Alchemy Plant Growing Guide in Terraria


Alchemy Plant Growing Guide in Terraria

As your character progresses in the wonderful world of Terraria, it will be necessary to collect as many objects and resources as possible since they are useful to keep him safe from monsters or enemies that may haunt your house and others.

One of the activities that allows the collection of relevant elements is the cultivation of plants; the plantation will only be possible after the construction of farms in the different biomes of this title.

Once the farm is built you can start the cultivation of the different seeds of trees, flowers, herbs, grass and plants such as those of alchemy. The latter have a great particularity and that is why this time we will tell you how to plant them. 

Alchemy Plants: Reasons to Grow in Terraria

Regardless of the type of seeds you grow on the farms, all of them will allow you to collect relevant elements or objects to maintain the survival of your character and enjoy many benefits such as the renewal of the same crops after their harvest, reduce the visit of enemies and monsters, reduce travel time and obtain necessary ingredients for the preparation of Terraria potions, among others.

However, alchemy plants are not a type of cultivation as frequent as that of other plants, trees and fungi, however this does not influence their great importance and benefits to the characters of the game.

For these reasons, below we present a manual that includes all the alchemical plants , so that when cultivating them you know what is necessary for it.

Water Sheet

This type of plant is characterized by having a slow growth on the sand of beaches, deserts and other areas with this type of soil. To grow it it is necessary that you plant its respective seed in a pot, sand block or in a box especially for water leaves. This special box can be purchased by the dryad as long as you meet the necessary requirements for its purchase.

The water leaf is so named because it only blooms when it is covered with water or when it rains and it permeates. Once it has flowered, it should be collected immediately to get more seeds from it and replant it.

This not only applies to the water leaf, but also to the other alchemical plants, where you can get between 1 or more seeds of a harvested plant .


Weed seed must be planted on malignant, corrupted or crimson grass, as well as on crimson stone or ebony stone, since its development occurs naturally in these localities; so you must include the seed in a special box or in a pot (in case you do not meet the necessary requirements to buy the special box).

Its flowering occurs every time the full moon or blood moon rises , so during these phases you must cut it immediately to collect the seeds left by the weed and re-sow them if you wish.


It has a natural growth on jungle grass , so for its successful harvest you must plant its seed on this same type of soil and in a special pot or box, as has been repeated in the other types of alchemy plants.

To obtain the seed (s) that this plant leaves, you will have to wait for its flowering and then remove it. However, moonlight has the peculiarity that it only blooms at night precisely under the light of the moon , an important fact when harvesting it.

Intermittent root

This alchemical plant is one of the simplest and easiest to collect and harvest , this is due to the simplicity of its growth that is naturally on earth; a very common type of soil in Terraria, as you know you can find it in the underground and here you can collect them as long as they are flashing or flashing intermittently.

Although, for its harvest to be possible, you must plant its seed in a block of earth , in a special box or also in pots. Once you have done this then you can cut the flowering plant at any time and collect its seeds.

Blaze of fire

This is a particular plant that arises from the ashes of the underworld , so the cultivation of its seed must be in a pot, cinder block or special box where it will later bloom in the late hours of sunset and early at night.

So while it is submerged in lava, the fiery glow will bloom and it can be cut to obtain its seeds and again sow them or use them for any other needs of your character.

Daytime glow

This is also a somewhat simple plant to sow since it develops naturally on normal or traditional grass , therefore you must place its seed on a block that contains normal grass or a special pot or box.

As for its flowering, it only occurs during the day, so in that period of time you can cut it to collect its seeds.

Other types of crops other than alchemical plants in Terraria

If you have already reviewed our farm construction guide, you may have noticed that there are different types of crops , from the most frequent to the strangest and most evil, however, this time we want to tell you a little about necessary crops and not so common. Among them are:

Soul of light

This is a type of item that * you get when eliminating the life of an enemy located in the underground sacred area. After that, you can sow the soul of light in the previously built farm with rectangular dimensions of 7 x 3 under the ground.


This type of cultivation is extremely simple and fast since cacti grow naturally on two layers of desert area surrounding it 10 blocks high, but without walls. After a few days the cacti will bloom and you will have to be very aware of harvesting them since the arrival of vultures or other enemies of the desert is very frequent.


It grows regularly, somewhat fast, on sand covered by seawater , so it is important that this element is conserved with water so that it can develop uniformly.


Luminite is a type of mineral only left by the Lord of the Moon, so it must be damaged with the lunar flare or last prism when having a mana flower and many potions of greater mana. All of that is then used with the celestial sigil for later invocation.

Crystal shard

In this case, we are not referring to a plant, but to an element that is difficult to collect and that is why pink ice and pearl stone are used , since from these objects it is possible to try to produce the crystal fragment.

Recommendations when growing alchemy plants in Terraria

It is important that if you want to increase the amount of alchemical seeds collected you have access to a staff of regeneration , with which you can start the flowered plant and at the same time produce an increase in the amount of seeds left by said plant.

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