Activities in Terraria: how to play golf


Activities in Terraria: how to play golf

This video game full of action and adventure has remained today thanks to the improvements and new activities that have been included with the intention of increasing its fan base each time.

In fact, its most recent update, 1.4, has added many interesting options and one of them is golf as a minigame . Without a doubt, this is a great strategy to vary the entertainment within the same title.

However, it is possible that not everyone knows how to play it yet, and that is why we have prepared for you a guide of everything you need to know to start enjoying this great and entertaining Terraria option.

Terraria Golf: What is it?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the most recent update of this title has launched the Terraria Golf minigame, a very fun activity that you can play individually or as a team by joining up with friends on the course you like the most.

To enjoy this minigame you must have some golf items that are necessary to start a game. Although, if you only want to try a simple game then it is convenient to acquire the most basic or essential ones. The latter are a golf club and ball, a tee, a golf cup and a golf iron; Items that you can acquire from the NPC Golfer.

Steps to play Terraria Golf

Now that you are equipped with your golf materials, the first thing you should do to start a game is to select the campus where you will play, as well as the game mode, that is, if it will be individual or forming teams with your friends.

Next you must place the golf tee right in front of you , this will allow you to place the ball at an adequate range so that when using the golf club your aim does not fail and you can also use it much better.

It is important that you know that you can play the minigame without having a tee, for this to be possible you just have to hit a golf ball and that's it! On the other hand, we inform you that when playing with a tee the power with which the golf ball comes out will be greater, this allows it to go very far and even more than when you play without the tee.

Subsequently, you must choose the type of golf club. There are 4 variations of golf clubs in Terraria which you can choose from depending on the minigame situation. Among them are: the driver, the wedge, the putter and the iron .

For you to decide which one to use, we briefly describe what each one is for . The driver is perfect if you are looking to hit the golf ball from a long distance; the wedge is ideal for removing balls from very steep terrain; The putter is a suitable club for playing short distances, especially when you are next to the golf cup, and the iron is the best for medium lengths although it can also go far in a straight line.

Now that you have chosen your golf club, the next step is to swing it to hit the golf ball . At this time, the camera will move until the ball stops, this is so that you can keep track of it.

However, it is possible that you lose sight of the ball, in this case you can use the minimap to locate it. To do this, you must lift the map while holding the golf club and you will immediately see an arrow that indicates the location of the ball.

Now, you must wait for the golf ball to reach the golf cup on the playing field and finally enter the golf cup, which indicates that the round has finished and as a reward you will get a specific score . This score will tell a lot about your performance in the minigame, because the lower it is, the more chances you have to swing the club to hit the golf ball, and this counts as a point.

On the other hand, if you do this in less quantity before the ball reaches the cup then your character will win the round and also the minigame.

How to be the best golfer: level up at Terraria Golf

If you want to have a good position in golf, you will have to work hard to level up and this is achieved by playing many times. The more games you play, the more levels your character will climb and, in turn, improve your golf skills. Even when you level up, you can talk to the NPC golfer who will give you many items that will help you in the minigame.

This is why you should work on increasing your golf skills, as this is the way for golfer NPCs to talk to you regularly.

Fun facts about Terraria Golf

The golfers in this great minigame were named after the real-life professional players , such as Jake Nicklelisp: Jack Nicklaus and Arnie Palmfrond: Arnold Palmer.

Another curious fact about Terraria Golf is that if a player reaches about 2000 points in the minigame, the golfer can sell approximately 39 items or objects and as long as you meet all the conditions, you can reach the total sale of 40.

Recommendations for playing the minigame

For many players, reaching the golf cup is somewhat complicated or really difficult, however, for this to be possible and succeed in golf , we recommend you change the field or field of play since the ball is influenced by the environment and also of the swing that you make with the golf club.

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