are marked, only those chests appear that you can open. The search for the chests should therefore not be a problem. In the course of your adventure you will receive an aura search for the artifacts - this will make the task a little easier for you. As a further aid, we list all locations below.

All artifacts of the goddess in Phirone

  • (1) Deep in the forest : You will find the first artifact on the way to the Temple of Heavenly Sight. You cannot miss the cube and inevitably have to activate it. 

  • (2) Deep in the forest : Located just a few feet from the first artifact. If you jump down the stairs, you will discover the artifact in front of the abyss.

  • (3) Source of Heavenly Sight : The artifact is hidden behind the statue in the water of the source that you reach at the end of the Temple of Heavenly Sight.

  • (4) Deep in the forest : You can find the artifact on the roof of the temple, which you can reach via the east side. To do this, you need the grapple to pull yourself up at the ivy.

  • (5) Phirone Forest : The artifact is on the western root of the large tree. You need the water dragon scale to swim into the tree. After you've made your way up there and back outside. You have to jump down on the western root to get to the cube.

  • (6) Forest of Phirone : Another artifact of the goddess is hidden on the southeastern root of the tree. As with the artifact before, you have to jump down from the tree and land on the root.

  • (7) Phirone Forest : On the east side of the tree there are two ledges that border the large tree. You can find the artifact on the southern ledge. Again you have to jump off the tree and land on the northern of the two ledges and then balance over the rope to the artifact.

  • (8) Lake Floria : If you are on your way to the water dragon, you will find this artifact on land just north of the "Lake Floria" bird statue.

  • (9) Lake Floria : You will find another bird statue above the rear exit of the throne room of the water dragon. Look up here in a northerly direction to see a ledge with some ivy. Use the grapple to pull yourself up and find an artifact. 


All artifacts of the goddess in Eldin

  • (10) Eldin Volcano : The artifact is just a few steps away from the first bird statue. Run down the slope a little and jump left of the cliff to find the cube on the rock wall.

  • (11) Eldin volcano : From the bird statue "Eldin volcano (east)" you have to follow the left path at the fork in the road. In the dead end is the artifact of the goddess.

  • (12) Eldin volcano : Also near the bird statue "Eldin volcano (east)" you can jump down into the mogma mines. When falling, you have to land on the platform on which there is an artifact.

  • (13) Eldin volcano : A few steps west of the bird statue "Temple on the volcano" you can dig a hole in the corner to reach the upper level with the air stream. Destructible rocks block the way here. Blast the obstacle with a bomb to discover the artifact behind it.

  • (14) Eldin volcano : To the east of the bird statue "Temple on the volcano" there is an artifact. To do this, cross the Bokblin camp and walk down the path to the lava.

  • (15) Eldin volcano : If you slide down the sand dune in the east of the area, you have to keep left and fly with the air current to the upper platform. From here you can then jump onto the nearby platform on which the artifact is standing.

  • (16) Volcanic summit : When you enter the volcanic summit for the first time, you have to turn right in front of the bird statue. Here is a little lava lake with a broken crossover. The artifact is located on a rock in the lava lake.

  • (17) Volcanic peaks : You can jump off the cliff in the area with the water source. Direct Link so that you land on the platform with the artifact, which is hidden by the rock pillar.

  • (18) summit Volcanic : To the west of the bird statue "volcano (crater)" you can climb through the window in the side tower of the temple and pull yourself from here with the grapple to the ivy on the rock platform. Repeat this to find the artifact on the rock platform after that.

All artifacts of the goddess in Ranelle

  • (19) Ranelle Mine statue of : The artifact is behind the tower near the bird the same name.

  • (20) Ranelle desert : You can find the artifact on a platform in the quicksand on which a conspicuous cactus also grows. The location is a little southeast of the bird statue "Desert Ranelle West" away.

  • (21) Desert canyon : If you use the cart in the north of the desert canyon in front of the Temple of Time, you will pass the artifact on the crossing.

  • (22) Ranelle desert : The artifact is on the wall a little south of the Ranelle stone works.

  • (23) Desert Ranelle : On the map you can see a cave passage in the desert in the northeast. Look for a cracked rock face at the quicksand and destroy it with a bomb. Then follow the cave passage and you will finally reach the artifact with the help of the grappling hook.

  • (24) Ranelle Sand Sea statue “landing stage : To the north of the bird ” you have to use the grappling hook to cross the container to reach the cave in which the artifact is hidden.

  • (25) Ranelle Sand Sea : The artifact stands on the high rock pillar in the southwest of the "Captain's House" area. You can reach it from above using the grappling hook.

  • (26) Pirate hideout : In front of the entrance to the pirate hideout you have to pull yourself to the grapple point above the entrance. Then you pull yourself up one level to the platform of the tower - here is the artifact.

  • (27) Ranelle Gorge : The last artifact is in the northeast section of the Ranelle Gorge. When you are far enough in the story and you are granted access, you have to blow the sand off the platform and activate the time marker. Then you will take the last artifact of the goddess to heaven. 

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