The 4th Outpost of the Seven is one of the notable locations in Fortnite Chapter 3! But where exactly is the city? We give you its precise location.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite is finally available for all players, and a lot of new features are to be discovered on the game map! In addition to new weapons or new NPCs , it is also possible to discover new notable places that are to be visited.

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With each new notable location discovered, you will earn XP. Only problem: these different places are not indicated on the map of the game , you have to discover them by yourself or know their location. This is particularly the case with the 4th outpost of the Seven , whose name does not appear on the map. We give you its precise location below!

Where is the 4th Outpost of the Seven in Fortnite in Chapter 3?

To find this notable location in Fortnite, head to Condo Canyon. Walk south to the river . Cross it continuing south, you will find the 4th outpost of the Seven. To more easily locate the location of this place, you can use the map below:

Location of the 4th Outpost of the Seven in Fortnite Chapter 3

Visiting the 4th Outpost of the Seven for the first time will earn you XP , since it is a notable location. It can also be useful to know the location of this location for some challenges , which are available or will happen throughout Chapter 3 of the game.

There are many other notable locations available in this Fortnite Chapter 3, which you can experience throughout the different seasons! We will update this article if the location of the 4th Outpost of the Seven changes.

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